Fatty liver and coconut oil

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Ive been diagnosed with a fatty liver and just told to avoid fatty foods, thing is i love chocolate, is any chocolate safe i wonder? even a little bit of 75% or more dark chocolate. Was making my own which was very tasty and sugar free too but was using coconut oil which ive found out since in some has actually been causing swelling of peoples livers. seems to be a difficult condition to reverse too, also taking herb milk thistle which is excellent for liver problems. Anyone know of any recipe i can create my craving for chocolate for without harming myselfe further?

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    I was diagnosed with a fatty liver over 20 yrs ago and have annual blood tests I still drink and hve l

    Most foods and alcohol in moderation 

    At first o was convinced my gp thought I was an alcoholic but have learnt since some people are just susceptible to it. What are your enzyme scores for gamma gt ? Mine at its highest was 110 but now it's at 70 ish. Normal is 40 

    I got a bit paranoid for yrs but now I just go with the flow all things in moderation so don't let it control all you eat and drink. I'm not obese nor do I or ever have ate rubbish I hope this helps 


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      Hi thanks Paul for replying, like you im not  an alcoholic, infact i darnt drink as im prone to candida flare ups, i dont know what my enzyme scores are, presume this is shown by having a blood test? yes im paranoid after reading about how fatty liver can progress into other  conditions if care isnt taken, sometimes access to the net isnt a good thing! im now 10 stone 3lbs the heaviest ive ever been and read that a fatty liver prevents it from dealing with your own bodys fats properly so starts to accumilate easier.


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    I use a liquid calked bitters. Its a natural remedy to detox live and kidneys. I use it each day as a supplement, it also corrects fatty liver and heals it. Google it digestive bitters tonic by natures sunshine..
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      Hi thanks for reply, ive never heard of calked bitters, ill check that out
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      Hi again tried to find the liquid calked bitters on the natures sunshine but got this twice after wording it different

      We are very sorry but no product was found. Please try again using another key word.

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      Natures sunshine " Digestive Bitters Tonic" is the name. I just had a shot.
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      Yes found it  Retail Cost:

      $35.25                                  presume its from USA then and may be done for custom fees?

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      okay.. Check out the ingredients and see if you cant find something similar in your area with those ingredients that way you avoid those custom fees. Thats what I would do. It really helps.
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      Well i looked up dandelion,burdock anfd hawthorn leaves tea bags a si have a nerarlty full box in my cupboard, i think these may well help the same as the  Digestive Bitters Tonic as the dandelion and burdock also help with cleansing

      Cleansing with Dandelion and Burdock

      It's good for whatever ails you.

      If I had only one combination to take for general health, what would I take? Dandelion and Burdock.

      Why? Because you get sick because you are not getting rid of toxins.

      You chew, drink, breath, bathe, and in todays' world those simple actions accumulate toxins in your system.

      Burdock: Is your deep cleaner. It is an antibiotic, antifungal, diaphoretic (makes you sweat), diuretic (makes you pee), a mild laxative, and an antipyretic (helps when you have a fever).

      It's great for pulling the deep toxins from your liver, joints (like gout) and helps lower your blood sugar.

      If you're going to use it for your joints, it's best to make a poultice out of it. Do that by low simmering burdock in a non-aluminum  pot for about 2 minutes or so. Take it off the stove, and let it cool down a bit, then soak some sort of fabric in it, then wrap it around the affected area. you might want to wrap some plastic wrap around the poultice to keep the heat in and to keep the liquid from getting everything all wet and messy.

      Dandelion: Is a hepatic, aperient (gently moves the bowels), diuretic (makes you pee), tonic, and stomachic. It's fantastic for helping get rid of the crud. It is useful with all kinds of kidney, liver, gallbladder and inflammation of the bowels trouble.

      It promotes the secretion of bile, and stimulates liver, pancreas, spleen and gallbladder. The fresh root is good for helping with gallstones, jaundice, alcoholism, hepatitis, scurvy, and especially enlargement of the liver and spleen.

      Dandelion is a tonic for female reproductive congestion (along with red rasberry leaf).

      In the simplest of terms, dandelion and burdock together dig deep into your system and strengthens your body, making it inhospitable for toxins, and then this combination moves all your elimination systems along. Thereby kicking all those toxins out.

      So go to the health food store, grab some loose dandelion and burdock (and mint for flavor), mix it half and half (add mint and honey to taste), and stop feeling so sluggish.

      It's good for most of what ails ya.

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    Wow, i use dandilion on a regular basis to keep my blood from being anemic. I drink burdock once a week and am regular on hawthorne being that i have it growing. So i guess i wont buy the bitters anymore, i will make my own

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