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  • zeph77 2

    Help please....!

    it's been a long time that i'm having these symptoms. Before two months i got two swollen lymph nodes went to a doctor had some tests doctor said i was fine. But those nodes never came to their normal size (i dont consider it very serious). but recently i'm having symptoms such as extreme thirst and...

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  • enam999 2

    Shortness of breath due to iron anaemia?

    hello, about two months ago i got my blood test done which showed very low levels of haemoglobin and haemotocrit. I then got my serum iron test done too and i was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia. I started a regular ferrous sulphate supplement from a local company. Although some symptoms (such...

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  • any30878 2
  • elle87858 2

    Do you have short of breath with low ferritin?

    Hi this is my first time posting. I seem to have all the symptoms of low ferritin. Waiting for my blood work to come back. My question is, does anyone else have shortness of breath and if so what does it feel like for you? Is it just shortness of breath when excreting yourself? I feel like my chest is...

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  • megan30689 2
  • ruby90715 1

    am i anaemic

    So every month when i start my period i get really dizzy and shaky and very pale, i feel like im going to be sick but i never do i always feel like i am, i get hot and cold flushes like when i feel like im going to be sick, i also get an iron taste in my mouth when i feel dizzy and lightheaded.   Can...

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  • hudhud77817 2

    Anemia blood results

    Hello so I have just had a blood test and the doctor said my hemoglobin was 11 and ferritin is 2 is this low? And if so how low? I have had infusions in the past but he wouldn't give me one because he said I'm not that low but I feel worse then the previous times I've had them m.

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  • ChickadeeChii1 2

    Fatigue, Dizziness, Out of Breath, Bloods Normal

    Hey everyone! For at least 6 months now, I've been feeling really out of sorts. Getting very tired, very easily, as in, I can go to sleep easily at ANY point during the day, whether it be 1 hour after I've woken up, or 1 hour before I go to bed.  I sleep well, very few troubles in that area, and I've...

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  • jlh1040 2

    Iron infusion side effects?!

    I got an iron infusion a few days ago and now have a really sore stomach. I am not sure if this is a coincidence or a side effect of having an iron infusion? Any one else had this happen?

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  • godblessed 3
  • Ishaa 1
  • cheryl84670 2

    Blood test shocked me

    Hi everyone.i had a normal routine blood count then got called to. doctor he said i had no iron in my blood none and is sending me for tests.i am not poorly in any way shape or form.i feel silly going for a camera when i not poorly.has any one else had this experanice please I dont to go for no reason.only...

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  • rasmi23 2

    New here..

    Been losing blood in stool every now n them for a few years.. had a sigmoidoscopy n all fine apart from hemmeroids.. iron was low.. it was my ferret in levels actually.. took a course of iron tablets for two months.. felt much more energetic.. finished the course n was still feeling ok for a month.....

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  • PaigeMarie2024 1

    Can't make sense of my iron blood results?

    These are my most recent iron blood results and I just can't make sense of them. Will I benefit from iron supplementation or no? The GP just said "take them if you want" and I didn't find that very helpful at all. Here are my results:- Iron - 12 umol/L Transferrin - 3.7 H g/l TIBC - 93 H umol/L Trans...

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  • elle87858 2

    Low iron and anxiety/depression?

    Hello, I would like to post a new question and ask if anyone has experienced increased anxiety and depression with low iron. I have had symptoms of low iron for years but my hemoglobin was always normal so never was anemic and didn't realize that you could be low in iron without being anemic. After requestion...

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  • debz32 1
  • shanonsonline 2

    Anemic with RH- Blood

    I thinking about going the IV iron infusion route. It's sad to say that just the stress of trying to feel better is using up iron too. Im taking double iron (25mg each) of Gentle Iron because of this blood type, iron drains me and makes me even sicker.  My GP doesn't have a clue about this blood type...

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  • Stillhere 1

    Iron deficient, not tolerating supplements

    I am iron deficient (ferritin 20) and experiencing fatigue, depression, hair loss and night sweats. Per doctor recommendation, I am trying to supplement iron. I've tried ferrous sulfate 325 mg, ferrous bisglycinate, polysaccharide iron 150mg and now am trying ferum phos 6x. Within 1 week of starting...

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  • nena05092 1

    Strange medical exams

    Hi, the blood screen test of my boyfriend came out and it is somewhat strange. His Hct is 39.4, his Hgb is 13 and his MCV is 26.7. The rest of the results are withing normal range. He was tested for iron but he has 85 (normal range 33-193) and his ferritin is 181.30 (normal range 30-400). he is feeling...

