Far more pain than knee one! Advice on pain medication please.

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Hi everyone. I can't believe I am seeking help you would think I'm an old hand but I'm currently depressed.

I know it's early days I had my right medial partial knee replaced 10 days ago (my left knee was 8 months ago same operation) but I am in so much pain. It was bad last time but this is worse. I came home with Nefopam and paracetamol but have since changed to Tramadol and paracetamol four times a day. I time my exercises for an hour after taking the meds but it it is still excruciating. I have almost a straight leg but hardly any bend and when getting up from sitting I feel dizzy with the pain it is so stiff I can hardly walk. The biggest question is iwhy does it hurt even when at rest, throbbing in the night and very sore to touch. I am icing every two hours or so even through the night. Last time the Tramadol worked fine and I took them for four weeks before stopping.

Has anyone else experienced the same? Any suggestions as to what I should be doing? My staples come out tomorrow so is it just a matter of time and I'm misremembering. My other knee isn't pain free at eight months but I've put that down to taking the strain for the last three months.

I have seen on here that most partial knee patients have had a good recovery so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I still exercised twice a day before my op to build up strength. Now it's heel slides four times a day but I can't manage very many.

Sorry for the lengthy story I'm just upset and depressed really. Any advice would be appreciated.

thank you.

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    Tricia boy do I understand I to am in constant pain since my surgery in November. The pain, discouragement and lack of ROM after this time has me feeling the same way. I don’t trust the Drs or therapists anymore and that makes it worse, so I’m trusting God to help me through this hard time I will be praying for you 
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      Thank you Susan. We need all the help we can get!

      I have to say I worked hard with my first knee and have got a good ROM but even after 8 months it does ache from time to time and still actually hurts if I walk for very long, but nothing like before the operation so that's something to be thankful for. Good Luck with your recovery Susan.

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    so sorry.  i actually called Pain Management this morning to make an appt.  unfortunately, the ortho needs to make a referral, and they think we should be jogging after week 2.  He better give me a referral  : )
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      Martha,  Please keep me posted on the pain management program once you start, ( And he better give you a referral is right ).. By the way I couldn't jog before the surgery...   ; - )   I would love to know if the pain management works for you as nothing is working for me.. Thanks,

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    I sure will.  waiting to hear back from Ortho.  also waiting to go to PT.  ugh !!!!!
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    Don't let anyone tell you Tricia, that all you've had is a partial! You've still had your leg sliced & diced! Yes it is very early days, 11 days po. You may well have partly forgotten how bad it was after the 1st leg op!?

    Try to keep on top of your pain meds & rest, ice & elevate. As long as your knee does not feel hot to the touch, esp over the incision scar, things will just have to take their sweet time. Have the nurse who takes the clips out give a quick check over.

    No 2 ops are the same! My 2nd TKR was more painful than the 1st, but with better rom from day 1. Kind of swings & roundabouts!!

    Just an afternote on exercise, yes it is vital to getting movement back but over exercise can make you go the other way too! Find a balance. Quality not quantity is best with exercise. Better to do to the best of your ability, rather than just a lot.

    You are an individual not one of a hive. You will recover quicker or slower than others?? You've done the best you could by exercising before your op. Try to relax & don't judge your recovery by someone else's.

    Hopefully by the 6-8 week mark things will start to settle.

    All the best 



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      Hi Marilyn

      Thank you for your kind words of support. When you are in pain all sorts goes through your mind both rational and irrational. I will take on board everything you said and take this recovery at an easier pace. (Think I'm a very impatient patient😏wink During the last 2 days my knee has got stiffer and bigger with the bend now almost non existent. I will have the nurses tomorrow look it over. I've either done too much or something else is going on. I was so keen to get my ROM back. The problem is how much is too much?  I will certainly take things at a slower pace.

      thank you once again for taking the time to offer support and encouragement.



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    I had two tkrs three months apart, same doctor, same hospital, same pain management routine. Second was so much more painful, so I understand where you're coming from. On the bright side my second knee is much better than the first. hopefully that will be your result, hang in there.

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      Thank you Kathy for taking the time to reply. I will be positive and hope, like you to get a better outcome this time round. Fingers crossed😬

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    The meds you are on are fairly mild.  The next step up are the heavier duty opioids hydrocodone (Vicodin, Norco) and oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin).  In the UK there is Cocodamol (spelling?) which is acetaminophen and straight codeine.

    Depressed?  Jedi Mind Trick...very normal...



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      Once again thank you Chico you are a very generous font of all knowledge!
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    Can you get some morphine? I think you are not in UK from memory, and it seems they don't like opiods in some countries, but it's so important the pain is properly managed.

    No doubt you are doing all the other things, i.e. rest, ice, elevate, use appropriate support to relieve of pressure. Hope you feel better soon!

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