Fat levels and weight loss so far

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Thanks to all who have replied to me.

Its been 1 weeks for me so far and up to now I have lost 10 pounds.

As Ive previously said Ive limited my fat intake to no more than around 15 grams per day and have had no side effects what so ever.

My advice to anyone thinking of trying this drug but worried about the side effects is follow the guidelines and limit your fat intake. Lower fat levels will mean greater loss.

I imagine 3 pounds of my loss is due to orlistat and the rest being that the thought of having side effects has kept me on the straight and narrow.

Id like to hear from other people who have taken orlistat and kept to a very low fat diet, how did you get on? did you have side effects? and how much did you lose?

Hope all of you are doing well. I have to say the headaches and tiredness I had after starting orlistat have all eased over the weekend and today Im now feeling great with more energy than normal.

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    shaunp28....I wish you would register so we could talk privately...
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    Hi Shaunp28,

    I started Orlistat seven weeks ago and I have followed a low fat diet of nothing over 5g per 100g of fat or sugar has passed my lips since.

    I too lost 10lb the first week and was really chuffed. My weight loss has slowed down now to about 1-2 kilos a week. Over the last seven weeks i have lost almost 11 kilos which is nearly 24lb. I was 18 stone 2lb at the beginning so am in this for the long haul. I Have five stone total to lose.

    I have to say that I have not had one nasty side effect at all. But I also attribute my weight loss to exercise too. I am doing aerobics, jogging/walking two miles in training for Race for Life and go to aqua fit.

    My hubby who is eating the same food as me but not on the blues has lost just over a stone too. We both need new wardrobes!

    My nurse has said she feels that I do not need the tablets, but I know that it is these that are keeping my motivation and resolve going.

    I find this forum absolutely fantastic as with the exception of partner no one else knows and it can be quite lonely not being able to share experiences.

    Good luck with the losing!


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    Hi Sasx

    Very pleased for your weight loss, could you please tell me what is your fat intake per day? Just wondering which is best 20g per day or less or around 25 to 30 g per day. Many thanks, Mandy

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    You need 15-20g fat today for your body to metabolise fat soluble vitamins, so with orlistat taking our 1/3 you need 30g ish a day so you have 20g left.

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    Hi mandy,

    I am not religiously weighing everything any more. After eight weeks on the blues I am beginning to realise what is good and what is not.

    I am on average eating about 15g - 20g fat a day

    My typical days eating is


    2 weetabix, soya milk, two slices of toast with extra light flora and vegemite. 6.5g Fat


    2 slices of bread with extra light mayo on and 2 slices of quorn meat.

    Small box of salad with cottage cheese and packet of weight watchers crisps ( salt and vinegar are the only ones that are below 5g of fat and sugar per 100g) and a muller light if I am hungry still. Approx 5g Fat


    Dinner is usually something like tuna pasta and garlic bread; qourn peppered steak, jacket and salad; fish, jacket and salad; weightwatchers pizza; quorn sauasages, jacket and veg, all of these are usually between 5-8g Fat.

    Fruit is pudding or a snack if needed.

    The one thing I have noticed that has helped is that i used to start eating my lunch at 11am as I was feeling peckish. I now wait until I am really hungry and then eat and I am finding I am not hungry for another four to five hours so have stopped my incessant snacking.

    I did ask my nurse about what is the lowest amount of fat I should eat and she has said to just eat as low as I can. I dont think this is right either but I since I have stopped trying to eat 10g of fat a meal I am feeling a lot better. I was finding I was eating a lot more food than I was actually hungry for. Eating vegetarian food means a lot of my food is natturally low fat.

    I am also finding my exercising is getting easier. I am now able to jog (slowly, but still bouncing up and down) round my reservoir whch is 2 miles without stopping now!

    I think re metabolism everybodys is different and perhaps some need more and some need a bit less than the average.

    I am now 101 kilos so have lost nearly 14 kilos (30lb) in just over eight weeks through healthier eating, blues and exercise.

    I hope this helps, I have got all my tips from other site members who have kindly helped me andy, quill drill, janet, etc I do think you have to try and find what works for you and your body.

    Keep on losing!


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    Thanks, I also find I am having less than 20g per day and feel as though the weight is coming off, maybe more in inches than lbs but feel a lot better not making the fat upto 30g per day. I would rather keep to this slow weight loss as I know it will be better in the long run than a quick loss. I am now never hungry and cannot eat as much. I have lost 14lbs in 5 weeks so am very happy with that. I can now exercise easier than before. Went out today so did not have any tabs just in case I decided to eat something different. Sort of place where there is only a burger bar, but resisted and ate my sandwiches instead and could not eat them all. So really pleased.


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    I didnt lose anything the first month and so after advice on here realised I was eating not enough fat, I have upped that now to 30g and lost 5.5 lb, maybe not alot to some people but for me it is very good, I try to stick to healthy fats but do tend to treat myself once a week to crisps, I havnt got a sweet tooth at all.
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    Hi Jondave ( aka Mandy),

    Well done you!

    You have already lost one stone. We have just got to keep persevering.

    I have never really tried to lose weight before as I have always been happy with myself and luckily my health has not been affected either.

    I had a huge wake up call at the hospital in March when I was told I was too heavy for some treatment and if I did not lose weight I could die during the procedure. Not what you want to hear when you are only late thirties, hence the blues!

    Night times are the hardest for me like now when I am feeling peckish and would normally have a snack or two.

    I am going to be strong and have a black tea or a glass of water.

    The only way I am getting through this is to approach this the same as when i quit smoking ten years ago, I say to myself I am choosing not to eat the chocolate just now but may have some another time.

    Good luck losing!

    Sasx :lol:

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    Hi, keep occupied, it does help. I am busying quilling at the computer whilst watching Kingdom, adverts are on so having a quick browse of here. I was diagnosed diabetic back in January so advised last month to lose at least 10k, well at least I'm more than halfway now. I have rice krispies and a little milk for supper to keep my sugar levels up. Morrisons do rice cakes which are 100 cals for 5 bars and 0.7g of fat, so they may help you. With being diabetic I also have to keep below 8g sugar per 100 g so that helps to keep the calories down. Anyway Kingdom back on so good luck and keep with it.


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    Jondave....do I have a fellow crafter on the forum? I like stamping. I've not done quilling very much...just didn't get into it...tried it once...as you know my handle is quill-drill as I am a calligrapher and can write with a quill if needs be..usually a metal nib except for exhibitions...and keeping the hands busy keeps the mind busy....and therefore better for not thinking of food! Had a day of eating a little more than usual yesterday - my daughter-in-law brought desert and I had (wait for it) two small portions with a little fresh cream on top - no side effects as yet - gosh it tasted good but I have decided this week I will be terribly good to make up for that indiscretion. Did have a bracing walk in the afternoon so that helped to walk some of it off!

    Keep up the good work girls...I'm just realising the wardrobe of 'fat' clothes are soon going to be useless to me...what joy!!

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