Fed up With Dizziness / Detached Feeling

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I was diagnosed with vasovagal syndrome at least 5 years ago. I've only ever fainted once, but that was during the tilt table test that diagnosed it.

I started again a few years ago to have similar issues. I got symptoms, which I can only describe as like electric shocks in my head, combined with a falling sensation, that felt like someone was suddenly pulling my brain down, yeah that sounds weird, but it's the only way I can describe it!

I went to my GP, who reffered me to a cardiologist. All my tests (Echocardiogram, blood tests, and a 7 day heart monitor) came back normal. The cardiologist referred me to a neurologist, where I had an MRI which also came back normal.

The neurologist diagnosed it as a form of continuous migraine and prescribed amitriptyline, which unfortunatley caused side effects. I went back and he changed it to pregabalin. The symptons began to ease, I discussed it with my neurologist and I didn’t take them.

I had a period of varying degrees of having symptoms and not having symptons, but on the whole was OK.

It has recently come back and is now constant. I realised this time that I was also getting a stiff neck and it cracks/pops a LOT. I went to my GP and described my symptons, which I can now summarise as:

* varying degrees of dizziness, usually very mild

* a feeling of being detached

* difficulty concentrating

* occasional mild confusion that lasts a fraction of a second when I move my head

* kind of like a feeling of being drunk at times

I asked my GP if it could be a tension headache (I work at a computer all day) and she agreed it coud be. She referred me to a physiotherapist and also prescribed gabapentin, which didn't seem to do anything, so I went back and another GP disagreed it was a tension headache and agreed with the neurologist it was a migraine, so put me on pregabalin again.

My memory of events is probably a bit hazy now, but as far I know the above is correct smile

I'm about a week or so into this medication, so waiting to see what happens. I’m also waiting for my physiotherapist appointment.

Does anyone else have these kind of symptoms?

Can anyone describe them better than me? smile

Anyone know what might be wrong?

Any suggestions on what to suggest to, or ask my doctor?

It's really getting me down now, I feel sometimes depressed and it seems it will never go away.

I really enjoy driving and I'm unable to do this very often at all, which is upsetting.

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    Hi Andy - I have had the same problem for one month. My primary doctor diagnosed me with Labrynthitis and my symptoms are very similar to yours.

    My symptoms are:

    - extreme dizziness

    - trouble concentrating, feeling drunk

    - EXTREME anxiety, like I don't want to be here anymore and that this is going to last forever or no one is going to be able to figure out what is wrong with me

    - feeling faint all day long and like I have to keep snapping myself back into reality

    - no blurriness but feeling like my eyes are not tracking together

    - feeling like I have to manually keep my brain going, rather than it working automatically, and that if I don't I will pass out

    - feeling like water may come out of my ears when I lay to one side, but nothing ever comes out

    Surprisingly, I have NOT had any ringing in my ears or any ear pain. More recently I have developed newer symptoms like numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night with it. My chiropractor says it is a nerve in my neck that is all messed up, specifically my C5, C6 and C7. I am working on both of these things and going to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor tomorrow.

    Today is the first day in the past month that I actually feel like I might be OK. It started last night after I got done with my therapist, where she did some bilateral vibrations on my hands and told me to imagine these positive things in my mind. I got extremely dizzy after doing this that I had to stop, but as soon as the dizziness came down and I walked out of her office I felt like I might be somewhat normal again. I hadn't felt that way in so long that it was making me anxious because I almost forgot what normal felt like. I think she helped relieve the anxiety, and now I am just dealing with the dizziness and tingling in my fingers and toes.

    Here are a few things I have tried:

    Garlic Oil in the ear - Chiropractor told me to do it and that it would help push any water out, and that the garlic will sit there and act as an antibiotic. My primary doctor told me not to put it in my ear. I put it in my ear and felt pretty dizzy afterwards, I thought maybe that was a good sign and that it was helping push the dizziness out, but I didn't feel any better the next day.

