Feel something moving in my throat/neck.

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Hi everyone , 

just wondering has one experienced something like this.

With the past few days it seems like there Is a lump in my throat which moves a little down and up.

I can sleep fine and when I wake up I feel normal but it comes on about a half an hour after waking.

I have no issues eating. In fact when I’m eating a meal it soothes the irritation I’m feeling. 

I do have anxiety and I also take nexium for stomach acid as there a

 Certain foods I eat that upset my Stomach. Iv never has the scope either as I am afraid.

Im not sure If this is acid because I don’t feel anything come up by throat (repeating).

Has any one any idea what this could be? I have attached a picture to where I feel the irritation is 

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    Hi hun I also have the feeling of the lump in my throat I had my gallbladder removed and then the reflux didn’t go away and had scope and I have gastritis. I take nexium and meds for the gastritis and it does make that feelin go away. I also know that anxiety can cause that lump feeling as well. I would talk to your dr about it. Don’t be afraid of the scope. It’s not bad at all. Your asleep for like 5 mins. That’s it. But for me this all started with finding my vitamin d was low and I took that and magnesium and then my gallbladder acted up that’s when reflux started. I didn’t have the feeling of acid coming up my throat either Hut the dr did the scope and said I have a lot of bile and acid reflux and I have a viral hernia but it’s so small I’m not to worry about it. I hope you find something that helps by always ask your dr. I had to take 2 nexium in the morning on empty stomach 1 hr before I ate for it to work good. I am now down to 1. Keep us updated. 
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      Hi Ashley , 

      thanks so much for your reply.

      i have been taking nexium first thing in the morning with the past few days but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. 

      I am going to make an appointment with my doctor on Monday. I’m just afraid of been sent in for scope as I have anxiety with been sedated or been put  to sleep and hate the feeling of been drugged as I cannot tolerate feeling dizzy or lightheaded. (Weird I know). 

      There is defiantly something wrong as when I swallow I can feel it ease off a bit but comes back again within a few seconds. 

      I have it all day since I woke and it’s very irritating 😞

      i have no other symptoms besides this. 

      Hope it’s nothung serious and you are doing well. 

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      Well when I first started nexium it took 5 days before it started working. The 2nd time I had tonincrease to 40 mg instead of 20mg. I am down to 20 mg now but yea check with the dr and give it a few more days on the nexium. I’m sure it’s probably just reflux. 
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    Hi - sympathy, I have suffered from anxiety in the past and it resurfaces from time to time. A few years back I felt like I had a lump in my throat and went to see a specialist. He had a look down my throat with a small scope that went up my nose and then down to my larynx. He couldn't see anything wrong, and I finally figured that it was bad sitting posture that was causing tension in my neck. I have a bad habit of 'gripping' with my next whilst sitting (especially when driving) and have to constantly consciously relax. This might not be what is causing your problem of course, but I wanted to mention it as it was a genuine physical pain and it even defeated my consultant. Cheers, Sally

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    Hi, I’m on Omeprazole for my acid reflux and I also felt that there was something in my throat but was ok when I swallowed. I had a gastroscopy and my blockage turned out to be mucus. I wasn’t put to sleep for it but I’m still glad I had it done because it did give me peace of mind. 
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    I registered here just to type this reply in hopes it is read someday.

    I too have this sensation of something moving around in my upper chest and throat from time to time, and have looked around for an answer but to no avail. .. That said, I say we start comparing notes.

    MY THEORY: The sensation is related to snot/mucus moving around in your lymph node system.

    Think of this snot as gooey cleaners that grab all sorts of not-good-for-you-bits from around your body and moves it to one if the exit points -- ear, nose, mouth, anus.

    Notes to compare: Thick, mostly transparent, jelly (near jell-o) consistency chunks of snot that feels like it came from your lower sinus or back of throat, but distinct from your normal spit or phlegm, especially when you are dehydrated. Lymph nodes in neck and below jaw bone and below earlobe randomly swell/enlarge for short times. Sensation can go down into chest by heart (which can cause secondary anxiety symptoms due to fear of having a heart attack, etc., but those are not related to this directly). Sometimes can drive acid reflux - especially if one is actively trying to clear the snot. As the sensation moves through head and neck, you can feel sinuses open and close/close and re-open, ears get that "underwater" feeling of pressure, heartbeat feel "thumpier" one one side of neck as opposed to the other when the "lump" is moving through that side -- as if the lump is pressing against the jugular vein as it moves.

    I recommend looking up how the lymph system connects together, and what it connects to, and try to see if the sensations line up. Also remember -- everyone is shaped uniquely, the pics you find online will be GENERALIZATIONS, and you will likely be plumbed a bit differently.

    The question i have is: What is normal? Can this be used to diagnose anything AB-normal?

    thanks, if you read this far.


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    I just read your post and this is exactly what I've been getting. I also sometimes get it right at the top just under my chin but not as often. I have had the odd problem swallowing but this only seems to be when I think about it and I think that's because I over think it so a normally automating action becomes awkward (like when you overthink breathing, it suddenly feels awkward). I also have anxiety and I wonder if its partly to do with this. I know I have reflux but I think the anxiety us making the symptoms worse the only other thing I've had is a slight burning in my lower throat/upper chest. not like heartburn though, more of a dull ache but again, it's worse the more stressed I am and the more I think about it. just to reassure you, the scope isnt that bad. I too have a hatred of feeling dizzy or out of control but it was fine. i was sedated (they said they never put people to sleep for it, just sedated) the only way i could describe it is like having a glass of wine and feeling pleasantly relaxed. xx

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