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Falling sensation/dizziness/ dying feeling

Hello everyone. Every night before bed I feel like I'm rocking in a boat and very spacey. It prevents me from sleeping cos I will almost jolt myself up to prevent myself from "dying". I dunno what it could be. I'm so scared sad I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be diagnosed with something. I'm just so tired of feeling so anxious and out of control.

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  • I should also mention that my hands and feet feel numb when this happens too. Somebody said it could be my soul wanting to travel.

  • Hi

    Dont want to disappoint you, but its NOT your soul travelling. Its classic Anxiety. It is unpleasant, but certainly nothing to worry about and 10000000000% you will not die. Make you a deal if you die I will give you my car!!!!!

    Tell your doctor, they will reassure you its a bit of anxiety and it will pass as quick as it came.

    Anxiety has and never will kill you, its unpleasant. Keep moving, keep busy, sing out loud, dance anything to take your mind off it and it will pass. Its only sticking around because you are thinking about it and giving it the time of day.

    Speak you doctor, get the reassurance you need, then move on. Hope that help, I think everyone on this site has been there.


    • john59972

      So, if anxiety doesn't kill you then my nerves wouldn't have been messed up. . White flashes in my eyes, asleep feet. My nerve funtion with my heart  I had 2 palpitations.. Sounds like it ws killing off my nerves. My breathing attacks. My auto neves. Twitching in my body and even my brain. It bounced like a cheeseburger on jack in the box commercial. No jobke. N I think even my heart. No joke. I had my feet fall asleep and I think one time after the brain and heart twitching my heart stopped. In my dream I seen a white bright place.. Like Just shiny white.. So have others from testimony on news and just reality. The next day I was like "What was my night about?" lol..  Anxiety almost suffocated me because I got about 2 breathing attacks.  N Few in the middle of the night. Anxiety does kill.. So anyway, after Doctors called it "anxiety" and I always disagreed. I beleived that my nerves were inflamed. Fatigue, loss of huneger, some constimpation, twitching, breathing attacks, (in day, middle of night, and lastly before I try and sleep It was just a shocker.)  One night of hallucination. 2 fat migrains. All udner 5 months. Really somethings was wrong with my nerves. I beleived it. & since I knew one nerve was already inflamed, due to sensation to my tooth, and having it taken out, I beleive it was there long enough for my other nerves to have something funny go on with them. Demand of MRI I always asked. CT scans I got. 2 times. My nerves were ok. The second time I stated I got hit in the head with a baseball bat. Was fatigued and had a cold all week. No good stool movement either. They gave me a shot, I refused and they said it was routine. I refused 3 times. I told them my head only hurts in the day these last 2 weeks. & I know it will hurt tomorrow. But right now its not hurting. I finally let them give me a shot after so many offers. It was Toradol shot about 40 MM They did another CT scan. They said it was ok. The next day at work I was on break and had a huge burp! Something I haven't done in such a long time. I was feeling good. I beleive it was a sign of myself getting back to normal. :D That night I looked up the shot cuz I felt good and they said yes for pain and I also found out it was for INFLAMED BLOOD VESSELS IN THE HEAD. I was shocked and stunned! I knew my blood vessels were inflamed! Lately i just get minor head sores now. Oh yeah I had massive chest inflamation. It's down now too. But feels like it can be chronic pain. But i'm ok. It comes and goes.I asked a doctor on a checkup this month if a CT scan is better than MRI for blood vessles. She said they are kind of the same. Although CT scan only is tryhing to see any clots or some sort. & i asked since they are so small, maybe couldn't see the inflammation. I said wherever my blood vessels were inflammed, they are not anymore! & THAT'S MY STORY! 2014 Sure I've had so much stress who does not? Not too a point where I take it out on someone and pull my hair out. Even though I'm bald lol. I had to live in a studio with my family at age 14 to age 18.. That's a lot of years of stress, right?? I'm in my late 20's now.. anxiety is said when doctors think it's mental and all. Junk answers. When you know there's something wrong with yourself, then there's something wrong. U know yourself better than anyone else! Besides God. But, this stress build up belief "Well for me, has been debunked." Some of you might have inflammed blood vessels or nerves and won't know. If you have these symptoms, take some antiinflamation meds or get Toradal shot at the ER and just say you fell off your bike and hit your head, no helmet, and your head still hurts from other day. The shot is a little shot, pain is pain. But the med will only go in your system and fight any inflamation and out once done cycling through body.  It's up to you. N it won't make you dissy or anything lol If yiou have coverage or medical, then great! Take Care & God Bless People! john59972, thanks for reading. Oh yeah, I had sciatica symptoms as well. That sucked cuz it was pain center of my right glut.. and of course thigh and lower leg and back.  lol 2 day of symptom. Wasn't that bad though.

