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Hey everyone!

For at least 6 months now, I've been feeling really out of sorts. Getting very tired, very easily, as in, I can go to sleep easily at ANY point during the day, whether it be 1 hour after I've woken up, or 1 hour before I go to bed. 

I sleep well, very few troubles in that area, and I've tried adjusting my sleeping pattern and experimenting with that, eg - Tried sleeping less for a period of time (6 hours a night), and tried sleeping more (up to 13 hours a night!) And it literally makes no difference, I still feel very tired during the day. Sometimes I get naps, but I try not to rely on them too much as I don't want to get a bad habit. 

Apart from that, I've been getting dizzy spells - I'm good at coping with these because all my life I've had bad vasovagal episodes/seizures and dizzy spells (90% when having injections, 10% randomly or when stressed), but I'm getting them most days now, and doing even a little physical activity brings them on easily. I used to be quite fit, I've been going to the gym/treadmill regularly and now I can barely even jog for 5-10 minutes without feeling like I'm genuinely going to pass out. My seizures are also undiagnosed, I've had MRIs and brain scans and the rest of it.

My diet's okay, it's not incredible, but it's definitely not awful, it's fairly balanced! I also do take multivitamins every morning, and have been doing so for a long time. I always eat an hour before, and straight after exercising (If I don't have some kind of energy boost after exercising I won't function for the rest of the day, my eyes will be like lead).

I've also lost a bit of weight, and am finding it a bit hard to get that back up too. I've tried adding complan to my diet and things like that, but it's not working too well. I'm currently hovering around 7.5-7.7 stone, whereas I used to be 8.5! 

I'm getting out of breath fairly easily too, and my chest feels a little heavy at times, like I'm breathing in, but getting no air at all, and I have to breathe really deeply to feel any kind of comfort. I'm very good at staying calm when this happens, and pace myself, luckily. 

But I'm just at my absolute wits end, this is starting to massively affect my life, no matter how much I try to push on. I'm in a great point in my life right now, everything's going really well, but I'm so fed up. Doctor's never seem to take me seriously at all. I got my blood results today (Absolutely normal), and the dr just said I had no physical symptoms so it's probably stress related and is 'normal for girls my age' (I'm 20 and really not stressed about anything!) and to come back in 6 months if it's still happening!!! 

Please, please, please, this is a desparate call for help. Please. Tell me I'm not making this all up, and it's not all in my head. I'm absolutely certain it's not psycho-sematic or anything like that! I'm going crazy here, I get days where I can barely even function at all, I'm just zoned out for the whole dady and can't even talk straight or get my words out at all.

Does anybody have any ideas? I'm sick of drs telling me I'm fine, and I've been to a few different ones and they're all reluctant to help. Actually conisdering a private consultation.

Please, any advice appreciated. Anything at all! Any similar stories??? sad  

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    Hi. I'm sorry for what your going through. It would be useful to know what the doctors have tested you for and the actual results (not just they're fine!). Often Doctors brush us of because we are within range although it is possible to be in range and need help. TATT tired all the time could be a number if things. I'm expdcting they tested your thyroid, full blood count, iron, ferritin, b12 etc but would be useful as said above to know your full test results. 

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      Hiya!! Thanks for the response! They tested, as you said, for Iron, Thyroid, B12 and FBC smile

      Not sure about Ferratin? Don't remember seeing that on the sheet??

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      He just told me they were 'normal' scared to phone up again and ask now for the actual results again, don't want to seem paranoid or a hypochondriac sad

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      When you next go into your doctor ask for a print out. There is zero point going for a private appointment without knowing your current results. It will help to know where to look next and potentially speed up the process and minimise costs. 
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      Yeah my thoughts exactly! I found a charity which gives free over the phone advice and consultations from a wide range of private and NHS drs, as a middle stage for free before going to a private Dr, so I think I'll do that after I've got my results. 

      My dr is in my  uni town which is an hour and a half away, so I'll phone them up tomorrow and ask them over the phone I think, thanks for the advice I'll update you when I find out!! smile


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