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I just thought id share my thoughts so far.

I am a registered nurse and started taking Orlistat 5 days ago as I've put 3 stone on due to my cheesecake addiction :twisted:

I decided to take Orlistat because I have absolutely no will power and the thought that I may get the so called treatment related effects so far has been enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. In the last 5 days I have lost 7 pounds.

One thing that does concern me is that people on the site seem to believe they have to eat 10 - 15 grams of fat each meal. This is not the case.

The drug company states that if you eat more than 10 - 15 grams of fat per meal depending on your weight than this will give you the dreaded side effects, it is not the case that you will only lose weight if you eat the maximum amount of fat you are able to. Infact you will lose more weight if you keep your fat intake as low as you can.

Over the last 5 days my fat intake has been around 15 grams per day as I have kept to a very healthy diet and I have lost 7 pounds in 5 days.

I hope this will reassure those of you who are worried they are not eating enough fat.

The simple fact is if you eat healthily and consume less calories and fat than your body needs you will lose weight. People who are over weight do not send their bodies into starvation mode by dieting as they have large stores of body fat that is then used and burnt when they reduce their intake. This is in fact how people lose weight.

Those of you who are passing orange oil im afraid to tell you you are eating too much fat and this is a side effect of doing so and is certainly not normal or healthy and I imagine is extremely unpleasant. Those of you who are pleased to be passing orange oil are kidding yourselves you are doing a good job on this diet. You will lose weight because you are passing the excess fat you are eating but you are not teaching yourselves how to eat healthily and maintain your weight loss when you stop taking orlistat.

I hope this helps :wink:

Good luck to everyone. Im certainly impressed by orlistat and there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have been able to lose 7 pounds so quickly on my own. I have 35 pounds still to lose and hopefully I will do this by the time I go on holiday at the end of August.

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    RR - over to you! You are the expert.....
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    Thanks for your response quill-drill :!:

    I dont claim to be an expert. I did however think the people who are confused about taking this medication and are suffering from nasty side effects caused by the misinterpretation of some peoples understanding of the drug campanies guidelines would appreciate some honest advice.

    I did also speak to a colleague at work who is a consultant specialising in obesity who confirmed my thoughts for me.

    I didnt realise that only your experiences and views are acceptable on this site and for this I sincerley apologise.

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    Hi, glad we have someone who knows medically how to take these tablets. I have been on them for just over 3 weeks now and have lost 10 lbs. Lost 5 in the first week, then upped my fat levels as others have said on here. On a normal diet my fat intake was about 15 - 20g per day but changed to 30g per day whilst on tablets. I have decreased my calories by about 600 per day and I am exercising 5 days a week for between 30 - 60 minutes. Will now stop eating the nuts to see if that makes a difference. Official weigh in on Monday with nurse. Many thanks for some sensible advice.
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    I have become soooooo confused :? with the levels of fat etc so i am just sticking to a lowfat diet and i'm coming up to week 3 of being on these tabs and have now lost 1 STONE :D :D :D :D :D as of this morning.

    I'm soooo please and its nice when lots of people are noticing this to, which is really giving me the extra boost i need to keep on the straight and narrow!, I'm going to continue this and see how i do if i hit the no losing point i will re address and go for the 30g fat rule.

    good luck everyone!


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    Hi jondave

    Thanks for your reply and well done on your loss so far.

    Another way to think about this is if you eat 15g of fat in a meal the orlistat will make you pass around 30% of that fat so your fat intake would be around 11g for the meal however, if you eat a meal containing 9g of fat again you will pass 30% of the fat so your intake of fat would be around 6g.

    Also what is the point in filling up with fat simply to pass it out an hour or two later as orange oil. I cant even imagine how these side effects, (and they are side effects of eating too much fat) must affect people's lives.

    It is simple common sense and a biological fact if you eat less fat than your body needs you will lose weight.

