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Hello. Im 17 and two weeks ago I had my blood tests done and my thyroxine level is higher than normal( 21 is the limit,im 24). Ive been to my doctor and she sent me to an endocrinologist,but I have to wait another week and I just feel like Im going crazy. Really. I cant sleep well at all,at night I have these thoughts and feelings like im delirious and I also feel like Im not real and everything is a dream,and my voice doesnt seem my voice at all and I feel like every moment I could die or have a psychotic episode. I just feel plain crazy and it scares me and my parents keep yelling at me because I insist on making an earlier appointment and I feel like crazy. Am I crazy? I feel very lazy too. I feel like my brain is empty and I cant remember basic words and I feel alone in this.Sometimes even in my head Im exhausted and I cant talk. I feel like Im on drugs. Could this be hyperthyroidism? Because my doc didnt say anything,she just sent me there . I dont know what to do. Im really scared and I feel hopeless and I just want to die. Am i  going to die or am I schizofrenic or something else? I dont know what to do at all.

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    Please don't panic x

    youre not alone, your parents are just as worried but don't want to show their panic?

    in my experience, hyper symptoms include panic, anxiety, feel like you're going to have a heart attack, and foggy brain.

    your system isn't firing correctly, whatever the reason.

    firstly, get thyroid levels confirmed by an endocrinologist ASAP 

    they will medicate or guide you, and / or send you  for more help .

    dont panic, breathe, it will get better, promise X 

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    No !! Your not mad Luvvie I had all of those symptoms and much worse feeling suicidal goes with the turf I'm sorry to say !!

    I have hyperthyroidism Graves' disease ...just you stay on here and ask all the questions you can

    Do not lose hope your Endo will likely oput you in CARBIMAZOLE which will bring you down and you'll feel much better

    Try to resist damaging your thyroid

    In any way ... CARBIMAZOLE has made me go back to normal I started at 20 mg twice a day and I'm now down to 5 mg and feeling great !

    Before .... I just wanted to die !!!

    today !!I'm happy and healthy again as you will be Luvvie ...rest and relax... eat well

    And tell your Endo EXACTLY how you feel ... Write it down ... Google it ... Stay on here ... Ask questions

    Best of luck Luvvie 🌸🌻🌺🌷🌹for you

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      I'm graves hyper too.

      ive also felt like I was going crazy, all these hormones and adrenaline flushing the system at once. My necks huge. I'm on 40mg carbimazole as I was so ill.

      now, after 5 months, I'm a little more human, but still liable to get a rush of emotions I can't deal with.

      im so hoping I'm on the up with this, that I might feel like me eventually xx

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    Hi andreea!

    Do not panic. Everything you are feeling are symptoms of Hyperthyroidism. I am hyper too and I had all this feelings. I felt like I was crazy and like I was going to die. Stress, panic, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, fast heart beating, shakiness...I couldn't think clearly, and I was depressed.

    The only thing you can do to get better is take a medicine for hyper and it will make you feel much better. I promise to you!

    There are many things that even your doctor will not tell you but it important you do for yourself. Try to understand what this sickness is, make some searches and understand the decease and how you can deal with this. Also take some vitamins like vitamin D, Selenium, zinc, omega 3. All this supplements will help you to recover faster since who has hyper has deficiency on this.

    Take L Carnitine too. It will help lower your hormone levels. Search about it and you will se how much people fell better after taking this supplements.

    Also try to have a diet avoiding iodine, caffeine, white wheat, gluten and ocean food.

    Try to eat green vegetables, Brazilian nuts, blueberry, strawberry. One good option is you make like a green juice and have it in the mornings.

    You will be fine soon. Don't worry. You are not alone. There are a lot of people out there that are dealing with hyper too.

    Keep faithful.

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      Still,I feel like my thyroxine level is still too low for these symptoms. I mean,from 21 which is the limit to 24 its not a big difference ( limits: 12.1 - 21). Im still doubting this . Today I went to my school's nurse to validate my absence papers and I told her I might have hyperthyroidism and she told me I cant have it,my FT4 is too low and I dont have that big neck thing and my eyes are fine. Maybe she is wrong,I dont know.
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      She's wrong !!

      What does she know ?

      If SHES never had hyperthyroidism .

      Blood tests will prove what you have !

      And then medication will return your

      Thyroid to normal hooefully.

      I was very bad indeed and I never had the ' neck thing ' or the eye problems !

      I also take L carnitine

      But b12 sub lingual


      B complex




      And I am trying to get off CARBIMAZOLE and stay on my supplements to keep my thyroid normal I've been really lucky as

      I have been feeling great .

      You will too ... Learn all you can

      And don't consider RAI

      or SURGERY till you know if the meds will work for you

      Good luck Luvvie ! 🌹

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      I think the nurse is wrong. I have normal neck and my eyes were great until 5 months after I was diagnosed as Graves hyper. After 5 months taking medicine and with my levels back to the normal was when my eyes were affected. doesn't matter if your levels are not too bad. If they are a little high you can feel the symptoms. Each body reacts different.

      Try to be calm until your appointment with your doctor. Be patient and think positive. Think that what you are feeling now is temporary and since you get the right treatment you will be fine.

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      I also have depersonalization/derealization and I dont know if its linked to my thyroid. I hope so. Its scary. Im pretty sure Im schizofrenic. Im very scared. Its a very hard time for me,especially because I havent slept in 3 days ( maybe 3 hours a night). I just want some answers. I feel like Im losing my mind and everything
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      Hi there! This is exactly how ive been feeling and my free t4 is 27.1 i think off the top of my head. My drs (i've been to 3) say this isnt causing my problems but i am sure it has something to do with it so i am just going to keep pushing until I get answers. Have you got any further since this posting? I know how you feel but I am sure we are not going crazy!
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