Feel like I have hypothyroidism & but labs say "normal".?

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So for a few months I've been back and forth to the doctor. I'm really certain I have a thyroid problem ( hypo). Well my dr disagrees with me and says all my labs are normal. I got my copies of my labs and with the lab ranges they are "normal" but all the research I've done my labs are technically normal or good and shows I have hypothyroidism?

My labs are tsh: 3.56

Free T3: 2.7

Tsh w/ reflux Ft4: 3.05

TPO: <1

I have like all the symptoms and feel so badrolleyes anyways what I'm getting to is I see all over online ( as I said) that I'm mild hypo and should that only some drs follow thatrolleyes

What should I do? I don't want this to continue going untreated if I have it???? Any suggestions.

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    Get a referral to an endocrinologist and ask for tests for antibodies. Google Hashimoto's disease.

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    Your TSH is slightly high, (above 2 is) enough to indicate Hashimotos along with your symptoms. Antibody tests have a 50% false negative, so a positive is a definite, but a negative doesn't rule Hashimotos out. Also antibody test results tell you nothing about the severity or progression of the disease. Hashimotos can also ve diagnosed by ultrasound if cysts are viewed. Get a thyroid ultrasound. Your T3 and T4 look to be on the low end of ranges, check the ranges. If you're on the low end for both, you are certainly a candidate for Hashimotos. I can understand why you feel crappy.

    What should you do? Get a referral to an endocrinologist. While you're waiting, read everything you can about thyroid disease. Get some good thyroid supplements, change your diet, clean it up. Go completely glutenfree, high protein, paleo style diet. Omit common allergens, dairy, corn, wheat, soy, food additives. On the dairy, you can do hard cheeses and yogurt if they don't trigger you. Thyroid disease is Ito immune, so the key to recovery is the immune system. You'll need to learn a lot about thyroid health. If you put in the effort and discipline, you'll be able to improve your health!

    It can be overwhelming, you might want to work with a naturopath or other practitioner, to get support while you're waititing for an Endo, labs, etc.

    Hope that helps!

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      I'm going to try and find another doctor because the one I have doesn't really want to refer me because my labs are "normal".

      And oh my. Is hashimotos deadly? Kinda scary if I can't get treatment asaprolleyes I don't want it doing more damage to my body.

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      Hashimotos is autoimmune disease. It causes irregular growths on the thyroid gland called cysts. The cysts can eventually become cancerous. Doctors seem to vary in their comfort level of both diagnosis and treatment. Some doctors strictly follow the fuidelines provided by the lab. Other doctors follow research guidelines that offer more precise, optimal ranges.

      Typical treatment is thyroid medication and/or iodine. Unfortunately, there is no medication exactly like what the body makes, so a lot of people find it difficult to treat thyroid disease. 

      It used to be believed that lifestyle was irrelevant, but there is now a lot of information out there linking toxicity, diet and stress levels to severity of thyroid disease.

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      Hi, just reading your reply on this forum.

      Do you have any idea about results?...

      My thyroid peroxidase AB is 372 (<34.00)

      I haven't had my other bloods tsh and t4 done for a year. Do you know if that alone is enough to say hashi??


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      My bloods are normal too however, my antibodys are really high!

      I know I have thyroid issue as it runs in the family and I have every last symptom of hypo.

      I'm also changing doctors as they have literally taken no notice of my results and insist I have lupus....

      Have a look online and maybe ask for antibody tests!

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      I have a TPO of <1 which is the antibodies I believe. It says normal but idk I still feel like I have a problem. & according to online some of my results are not in "optimal" range. So I'm not sure what else I can dorolleyes

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      Sarah, people with Hashimotos often don't have a very high spike in their TSH. This being the case, hypothyroid symptoms along with a TSH above 2 is reason enough to do a full thyroid panel, and possibly ultrasound to check for thyroid cysts.

      In addition, if you have T3 and T4 on the low end, you could still have a problem, as antibodies could lower the effective T levels, etc, 

      Really, if you're showing lowest thyroid levels and TSH levels above 2, along with symptoms, you should be able to get a diagnosis. Go to an endocrinologist and see if that offers some help.

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      Ashleigh, I checked online. Looks like a positive result of TPO antibodies can indicate a variety of autoimmune diseases, from thyroiditis to lupus and others. However, since these are antibodies very specific to the thyroid, it's hard to deny what seems obvious, which is that autoimmunity to the thyroid is either graves or Hashimotos. Since you have thyroid disease in your family, I'd start with that.

      On another note, I know there is an antibody test for Hashimotos. I have severe hashimotos as indicated by cysts, but my antibodies tested negative. You might want to check with an endocrinologist and get a full thyroid panel done.

      Alternatively, since thyroid disease runs in your family, you could adapt some dietary changes that will calm the immune system and the autoimmune reaction to your thyroid. If you read through the many posts here, you'll see that managing thyroid disease is extremely difficult and the meds aren't great, to say the least.

      Your best bet is to treat the entire body with the goal of calming the immune system enough to get the autoimmune disease into remission. Then, heal your thyroid.

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      Oh sorry Sarah, the antibody tests have a 50% false negative. So it can only be used to determine that you have a problem, not to rule out a problem.

      Also, there are many different types of autoimmune and antibodies to your own tissues, and several related to thyroid disease.

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