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    Hi, thanks for the encouragement. I have been saying to my husband the last couple of weeks \"it seems daft I have to eat more fat than normal to lose weight\". At least I now know. I was diagnosed back in February that I was diabetic so have started to cut my sugar down to less than 8g per 100g. It is surprising how much sugar is in low fat food, especially food advertised as being good for you, ie. Special K etc. Over the last few days I have managed to find more food that is both low in fat as well as sugar so hoping the weight will now start to go down. Will let you know how I get on on Monday. Many thanks Mandy
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    Meant to also say, touch wood no side effects. So must have been doing something right.
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    shaunp28....I addressed my reply to RR as she has been very supportive to this group and following advice from the MAP Assist nurse - I'd like to know how she feels about your theory....the support from MAP has been non-existent (even though I have registered and e-mailed but no response) in my case and I have no guide lines save from the members of this group and they are diverse ...now you have added yet another scenario..lol!!...

    I take on board your explanation about our stored fat being used and confess that I am now totally confused with all the differing 'advice' I've been given.

    I still strive on and won't give up my goal. Please be assured that I did not mean any critisim of your post...no....thank you for posting your experience. Best Wishes to you and trust you will reach your goal by August.

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    Hello Shaunp28

    I was surprised to see your post and honestly a little horrified.

    I have taken on board what the opinions are on the fats levels with this drug, and started off with no side effects at all. However, I found myself anxious about the next time I would go for a poo. Constipation, when a person is not normally affected by such, is an indication that there is not enough fat, or at least something missing from the daily diet. So, when I increased the fat in my diet and managed it to a 10 - 15g a meal, I was greeted by the orange oil (only drips mind, nothing torrential), and [u:cceb41cd13]I was comforted by this[/u:cceb41cd13]. As long as there is oil, I know that I am taking on fat, and enough fat to cause a small but definate effect in my daily constitution. I am a regular kind of gal, and any change to this does upset my inner balance.

    I appriciate talking about poo is not a highly regarded conversation topic, but it actually is a large part of the drug, as this is where we see the greatest side effect.

    However, with all that said. I have just had my weigh in, and I managed to lose 1/2 a stone in 4 weeks. I am very pleased. In an attempt to compare the two stratagies, I am going to reduce my fat levels to 5 - 10g of fat and aim for at least 15g per day in total. Then, if in my next weigh in I don't do so well, then I know that perhaps the lower I go, the longer the process will be. Please do not think that I am doing this as an exposure type of experiment, but I think it is worth a try. Lets face it, my body has more then enough fat to chew on, and that is the problem.

    If the change helps and or make a differance at least I will go through less bleach :wink:

    PS. Good luck with your goal, heres to August.

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    I refer you to my prvious post on another thread.

    Very low fat diet - no weight loss

    Low fat diet - great weight loss.

    We NEED some fat in our diets. OK maybe only 15 - 30g a day, but if 1/3 is not being absorbed we need a bit more.

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    This is a really interesting debate – I missed the beginning as I was away on my hols ( 2 weeks on an AI package in the Red Sea – scary for the diet or what! I will post separately about how the diet went).

    I think all the points made are valid and we can all look at the same data and assess it to support our own approach to the obesity problem. As long as each approach works for you, then that’s great. By joining in I really don’t mean to be disagreeing with you, but just for the fun of the debate…….

    1. Yes I agree that low fat is a good way to lose weight, but …….if you are eating 1400 cals and 500 of them are in fat which just passes through, then surely that has to work better than 1400 cals very low fat and only 100 of them pass through?

    2. If the average person needs 50-60g fat a day (see MAP book) then surely the 25-30g target is already low fat. Aren’t we meant to be finding sensible long term solutions to our overeating, not just crash solutions?

    3. Even if you do lose weight more quickly by spending more of your 1200-1400 cals on non-fats ( which I don’t necessarily agree will work long term anyway), earlier posts on this site comment on the horribly wrinkly skin from people who have gone down this route and cut out Vit E along with the fat. Also, all the literature I have read and conversations I have had with clinicans seems to indicate that crash dieting without a medium fat intake will push you fairly quickly into starvation mode, slowing your (weight losing) metabolism and making you metabolise muscle. Again – might work in the short term, but I am keen for this to be a lifelong solution.

    Any thoughts anyone?


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    Hi RR, glad you are back from your holidays, hope you had a nice time and didn't over indulge too much. I started another thread about the research I had done into how much fat we should eat to loose weight sensibly. We need approx 25% of caolories that come from fat. Even eating sensibly this is hard. Today for instance my total calories comes to 1451 and my fat intake is 35.9g so that makes it 22%, must admit this is the nearest I have gotten to it. Your nuts really help to increase the fat level without too many calories.


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