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Hi Friends

From last two three days i start feeling alot of eye pressure in eyes..

From 6 months i have headaches and head pressure ...but now eye pressure tooo 🤣🤣

Tired dry eyes always.

Anyone having this problem.

what u do to ease it ?

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    HI Sunaina,

    Yes eye pressure and headaches behind my eyes along with head pressure was one of my most troubling symptoms. I have read posts from many other ladies on this forum with the same symptoms. The eye pressure, eye dryness and eye headaches would occur for a week or two and then go away for a few weeks then return again and the cycle would repeat. I am post menopausal now and these symptoms have decreased by about 80% which is such a relief. I am pretty sure my hormones have pretty much bottomed out to where they are going to stay and I dont get as many of the symptoms I used to get when they were fluctuating so badly. I dont take hrt and am doing this all naturally....which is a challenge in itself!

    When my eye pressure and headaches were at their worst the first thing I did was see my eye doctor for a check up. He told me my eyes were very dry and what really helped was to use one of those eye compresses that can be warmed up in the microwave twice a day and to use good lubricating eye drops throughout the day and a lubricating eye ointment at bedtime. My eyes would get so dry sometimes that I had trouble opening them in the morning....it felt like my eyelids would be stuck to my eyeball! Using the compress and drops REALLY helped!

    I hope this helps and you can find some relief.


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      Hi Tanya.

      my eye sight has definitely deteriorated over the last 2 years. I do suffer from the occasional headache ; blurry vision and eye ache. you say you are post menopausal; can I ask how long you have been in this stage? I know everyone is different and nothing is text book; but just curious. I am ( I believe) post menopausal as i haven't had a period for around 4 years; however my symptoms seem to have heightened this year?

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      Hi Cindy,

      I had a hysterectomy with ovaries left in 3 years ago. I was 54 at the time and still having a period every few months but had gone as long as 10 months without one. Even though my ovaries were left in I believe that they failed pretty quickly and at about 8 months post hysterectomy I could literally feel my hormones being depleted. Because of the hysterectomy I can only go based on symptoms as to whether or not I am post menopause. I have had perimenopause symptoms for about six years prior to hysterectomy with them gradually getting worse as time went by. After the surgery they got really bad with crashing fatigue, anxiety(especially health anxiety), chronic gastritis to the point of stomach erosions, eye and head pressure headaches being the worst symptoms. Hot flashes were never debilitating for me although I did and still get them in the evenings or when my emotions get heightened. My symptoms seem to be lessening somewhat...becoming much further apart in occurence which is what makes me believe I am now post menopausal. I still get the anxiety, headaches, gastritis flare ups and hot flashes but not as often or severely. It does seem like most symptoms will ease off and one will be worse and they rotate. Right now I suffer terribly from fatigue. I get tired out so easily and its not a sleepy tired, its a full body tired. I have had every heart test known to man and passed them all over the past few years but I feel like if I was to do a cardiac stress test right now I would fail! Some days I can barely carry the laundry up and down the stairs. I have also heard that symptoms can get worse post menopause...I dont even want to think about that!!

      I hope this helps

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      Helloo Tanya

      Thank u sooo much for reply.

      Soo happy to know most of symtoms will go away after compl menopause. Happy to know ur feeling better.

      Hoping for my good days soon

      Fed up with everyday new symtoms.

      Because of off balance and dizziness i am house bound.. Head pressure make my daily life soo bad.

      eye pressure make me sick .

      I will also ask my Dr about eye drops.

      Thanks ton for reply and give me hope that this all will go one day..

      Tk dear

      Good day

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      Most of my symptoms are eye related, so it is actually really comforting to see that I am not alone with these. I have pain around my left eye, dry eyes, tired eyes, eye pressure, focusing issues, blurry vision and even dizziness from my eyes being so off all the time.

      Thank you so much for sharing your own story, it really helps to ease my health anxiety when I know that I am not the only one in the world suffering these symptoms, which no Dr I have seen ever attributes to hormones. Initially I thought I must be suffering from a terrible condition or disease, but after extremely thorough testing by ophthalmologists, neurologists, ENT's and countless tests I started to think it had to be something that these medical clinicians couldn't find, some rare disease. I am usually such a laid back and logical thinker, but this has played havoc with my mind and anxiety levels! I can see now that I am 43 and going through peri menopause.

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    Hello, almost all of my symptoms are vision related. I have eye pressure, migraines, dry eyes, and so much more.

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      Hellooo dear

      me to having migrane..alot of head peessure and off balance issues made my life worst

      from last 2 months started feeling alot of eye pressure .

      tk dear

      hope we all will come out of this long menopause tunnel soon

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    Im Post menopausal and still get eye issues which still flare up, light sensitivity, dry eyes, eye pressure, auras and headaches!

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      Oh no, you mean we could be stuck with these symptoms forever. That is one of my fears. Can I ask how far past menopause you are? I have all the same eye symptoms. Did you suffer with these during peri? So hard to deal with them on a daily basis, it is really draining.

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      Yes I am in my fourth year of menopause, yes in peri i did suffer with the auras etc, the eye symptoms come and go, abit like alot of the symptoms! Thankfully the anxiety and panic went! X

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    I'm just the same as you and all the other ladies who have replied. For the first time in several months I'd had a week were i felt ok with no eye pressure ans dizziness then BAM its back today. I can only think to myself I should be grateful for the last few good days BUT it is upsetting that i don't know what tomorrow will bring and i dread it.

    I'm nearly four years into menopause but i can't remember having this in peri, I had every other symptom but this came about two years ago.


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