    • The tooth was to be taken out the next month after cold sensation, then the sensation went away and i thought that it was ok. But after the two months total, i had a breathing attack. An ER hospital in NYC stated they have more dental patients than medical. Symptoms are either Jaw pain OR breathing attack. & breathing attack was my very first symptom.

    • ALSO TO SAY: I had tounge sensations on the tip sides and center.. then they started going away too smile & Now gone. Research showed that either it can mean nerve damage, or that my nerves were recovering. smile

    • ESaragosa

      Hello ESaragosa

      Sorry to hear about your horrible treatment by doctors.

      If you are concerned about inflammation that isn't severe / concentrated enough to show up on a CT scan it can be detected with a simple blood test.

      Inflammation and blood proteins

      If you have inflammation in a part of your body then extra protein is often released from the site of inflammation and circulates in the bloodstream. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C-reactive protein (CRP) and plasma viscosity (PV) blood tests are commonly used to detect this increase in protein, and so are markers of inflammation.

  • Katrinkels, mention to the doctor about your hands and feet going numb, as there could possibly be an underlying cause that's making you feel like this.unlikely but you should still mention it.

    Anxiety affects people in different ways.Good luck for tomorrow.

  • Hi there. All the symptoms you describe are what I had when I first had panic attacks. Sometimes I was certain I would fall out of bed or off a chair as I felt so spaced out / rocking. It is the constant adrenaline racing round your body that is causing this plus the numbness in feet/hands ( this is known as tingling in the extremities and when panic is very strong can be felt in the nose and face too ).

    Hopefully once your doctor has confirmed it is anxiety disorder you will be able to accept you are not about to die and that you can and will get better. Also if you doctor recommends temporary medication to help you in the early stages don't dismiss it as obviously it's better to go without medication but mine was so severe I needed that extra help and was glad I listened took my doctor and not my friends advice.

    Read up as much as you can about panic disorder and learn who to breathe properly , this will lower your anxiety level and ease the symptoms .

    It is not easy but with determination and patience it will get easier. Don't give up when you have a set back which you probably will as the fight is definatley worth it to start to feel good again.

    Lots of luck to you

  • Hi there! Thank you for your detailed message! I've actually been dealing with anxiety and panic disorder for the past 3-4 years now. 2012 and 2013 I was virtually anxiety free. But since August I've been feeling so anxious, suffering from all kinds of symptoms. I've been to all kinds of doctors and healers etc etc. They've all helped in their own way, except this very strange floaty, drunk, falling, on a boat feeling. It makes falling asleep so difficult. I just want it to go away. I'm going to my GP tomorrow and hopefully she can figure somethibg out, maybe there's somethibg wrong with my ears. I've completely changed my lifestyle cos of my anxiety, I've stopped smoking, drinking, eating wheat, eating red meat cos they all triggered me in some way. But thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me that there are people out there willing to listen and help. ❤️

    • katrinkels

      This could be vertigo has it similar affects. I have anxiety and vertigo. And I see an ENT doctor for mine. Try to get a over the counter med for motion sickness.. It will help with the symptoms your having. I take bodine or antivert. Hope this helps

    • katrinkels

      I have the same! I thought I was experiencing mini seizures. I have come off a small dose of valium 3 months ago and now im stuck with these vertigo + fits/twitching and feeling of falling when falling asleep. Its horrible. These jerks became more intense after i tried acupuncture. It's like whenever my brain is "working" too much, like after exercising, i know i will not be able to sleep at night 

    • Jim45991

      Hi Jim,

      What's happening to you is called "sleep starts" google that and I bet you will agree that's what it is. Also google "exploding head syndrome" and tell me if any of those symptoms fit what you're experiencing. I'm thinking exploding head sydrome MIGHT be a possibility, but you are DEFINITELY without a doubt experiencing sleep starts, that I know.

