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I really hope someone can share their thoughts and experiences regarding fibroids. I recently married and just hit 40, after TTC and failing, MRI scan revealed 6 fibroids, biggest one is 10.3cm whilst the other 5 are in regions of 2-3cm. There is only one which is within uterine cavity and is 3cm. The big one is sitting ontop of my uterus pushing into my bladder but it's not growing inside the womb but rather outwards. My consultant has suggested a myoectomy but he said he will only remove the 3cm fibroid which is growing into my cavity as he believes that is the culprit in preventing pregnancy.

I've read on other forums women TTC having all fibroids taken out so I'm confused why only 1 is being removed - wouldnt the large one just get bigger or cause me to miscarry if I did fall pregnant?. I asked consultant and he said its standard procedure that they leave the uterus as intact as possible for a woman who wants to concieve and removing all my 6 fibroids would risk excess bleeding and too much scar tissue. I can't find any person who has had a fibroid removed whilst others left in - any info or advice appreciated as my surgery is next month.

Please any input is welcomed as I'm completely stressed out with this and with other issues in my life which are making me indecisive

Thanks in advance x

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    Hi Sitaara. I recently had a hysteroscopy to have a 1.9cm fibroid removed which was sub mucosal and causing me to bleed heavily. I have other fibroids that were outside the uterus were not removed as they weren't causing an issue. My surgeon advised me that if and when these other fibroids grow a more invasive procedure will be required and with that the risk is that an emergency hysterectomy may be needed. Since you wish to have children your consultant is staying away from removing all fibroids...that would be my guess. Why don't you get a second opinion?
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    Hej Sitaara.

    I can relate to your situation.

    I’ve had problems with fibroids for… many years. Maybe 10 years. But didn’t know that it was fibroids that caused the problem.

    2011 I had 2 small hysteroscopic procedures that eliminated 2-3 fibroids within my uterus cavity.

    It help tremendously with bleeding.

    I thought it was over after that. Because no one said anything else could happen.

    But  in 2012 I was told I had a really big one – 13 cm plus a bunch of others, and I was told that I would never have babies!!!

    I met a bunch of crappy doctors and I was put on Esmya for 6 months to shrink them. Didn’t work. I became a vegan. I’ve tried every natural remedy known to man…

    But nothing helped.

    I got desperate. I want kids, but I don’t have a boyfriend and I therefore don’t really get any help here in Sweden where I live. Being single is NOT good in a situation like this, here in Sweden.

    The docs I met here in Sweden said that they couldn’t take the big one out without damaging the uterus. And also that they could only take out my big one. Not the rest.

    I was told a lot of things.

    But… I just didn’t except what they said. I felt that they didn’t know what they were talking about.

    I found a bunch of fibroid groups on FB – Check out FB groups:


    Fibroids: Removal support group

    Fibroids Medical Management Support Group

     And that enlightened my whole world. Reading about other women all over the world and what doc had managed to do for them, made me realize that there are docs that are downright miracle workers!

    So I tell you this:

    Do your homework! Investigate thoroughly, and you will find doc that can remove big fibroids and still leave the uterus intact!! A 29 year old American girl found a doc that removed 28 fibroids leaving her uterus totally intact!!!

    I had to have an embolization 6 months ago, cause that was all I could get here in Sweden.

    It worked out ok for me. The 13 cm fibroid is now 6,5 cm and the uterus is ok.

    But I wouldn’t recommend an embolization for you. Since you’re 40 and I’ve just been sooo worried that this procedure has damaged my uterus in ways they can’t tell till I get pregnant… If I can ever get pregnant.

    But again!! Investigate! Find the best doc you can find, and they are out there! And do NOT believe your doc that tells you he can only take out the big one! That’s what mine told me too!

    But I just didn’t let her, and now I KNOW that at least 3 really good doc in the USA would have been able to help me, before the embolization even, and would have taken out ALL of my fibroids.

    I just couldn’t afford to go to the US :’(

    So where do you live?!

    Good luck!! <3>

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      Hi Cookiesson,

      My fibroid has recurrence and this time is in my uterus wall. multiples of them are found. Biggest is 2cm.

      I had 25 fibroids removed in September 2014 and recently had ultrasound and found out their recurrence. Pretty shocked. Dr. said I can try to have baby now cuz I really want baby.

      Recently I also had minor blood discharge which put another pressure on me. I'm only 29 and was a virgin until I got married in Feb 2015. I hope it's not something alarming or cancerous. I will see my dr this coming July.

      Feeling uneasy thought. Wish me luck!

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    I had an open operation to remove one fibroid out of 4 or 5 ( i have been told i have few. i was told the main one inside my womb cavity and they don't was to upset my womb cavity to enable me give birth . I now on esmya tablets to shrink fibroid before my next operation ( but this is not going to be open surgery but they will use camera and try to shave as mich as possible of the fibroid as ppssible to enable conception. Just like you few weeks after surgery i was depressed and low. I still feel low most times but i have faith that i will conceive by God grace..... it is not easy been a woman with these issues and dont have an understanding partner. .

    We will be fine.. be strong. . I hope this help

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    Hi Marie,

    Good Day, it seems like my problem exactly. I have 2 fibroids and suffered from back pain until I found about flaxseeds and apple cider vinegar. My doctor was also of the opinion to perform hysterectomy but the idea did not appeal me and I searched for natural remedies. I am now continuing with my natural remedies with 2 things as my top choices - acv and flaxseeds. My back pain has diminished and I am feeling overall good in my health.

    in the diet I am avoiding meat, poultry, ordinary fish and dairy products. Taking only eggs of chicken fed on grains.

    I am consuming smoothie of spinach, kale, bok choy, banana, apple, 2 to 4 times a day. You can keep the choice of fruits versatile according to their availability. It is good that you do your searh for natural treatment of fibroid. They are curable without hysterectomy.

    I will share with you the deatils of my first ultra sound after my natutral treatment  plan. It is due on coming Saturday. 

    Wish you good luck smile



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      Hope it goes well on Saturday! Do let me know of the result and whether the fibroids have shrunk. I'm desperate to know what could help

      Avoid then growing back again.

      All the best X

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