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  • Pandacake 3

    Just got blood tests back...

    Hey, I'd been having a lot of nosebleeds so asked for some blood tests. Apparently they all came back normal except for my Thyroid (because I have hypothyroidism) & indicaters that I might be anaemic. They asked me to go for another test next week. I don't know why. Is this to check the levels and make...

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  • andrew28896 3

    Ferrous Fumarate 325mg capsules & Bisoprolol

    Hello everyone This is my first post in this forum, I have checked for the answer to my question in previous posts but cannot find anything. So I hope not to waste you're time and hope there is someone else on here who can help with my query. I have just been prescribed 325mg ferrous fumarate for iron...

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  • Krug22 3

    Sudden fall in heamoglobin in the elderly

    My husband is 78 and had blood tests done for the dermotologist yesterday. Today we had a calll from the GP asking if they could be re done next Thursday. I asked husband to phone back for more clarifiction as they were apparently outside the reference range and last year he had his kidney function fall...

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  • maria98435 2

    Juicing and anemia

    Dear all, I'm new to this forum and to any forum. I was hoping to find someone that had overcome anemia with juicing only? I was recently diagnosed with low hemoglobin and low iron due to massive blood loss, and had a blood transfusion. ( I have a uterine fibroid which, at times causes extremely heavy...

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  • jessicabratcher 1


    So I had blood done recently I start iron infusions the end of this month. I started getting this weird rash that no one else in my family is getting. I haven't changed soaps or anything. Could it be from low iron I have never been told what type Of deficiency I have Currently these are my results...

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  • cristen 00984 1

    Did I just overdose on my iron??

    I had an iron infusion yesterday for the first time and at the end the nurse said to still keep taking my oral iron. So i took my pill this morning (324mg) Well I was browsing on the internet and came across something that said not to take your oral supplements until a week after the infusion cause it...

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  • jayne11718 2
  • laila68908 1
  • irene.nsf 1

    Unable to determine the cause of Iron deficiency anemia

    Hi all,  I have been diagnosed Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) since 5 years ago. However it got worsen in last year. My ferritin dropped to 10, Iron level dropped to 18 and heamoglobin level dropped to 8.1. The hospital did the blood transfusion for me and referred to hematologist. However, they did all...

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  • hilary95948 3

    Folate deficiency and loss of too much weight, really worried

    I have been diognosed with Folate deficiency.... I feel very tired, depressed, anxious, irritable, and lost a lot of weight can't think straight, my memory has gone poor.... My ferriton is 38.2, a year ago it was 70.3, my Zinc is 12.7, vitamin B12 is 244..... The last 19 months I have been on Antidepressants,...

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  • stacey49011 2

    HB count normal now but still not feeling 100%!?

    So due to blood loss over a 4 month period I was anemic. Started showing symptoms 3 months ago. Shortness of breath, Chest pain, headaches....etc. I've been on poly iron 2xday for almost 8 weeks now. My HB is now 11.9 and normal is considered 12. So technically I'm not anemic anymore. However, I know...

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  • donna84540 1

    B12 and Ferritin Anaemia

    I've been diagnosed with both B12 and ferritin deficient anaemia for around 9 years off and on, weight gain, fatigue, edema with raynauds phenomenom symptoms and consistent joint and muscle pains and at my whits end as to what this is. Can anyone help?

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  • Jesusbaby 1


    Hello I was told anemia is suspected and am having difficulty breathing and Dr said I need to use so injection yo clear the airways . I am not asmatic pls HV any one use that aninofoline orbsalbutalmol to clear the shortness of breath caused by anemia. Am still very much weak and lying on the hospital...

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  • maureen33940 2


    hi, I'm anaemic I've been sent for both cameras up and down and had chest X-ray and an ultra sound all tests came. Back clear so now I'm being referred to a specialist but I can't understand why can anybody help please...

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  • mohit61851 1

    Child 8 months - HB count dropped suddenly

    My 8 month old son have got sudden drop in HB count which reached to 3.6 point , Have uniformly enlarged liver , and low fever , blood transplant already done, can any one suggest what is root cause exactly , doctor are confused because lever is enlarged uniformly , in Thalesimia it expands from one...

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  • loverin12 1

    Iron Deficiency Anaemia

    I'm addicted to ice because of my anaemia and I rarely drink water. It's difficult to control my addiction. Even my life at school is tiring because of the stairs....lack of energy and shortness of breath make my life even harder.. Doctor has provided me with vit. B complex, ascorbic acid, folic acid...

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