      Now, those two conditions I named above are actual conditions in and of themselves, BUT, they are also "symptoms" of another disorder called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a recognized MEDICAL CONDITION, not psychiatric, yet, ppl are less willing to talk about it or tell anyone when they have an episode, in fear that ppl will think they're crazy because it's almost impossible to describe with precise accuracy and it seems so far fetched, like no one will believe you so you just don't say anything in fear of being judged as such. The thing is, altho it is a recognized medical condition, Dr's and scientist know very little about it. They attempt to explain "how" it happens, but they are at a loss as to WHAT exactly causes it and why. There are two types of sleep paralysis, it either happens AS you are starting to drift off to sleep (but i'm very clear when i say you are NOT ASLEEP, becuz the sudden jolt snaps u into awareness that u are fully awake (albeit, letharic as tho you have been drugged and the attempt to resist falling into sleep (because you feel if you do, you will sure die) brings on the onslaught of convulsions, which causes your heart to go into a frenzy and your heart is about beating out of your chest and when u finally "pull yourself out" of this state, your heart drops as if you're on a rollercoaster and a massive surge of adrenaline is pumped thru out your body. Its insane that one's heart doesn't give out under these conditions, you fear if you don't pull yourself out, like NOW, you'll certainly have a heart attack. So that's the one type, it's called "isolated sleep paralysis at sleep onset" . The other type of SP happens as you are coming out of sleep, so you basically were already asleep for however long, and now you are waking up, and again, i wanna stress that you ARE AWAKE (funny that they call it "sleep" paralysis when it ALWAYS occurs while your awake, (no matter how groggy or letharic, always awake, at least on a conscious level. You are aware that this is happening and that you are not just dreaming)

      Here's another weird fact: not only is sleep paralysis a condition in and of itself, but it is also a SYMPTOM of yet ANOTHER disorder: Narcolepsy (sure sounds alot like "epilepsy" to me, could there be some kind of connection where these mini seizures are concerned? Dr's haven't put forth enough research to find out but they are conducting sleep studies at universities)

      Now, the symptom of sleep paralysis at sleep onset is specifically characteristic to narcolespy, meaning, it usually only occurs during an episode of narcolepsy, but not always, but very rarely does it occur at any other time unless it is ISP, "isolated sleep paralysis" such as people with "chronic isolated sleep paralysis"

      The scientific explanation that Dr's give for the "phenomenom" sleep paralysis (which makes it sound like its a non-medical condition even tho it's classified as one) only explains it's occurence as one is waking up or coming out of their sleep. It doesn't explain it's occurence for happening as one is FALLING asleep and the "scientific explanation" fits for the type that occures as one is waking up, however, it does not fit at all with it's occurence at sleep onset.

      The scientific explanation given for isolated sleep paralysis (meaning, it cannot be ascribed to narcolepsy) is that in order to prevent us from physically "acting out" our dreams while we sleep (if one is dreaming they are in a fist fight, they might start actually "punching" in their sleep, and possibly beat up their significant other, or if one is dreaming they are building a house and are hammering nails into a wall, one might pick up a pair of scissors left on their nightstand thinking they are hammering nails when in fact they are actually stabbing their spouse to death in their sleep) so in order to prevent us from acting out our dreams, our brains secrete a chemical during REM sleep, which is the sleep cycle in which we dream, and ONLY during REM does our brains release this chemical which temporarily suppresses (paralyzes) all voluntary movement, so all involuntary movement such as breathing, our heart beating, eye twitching or eye movement- all that continues) Dr's say, with sleep paralysis, the person "wakes up" before the REM cycle has completed or "worn off" so even tho we are mentally awake, our bodies are still "physically asleep" or paralyzed, which makes perfect sense if you're talking about the episodes that occur as one is WAKING UP, however, it does not at all jibe with the episodes that occur at sleep ONSET, (the type that is specifically usually isolated as a symptom of narcolepsy) because these ppl HAVEN'T yet fallen asleep so how can they be in REM sleep if they haven't even fallen asleep yet? So i don't buy the scientific explanation given because it doesn't explain the episodes at sleep onset, which is what i experience and have experienced my entire life since childhood and have never had an episode as i'm waking up, ever. And i do not have narcolepsy (at least i've never been diagnosed with it, but i think i would know if i were having uncontrollable urges to fall asleep during the day that i can't resist and succumb to, i don't and never have, yet SP at sleep onset supposedly ONLY occurs in ppl with narcolepsy, well i am here to tell you that is not the case. I have what you call CISP (chronic isolated sleep paralysis) which ONLY occurs at sleep onset and i have back to back episodes, sometimes as many as 3,4,5 or 6 a night! As soon as i pull myself out of one, i find myself falling right back into another one and it gets to a point where i am resisting "falling back into another episode" so hard, literally putting forth every ounce of energy within me, that only just recently have i started to convulse with these mini seizures because one will do ANYTHING not to fall back into one! And it is EXHAUSTING!

