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Hi. Does anyone here in the forum have mild fatty liver? My ultrasound states ("There is mild diffuse fatty notation of the liver without focal lesion" ) 

Lab Results:

GFR MDRD greater than 60 

Potassium: 3.7 

AST 40 

Creatinine 0.86 

Total BIlirubin: 0.4 

Glucose 120 (Just ate lunch) 

Chloride 101 

Total Protein 8.1 

ALT 64 ********Elevated 

Sodium 139 

Calcium 9.1 

Alk Phos 65 

Bun 7 

CO2 25.6 

Albumin 4.6 

Lipase 137 

CBC Diff - All normal 

I went for the US because I suspected Gallbladder, due to mild upper right quadrant discomfort. Gallbladder, pancreas, and kidneys were all normal appearing. 

So my doctor was not concerned with my liver? She didn't even suspect the pain was from my liver, however I feel that it is? I do not drink or smoke and have no other health issues.

Should i follow up with a GI doctor?

Can I take Multivitamins (are they safe for fatty liver?)

I started to eat super healthy about the same time the pain started. I cut out 95% of sugar in my diet. Trying to eat mostly low carb. I have about 90 lbs to lose. Im determined to reverse this. Just wondered if any one else has this diagnosis?

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    Are you over weight? or carry fat around tummy area? or consume lot of sugar they can all cause fatty liver so does damage from HEP B and C shows up in ultra sound as fatty liver distribution. yes it quite common to have fatty liver disease with the western diet.

    Cut off all the processed food and refined sugar, no sodas or soft drinks or juice with addes sugars, cakes, pastries, basically go back to 3 veg lean meat/chicken diet 3 times per week and and try getting meat free day or 2.

    Get to the gym or any other physical exercise eg swimming or brisk walk of 30 mins+

    Thirdly and very important homonal imbalance can cause liver damage in long run, remember liver have to filter out excess hormones being produced by having more fat around your body.

    Do a 6 monthly routine ultrasound of liver to make sure it stay as fatty liver or subsides with your change in diet and exercise programs.

    Happy Xmass to you and your loved once.

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      Thanks yes I am overweight.  Im 5'4" and have about 80 lbs to lose.  I carry most if my weight in my mid-section but am proportionally heavy all over.  I have cut out almost all carbs (except vegetables) I have cut back on sugar significantly (I have one snack a day with sugar usually yogurt)  I try not to get more than 35g per day compared to before I bet I consumed over 300-400g if not more?  I was addicted to coffee drinks, soda, processed foods.  Thanks for replying and for the suggestions.
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      Sunny is spot on regarding the sugar.  Also eliminate starches, and that includes starchy vegetables (potatoes and corn worst, carrots, beets, etc, even sweet potato, lentils) as they are sugars in disguise.  That includes grains, breads, etc.  There are lots of cauliflower recipes that can be used to 'replace' potato.  Cauli was not one of my favourite veges, but I have learnt to love it now.  Look at Paleo type recipes for ideas as well.

      If you crave a pasta and rice experience, look for slendier slim pasta/rice made from konjac root.  No carbs, no protein, just fibre.

      Make sure you have protein with every meal and snack.  Even breakfast - a protein breakfast makes a big difference.  You can purchase yoghurt with no sugar.  Plain greek yoghurt set in pot is best.  You can add some cocoa powder for a sugarless treat.  That is cocoa, not chocolate powder. Sugar is addictive - a little bit makes you want more.  Be as strict as you can, so that you can be 'polite' when cruel people put some home baked treat in front of you!smile

      Fruit juices are ultra high in sugar, best to eat whole fruit to get the fibre but keep it minimal.  A friend insisted on eating lots of fruit because she thought it was healthy despite warnings.  She is obese and now has been told she has diabetes.

      Generally, with fatty liver, your ferritin iron level will be high.  This will reduce as your fatty liver reduces, so you can monitor it that way as well by having regular ferritin tests.

      You will notice a huge difference in your weight quite quickly.

      Good luck.


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    I have the same problem (increased transaminasses and light increase of the volume of my liver) .According to my physician ( a specialist of the liver) the cause of all these is due to my fat in the liver . H e told me not worry about it . LAB results were as follows: AST 62, Creatinine 0.7, glucose 124,6 , total proteins 7,09 ,ALT 52 and γ-GT 87,with Crestor 5 mg and ezetrol 10 mg ( which increase significantly the yield of Crestor ) . Crestor and Ezetrol are reducing the cholesterol but sometimes increase the values of AST ,ALT and γ-GT . Calcium 9,4 , Alk Phosphatasis around 120 , Alboumines 51,6. ( Alpha 1 2,9 ,Alpha 2 12,7, Beta 1   8,2 ,Beta 2  5,1 and Gamma 19,5 , A/G 1.07), HDL 42 LDL 67 and cholesterole 157.
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    I think most of us in the western world have fatty liver these days.  We eat too much sugar and starches which are the culprits (apart from alcohol of course).

    So apart from foods that have sugar in it, avoid starchy veges (potatoes, corn and veges that grow underground), breads, grains, pasta, rice, etc.  Look for cauliflower recipes - there are a lot now which kind of form a replacement for potato - check Paleo recipes as well.

    If you have a craving for pasta/rice, look for slendier slim pasta/rice which is made from konjac root - no carbohydrates, no protein - just fibre.  Make sure you have protein with each meal, even snacks.  A protein breaky is very beneficial.

    If you keep to this, your weight will drop off very quickly.  Try to be strict with yourself and then you can be polite and eat the home baked goody that someone puts in front of you.

    Have regular ferritin iron tests.  You are likely to have a high ferritin level and as this reduces, you know your liver is repairing.

    BTW, fruits and juices are very high in sugar.  Have the occasional whole fruit to get the fibre which is beneficial.

    Good luck


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