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Ok, let me start off by saying I have very bad health anxiety. I can go a few months without worrying to a month straight of stress and anxiety. 

Last year I was dignosed finally after many doctor visits about abdominal pain and discomfort which I was told was either muscle pain or ulcers. Finally my family doctor sent me for an ultrasound which said it was a mild fatty liver and I just needed to lose weight. I was still worrying about how did they know for sure that is what it was? What if it was cancer? My biggest fear is liver cancer since it's a silent cancer. Also doesn't help that I read about a man who died in his 20's from liver cancer recently. 

So I've been fine but I've gained weight instead of lose weight.... which sucks but mostly due to me not being mobile from my constant headaches. Well last month I started getting abdominal pains more and more and especially after reading that article. Now I think my eyes which have been blood shot are signs of liver failure and that my skin isn't as pink as it should be. My urine in the morning was also dark but it could be from waking up and how hot it has been and being dehydrated (I also have a slight bladder prolapse). 

So here I am, freaking out about my liver and I am almost in tears and making myself sick. I am a single mom and I often worry about missing out on my daughter's life. I often worry that my doctor had missed something or that the scan was wrong. I should also mention I have had many blood tests a few months ago which didn't show any thing really.... Pleaser reassure me or something

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    Hi, I would go back to your gp and let him/her know your symptoms again and your worries..I would ask if you could be sent to see a liver specialist, have you had a fibroscan. If you drink alcohol stop,cut out fatty foods,sugar eat more veg and fruit.lose weight slowly the NHS site for losing weigh offers great advice.get more exercise.

    Fatty liver get better, I know. Try not to worry,but go see your gp.x holly

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      My GP is useless. Nice man but so old. I went to him about my prelapse and he just gave me stool softeners without examining me. I have a bladder prolapse... but it did help with constipation

      I don't drink at all. And if I do drink it is rare and since I was dignosed with NAFLD, I haven't touched alcochol at all. I am trying to cut out sugary oily foods. I eat tons of veggies and fresh fruit. The losing weight thing I have been struggling with. I am trapped inside until my daughter starts school... often trying to get her to go out with me to exercise is a hassle. 

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    Hey RQ..."how do they know that?" Well, because the 2 different thing show up differently on ultrasound! Bloodshot eyes aren't really a symptom of liver failure. If the whites of your eyes go yellow (jaundice) then this can be a sigh, and the same goes for the skin....but I'm talking noticeably yellow, like a minion. I had liver failure (due to strepto infection) in 2012 which required a transplant and the pics I have of me in bed I look like a dark banana!! If your bloods are coming back normal then it wouldn't be failure. Your bilirubin would be through the roof, ALT and AST probably very high too (last 2 indicate damage to the liver). Also, in failure, you'd probably be getting bloody stools and possibly drops in the urine too. When mine was killed, I was pooping pure red blood. Not good at all.

    Generally, your doc wouldn't be the one to look at the pics. The technicians do the scan, a consultant would look at them & send the letter / info to your doc who then tells you. If you really want to know how they distinguish, the consultant at the hospital would be person to ask, but to them it sounds like an interest question, not an "are you sure" question.

    hope there's some reassurance in here. 😉

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      Thank you so much! I over react a lot due to being a mother with a young child. My brother in law has a bad liver and if he drinks alcohol or even a coke, he goes yellow. My anxiety is pretty bad. So I had more LFT done today and it was fine again, I even asked the doctor to repeat that is was normal. Also they are sending me for ultrasounds tomorrow. So yayyyyy fasting right now! They are going to check for gallstones. 
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    Do not jump to thinking you have anything but fatty liver, but you really do need to see a liver specialist for a diagnosis. You need help with your bladder problems,you really do need to ask you gp to send you for investigation for your bladder.he could give you medication that will help.

    You should see your gp.

    I really do feel for you having had bladder problems my gp sent me to see a specialist and I had a repair done,stayed overnight in hospital.now I have no problems.

    I also have fatty liver, which is getting better.

    I worried over nothing liver can heal itself.

    Try to relax and stop looking on line for answers,you will think you have all symptoms.

    You can change your gp if you arnt happy.xholly

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      I went to urgent care since trying to make an appointment to see my doctor seems impossible, or an appointment that is in the near future. They are sending me for ultrasounds tomorrow. My liver function blood test was good. He suspects gallstones. Also for my bladder I am going to see a specialist about that in October. 
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    I agree with Holly,

    I too am a worrier and worst thing I did was google.  I swear I had every symptom they listed.. and probably a few they didn't but I attributed to it.  I had the same type of doctor and the only solution I could come up to was to find a new one.  I'm glad I did.  He listened and I'm now going to see a gastro Oct 1.   In joining this group you've got access to way better information from people who are going through the same thing.  Listen to them.....if they tell you it's a common thing..it's a common thing... If they tell you to get a second opinion..do it!


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