    B supplements - my primary doctor put me on B supplements to help with dizziness and an herbal supplement (called Bliss) to help with anxiety. Neither of them seem to help. I have been taking both for about a week

    Bach Rescue Remedy Spray - at first this did help a LOT, but more recently as my symptoms have gotten worse I don't think it is doing much for me anymore. Maybe when I am normal again and need it for small anxiety type of situations

    Massage - when I got a deep tissue neck massage, it triggered the numbness in my hand which is a good thing, because at least we are targeting where it is coming from. Afterwards I got the worst migraine for 2 days straight (drink lots of water!!!)

    Have you noticed anything that helps or makes it worse? I just keep trying to keep a positive mind and tell myself that every day is one day closer to it being over!

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      I can relate to some of the symptoms your having, particularly "no blurriness but feeling like my eyes are not tracking together". I don't get extreme dizziness/anxiety, but I do feel slightly faint very occasionally.

      I don't get the water in your ear sensation, at least I don't think so, but they do feel a little odd sometimes, now you mention it. I get a ringing in my ear quite often, actually the gabapentin made this MUCH worse, but it's gone back to just mild now I've stopped it smile

      I get no numbness or tingling either.

      I've tried sports massages in the past and I don't think they make much difference for me to be honest. But every time I go, they always say how tense my neck is!

      I honestly cannot determine anything that makes it worse or better yet. The sensation is constant, although it does usually improve a bit towards the end of the day as it gets darker and for the first few seconds after waking every day up it's not there at all (this happens whether my eyes are open or not)!

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    Andy - did you recently have a cold when your symptoms came on? You may also have Labrynthitis, as a cold can trigger these symptoms. Mine started with a cold.
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    Hi Andy

    i was diagnosed with BPPV and silent migraines.

    as far as migraines are concerned there were certain foods i was told to avoid. At my worse i couldn't stand and fell to the floor.  I was staggering around as though drunk.  At first i thought the diagnosis of silent migraines was a load of nonsense.  I was wrong. 

    When i overload on chocolate i feel detached and my eyes lose focus and i feel as though i am not quite in the room.  It's hard to describe.

    I was put on Nortriptyline, which has less side effects than amitriptyline and it has improved over 80% for me.  I can now go shopping and not be affected by the layout and lights.

    I had a bit too much chocolate over Easter and i felt the symptoms creeping back, so i know for sure now that i can't tolerate chocolate as much as i use to.

    I hope you get some relief from your meds.  Best wishes.

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      Hi Anne,

      I hope these meds do something as well, thank you.

      I had to look up BPPV smile .. It says that it nearly always is triggered by movements in your head. I'm not sure this is the same as what I get, it's always there and pretty much the same, head movements generally make no difference, but it can sometimes make it worse, although not actually bring it on.

      Yes, at my worst it was awful, I could hardly stand up for more than a minute, just a constant throbbing/electrical shock/pulling sensation in my head!

      I can certainly try removing certain foods from my diet to see if that helps.

      I will suggest BPPV and Nortriptyline to my doctors next time I go and also mention about food.

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      Hi Andy

      i have 2 conditions, BPPV, which thankfully i haven't had for a while and the silent migraines for which i am taking the nortriptyline.  The consultant thinks i will need to stay on the nortriptyline for about another 9 months for my 'brain to heal' as he said.  As it took me 2 years to get a diagnosis, he said if i got diagnosed sooner he could have helped me much faster.

      I do hope you get some help as i know it effects everything you do.

      All Best wishes.


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      This sounds very similar to what my neurologist said to me, but he phrased it as something like "giving my brain a kick to reset itself" by taking the pregabalin (originally amitriptyline). He suggested I would probably be on it for about 6 months or so, I seem to recall.
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      Hi Anne. I think k read on a previous post that you are a nurse. I work as a staff RN on a med/surg floor. I've been out of work several weeks due to vestibular neuritis causing dizziness and just feeling off. I know we have been diagnosed with two different things, but I believe our symptoms are similar. It was nice to see another medical professional having the same issues as myself. I'm not sure I can handle the floor after all of this. Do you preform well with community nursing?
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    aspartame poisoning ?
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