Feel Weak and have Muscle Twitching for 2 years

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I have had muscle twitching for at least 2 years now. They come and go daily but somedays its all over the body but sometimes its at one spot for days. Went to get checked up but they think its muscle fasciculation and nothing serious. I play cricket and played for scotland u15 last year so very healthy and fit.

But about 4 months ago i started to feel weak like in december its was so bad i could not even run felt like i was just going to collapse and felt like i had no energy to bowl as im a pace bowler.

So went to GP and they done loads of blood tests that came back normal. So they think i have CFS but i always had that thinking i have ALS. I have been referred for second opinion but still wating to get a letter from the hospital. Like the weakness has got better compared to what it was like in december but its still there i can feel it. I feel like im out of energy not sore or anything just feel like i have no strength to do everyday stuff. Feel weak all day every day but somedays its like i have nothing wrong with me and feel fine but somedays i wake up and dont want to leave my bed as i feel exhausted all day and cant be botherd to do anything. Also i have started to get headaces since 2 months ago they come in the morning most of the times but i have had one few weeks ago where it started at 9 and by 11 its like my head is going to burst open and its was the worst by far. But its was away in the morning.

So if any one has any idea what is wrong with me then please let me know or if you want more information. But any suggestions will be soo helpful at this horrible time im going through the age of 16 with a big dream of being a cricketer going out of my sight.

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    Parbin, could you possibly be overdoing things with your sport plus you are probably facing exam work which can be quite stressful. I've known of other youngsters of your age being diagnosed with CFS and it can be very debilitating. Is there some sort of relaxation therapy that might help? Tai Chi a s well worth considering.

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    parbin25565...you've done the right thing by having yourself checked out, but do yourself the biggest favour ever. Dont go looking up things on the internet, trying to match your symptoms. There are so many illneses with the same symptoms. Don't self-diagnose, or you could drive yourself 'round the bend!!! 

    You said your blood tests came back normal. Did the Dr. check for B12?..If that's low, you could very well feel what you're experiencing or worse. What about your other vitamins, i.e. Vitamin D? ESR?..AND...ENA & ANA? Were you tested for anything inflammatory? These are important factors in a blood test. You said you've been referred for a second opinion. A second opinion from WHO?

    Can your GP not order an EMG or NCD test? 

    Please let us know how you get on. I wish you well.

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      Hi thank you for replying i have been referred to a hospital at the cross house i think but its been like 2 months and still havent been given a letter. Its runing my carer. And im starting lose intrest on things i normally love doing.

      The doctor siad i had no kidney inflated or anything and there were other things low but they should be bad enough to cause this. Im needing help ASAP.

      Im meant to be going overseas to play cricketa november is well at the moment this is going downhill for me.

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      There was nothing low enough to cause my weakness i meant to say
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      parbin25565..while you were told there isn't anything low enough in the blood test results to cause your weakness...just the same, there are things that are low & should be boosted to normal levels. Also I mentioned a few other things that might be tested in the blood. What is especially important since you are experiencing muscle twitching are the EMG & NCD tests. You've been waiting 2 months now to get a letter..I'll assume that letter is to advise you of your appointment for a 2nd opinion. Why not get back to your GP & see if he/she can contact someone or try to find out if you can get the appt. sooner rather than later. PUSH for further testing! Also, ask for ESR (if that hasn't been done on the recent blood test). Again, do not go out onto the internet looking for things that you think match your symptoms. There are so many ailments with the same symptoms..& you can drive yourself crazy thinking you've got something horrible. 

      Once again also, if your Dr. can order an EMG & NCG he/she can get the results & go over them with you. If any of those tests are positive, you can work from there. Don't sit waiting...contact your doctor.

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      Ok i will see the doctor on monday and ask for emg test. What if thats normal
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      parbin25565...Don't just ask for an EMG test...ask for an NCD as well!

      If they're normal, insist on further investigation. My EMG&NCD tests were normal too, but I was never checked for small fibre neuropathy, no nerve biopsy was taken, yet the Neurologist blamed everything on the results of the MRI of my Lumbar& Cervical spine. The MRI was not done by contrast either, nor was my brain examined by the MRI. At the time, the Neurologist said that she felt it 'overkill' to order an MRI on the brain. Obviously because she truly believed there wouldn't be anything there, but to assume just makes an ass of everyone. You know the expression.

      Therefore, I have gone back to my family Dr. who has very recently done bloodtests & will be referring me to a Neurology clinic for a 2nd opinion. The burning in my feet, & the odd pins/needles sensations in my legs, the odd one on my face, etc...couldn't possibly be caused by just 2 irritated/pinched nerves. That's MY opinion. It doesn't make sense.

      So get on to your doctor!!!! 

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      Hi mike i forgot to metion about headaces i get them like 4 days a week from the morning most of the times or after playing sports.

      Also i have been getting these eletric shocks in my chests since like 2012 and chest pain. I had chest pain today it came out of nowhere and it wasnt interfering with my breathing just soo painful to walk and run hurts like hell when i tried to run then i stopped and took a long breaths and it went away after like 10 minutes i was playing cricket while this was happening just lucky i wasnt bowling at that time or i wouldnt have been able to bowl. So do you think there could pe pinched nerve in my chest maybe thats causing all these

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      parbin, although you addressed your post to Mike, I'm sure he won't mind me replying until he sees your post. If anyone experiences chest pain such as you experienced today, the wisest thing to do is go straight to A&E. Don't look for your own diagnosis but leave it to the experts. If you had such electric shocks in your body in 2012, when you were aged just 11, I assume your parents took you for investigation then? If so, what was the outcome? Please do go straight to A&E at the first sign of that chest pain returning.

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      Yeh i still get the eletric shocks well i noticed them in 2012 and still have them and get them like every 2 days or day to day its like a stabbing or eletric shock feeling in my left chest near the heart they only last like 1- 4 seconds.

      But the chest pain i have had many times so i went to the A&E and they did xray which was normal. And ECG test which was normal so i dont know what is causing the pain or the shocks.must be something there to cause it.

      always had a thought it ming be a badly pinched nerve or something.

      But my dad had hole in his heart so im thinking about that is there any test for checking if i have a hole in my heart?

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      Hi mike i have been given an oppointment in three weeks times its with endocrinology and diabetes guys

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