Feel like someone's got their hand around my throat

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Hi guys,

I have health anxiety and recently after a fluey type things realised I still had a swollen gland so I went to the docs who said I had a bit of a fever and he gave me some antibiotics to take for a week he said if the gland didn't go down I could go back and I could have a cat scan and a blood try f I wanted but he was rather casual about it and didn't seem too concerned, yesterday I finished the antibiotics and the gland is still there!

I am trying to use this as a chance to over come my anxiety by not rushing to the doctors for these tests and I'm trying to believe that im fine (the fact I didn't go to the docs yesterday is a huge step for me as usually I'd use any excuse to go)

This gland however is coupled with the fact that when I lie down I feel like something is obstructing my throat (I do have big tonsils) but I also constantly feel like I have someone's hand around my throat.. And I constantly feel like there's a lump in there, I've felt like this for the last year (since suffering with anxiety) and I must admit when I'm busy as not thinking about it I don't notice the feeling.

I would love to hear other people experiences with this feeling as I know it's a common sign of anxiety and I would like to put my mind at ease

Please help

Thank you

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    I have recently started having the strangle feeling along with the lump in the throat today was scary because I woke up feeling somebody was strangling me I then had a cup of tea and I felt a big lump in my throat move down like a dry lump iv had throat problems all day ! Xx
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    Hi Courtney, sorry to hear that you are unwell.

    When you went to your doctor and he prescribed the antibiotics, he did say that you could go back for further tests if the swelling didn't go down. The swelling has not disappeared and you are now becoming quite anxious about it, as opposed to booking a further appointment with your doctor as originally suggested.

    The best thing you can do (and should do) is to go back to the doctor, when hopefully they can sort-out the problem.

    By taking positive steps in this direction you should begin to feel less stressed and anxious.


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      Thank you for your message!

      Ordinarily I would agree with you that the sensible thing to do would be to ease my worries and go to the doctors, get the tests and put my mind at rest however I'm not sure if you suffer with anxiety yourself? But I have been to the doctors again and again about countless things that end up being nothing, when I was a bit younger I used to get stomach aches (gluten doesn't agree with me) so I worried I had bowel or ovarian cancer, i also used to get shooting pains down my arms and legs and thought I had luekemia for while, last year I was obsessed with my moles for a long time and had many nervous breakdowns about them and I went to see the dermatologist several times even though my doctor knew it wasn't nesscessary, and I was also obsessed with the fact I had double visions-several trips to a&e and several trips to the optimologist later and turns out I just have dry eyes from wearing my contact lenses, last year I was also convinced I either had MS or a brain tumour because I had tinnitus, I also have been convinced that I have heart problems for most of my adult life and have spent many many hours in a&e and several ecg's later I've accepted that I'm not going to drop dead any moment, Last month I was worried I had breast cancer, I also got three nose bleeds three days in a row and went to the doctors absolutely convinced I was dying of Ebola - whilst I was there I also did an asthma check cause Ive also been convinced I have asthma for the last five years, and now I have a swollen gland Iwas convinced that something awful was causing it,

      I'm sorry to ramble I just think it's best you realise how dramatic the smallest symptom can feel, I don't want to cause a the boy that cried wolf kind of scenario where I dismiss something that actually is bad, however I think it's time I believed in myself and didn't seek the reassurance of the doctors tests!

      But I do have my moments of weakness like when I wrote the post and it does make me feel better to here other people's experiences with the same sensation I am feeling cause it helps me validate that it is just a symptom of anxiety!

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      Hi Courtney, thanks for getting back to me.

      If it is any consolation to you, yes it is quite normal to feel anxiety from time to time. It is basically because we humans have huge powerful and imaginative brains that we tend to conjour-up all sorts of things and often blow things out of proportion.

      Once we know for sure what our problems are and have some means by which we can sort them out, then we tend to relax in our bodies a little bit more.

      In your case whilst you do not appear to have a great deal of confidence in your doctor, they really do know best and maybe you should try to trust them a little bit more. If this doesn't work you are always free to join another surgery.

      So to sum-up then, try to picture how your brain works. A simple example of this is when we come to re-decorate a room. It is our brains that determine which colour scheme to adopt because it thinks ahead and attempts to place us in that environment when it is finished. It is evidence that the brain often makes mistakes because 6 months up the line we may not like the colour scheme that it has made us chose.

      Similarly when we read a book about some fictional situation or another, don't you find the brain leaping ahead trying to work out the plot and decide prematurely whether the butler actually did it?

      This is the nature of our brains, and as such we have to be selective as to what parts we actually listen to, and what we ignore.

      If we listened to our brains all the time we would all be digging-out atomic bomb shelters and convincing ourselves that aliens had landed on earth. The simple fact is that we must be selective in what we believe based upon facts, and only facts.

      In your case all those previous fears that you had have come to nothing, which should tend to make one believe that you are a normal healthy your lady.

      If this is true, then I suggest that you should put away all these fears once and for all and start enjoying your life, and live it the way that it was intended to be lived with fun and happiness.

      All the best


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