      I've had it all my life but THANK GOD not every night. It is very sporadic, sometimes i'll have it every night for months, sometimes only once or twice a week for months and sometimes i'll go months without one but it always comes back. At times i sense an evil presence in the room as if i am beung observed from afar. It is very creepy and malevolent to the point I just have to pull myself out and force myself to stay awake, sometimes (once i am finally able to move) i'll just get up altogether and turn on the light and TV, open a window if i have to. Some ppl are convinced it's a spiritual thing, like a spiritual war going on and evil spirits are attempting to take control of ones body. I dont necessarlily know what to believe. All i know is that it is terrifying, scares the living hell out of me and i'd do anything to avoid another episode. Since it is classified as a medical condition and not a psychiatric one, i know i am not crazy but these mini seizures i have started to experience in the recent months are just as terifying and i feel as tho i could die from this. It does feel like i am "dying" as i lay there AWAKE convulsing, yet, unable to move voluntarily (epilepsy are INVOLUNTARY movements which are not suppressed during an episode of SP, if i were to buy the scientific explanation which only makes sense for the SP episodes that occur as one is waking up, not as they are falling asleep, which are the only ones I have, so I dunno, but it does make sense that I would be able to convulse during an episode of SP, since the movement is involuntary and inviluntary movements are not suppressed, because sleep paralysis is just that, PARALYSIS, paralyzed, can't move. So i was baffled by the fact that my body was shaking and convulsing (MOVING) yet, i'm not able to stop it and get up off the couch or out of bed.

      Theres a plethora of other unpleasant symptoms related to sleep paralysis, wether isolated, at sleep onset or during wake up, or related to narcolepsy, which include auditory hallucenations (doors slamming, glass breaking, ppl whispering or talking when you're the only one in the room, sounds that sound like everything is underwater, intense pressure in the ears like your eardrums are about to burst, ears ringing SUPER LOUD, buzzing sounds in the ears (like the sound you hear as you change between radio stations but havent landed on a channel yet, just turning the dial, sometimes strange music can be heard, there are also visual hallucenations, seeing a shadowy figure go by (if ur eyes happen to be open when you slip into an episode) i once saw a pentagram branded into my ceiling which was smoldering around the edges and hot spots burning, this totally freaked me out because it looked so real. That is the only visual i have ever had. There are tactile hallucentations as well, which i have encountered several times. (The feeling of being touched, like someone tapping you on the arm but nobody is there, or feeling the head of your mattress sink down as if somebody came in and sat down on the bed next to you while you "sleep" (or lay there awake unable to move or speak, giving off the appearance of sleep) .

      One thing i have learned to do during an episode that i could never do until just recently and that is call out for help & hope my bf hears me, which he usually does, and the moment he shakes me or touches me its an immediate release from the stronghold of sleep paralysis, the thing is, when i try to call out, (it is very common to not be able to speak during sleep paralysis which is one of the reasons its so terrifying besides being unable to move, ppl try to call out for help but nothing comes out, me, (i guess since ive had these episodes for years and years now, i have managed to manipulate my vocal cords and i cant necessarily "speak" its more like a sound coming from deep within my throat, i can manage to say one word "help" or my bf's name, but it sounds very strange, like i'm talking while somebody is holding my tongue (well, prolly becuz it is being held in a sense, its paralyzed and cant move since its a "voluntary" movement, but ya, hold your tongue down and try to talk, thats exactly what it sounds like when i call out for help. It sounds like that to me and it sounds like that to my bf, so i know thats what it really sounds like, like i am drunk or have a nuerological disorder or a brain injury, thats exactly what it sounds like.

      I just wish they would put more research into it and not leave it to be stigmatized by ppl claiming to have been abducted by aliens, or a spiritual battle with the devil or a "phenominon. It's a medical condition for God's sake so they need to treat it like one and come up with some answers but more importantly, COME UP WITH A TREATMENT or better yet, A CURE.

      I hope this information was helpful to you. This is NOT anxiety. It's something much much more than that and I hope someday we can find out what, exactly, that it is because i'm not satisfied with the explanation given. It doesn't fully explain it, only half of it.

      They say you can't die from it? I call bull. Just google "Sudden Nocturnal Death Syndrome" which is essentially a healthy person with no history of any heart problems basically having a heart attack during their sleep in the middle of the night at a young age (or at least not old) ... Uh, i dunno, you think maybe they were literally SCARED TO DEATH? (Which is how I feel during those mini seizures, like i'm going to have a freaking heart attack my heart pounds so hard! I'm thinking thats exactly what that is.

      As if

    • gettup

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