Feeling a bit low and lonely

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Just having a blip but had a few unsettling weeks, the thoughts of no one liking me are creeping in, I can’t shake this and I’m over thinking again, today my husband was being quite frankly a dick and it was the straw that broke the camels back.

I can’t help think that I have some. Sort of issues making and keeping friends and I’ve been contemplating some therapy to understand my self more and to get to the bottom of this, I feel I give a lot as a friend and don’t receive it back, maybe I expect too much I may be too intense, but there has to be something not quite right and I can’t seem to see what everyone else does . Sorry for the ramble just needed to get these thoughts out , has anyone had therapy and did it help ? Xx 

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    Kerry, I go to therapy once a week. It has helped immensely. I highly recommend it but shop around until you find the right person. That makes a big difference. I hope that your day improves. 
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      Hi Monica, thank you for this, I think it’s the next step for me to understand the psychology of why I feel like I feel, where it stemmed from etc.. Is there a certain type of therapy I need to look for ? I did a bit of a google search and I was a bit baffled as to what sort of therapist I was looking for. You say it’s helped you immensely I’m so pleased for you does it help with understanding yourself etc...?

      Are you in the UK, if you don’t mind me asking what’s the typical cost of a session , I’m going to go private I don’t think I have a hope in hells chance on the NHS xxxxx 

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      I’m in the US and my therapy is covered under my insurance. I’m a teacher and have really good health care thankfully. The sessions would be $80 each otherwise which I cannot afford. We talk about many things and yes I have learned a great deal about myself. I have also learned a lot of strategies for dealing with my anxiety and stress. 
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    Kerry im totally in the same boat almost anxiety free pretty much for almost a yr then bang the last 3 days i feel back to square one something daft triggers me when im obvs stressed but dont feel it then bang someone says a comment i dont like or take it much worse than it was meant and bang full blown anxiety cant eat cant sleep just a anxious crying wreck im on 100mg of sert planning increase to 125 tomorrow. Also just got my period today so hope thats part of it 
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      Hi thanks for this, that’s exactly how I feel and I’ve been on sertraline for 1 year too, I also started my period today and I know this has something to do with it but I am over thinking again just slightly and waking up early and I’ve started to talk over the conversations I had that day and analyse them. No where near the scale o was before 1 year ago but it’s creeping in. I have to admit t I’ve also missed a couple of doses over the past 2 weeks. I’ve been on 125 for best part of 8-9 months and I’ve been great. I think I may start keeping. Diary again just to see if it’s a one off or I need to up to 150, I also think I will look into the therapy option to help. Thank you so much it’s so good to know I’m not alone in this. How long have you felt things slipping back ? Xxxx 
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      Just saw last 3 days you have been feeling low,  sounds like we are the same person 😂 x 

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      It does sound like we r in a similar position? Do u know what triggered this bout 
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      How long have you got lol

      part of it was I have 2 girls at work I get on with quite well, both strong hard working women and they are good to work with at a recent Xmas party I came over to sit with them and some others and we were talking about work one of the girls was making a joke bout how she hated people and said that I was negative / difficult I didn’t  notably take offence and laughed it off and said to the other girl, I’m not difficult am I and she said you like things done your way.  I was shocked and felt a bit put out because I do not see myself like that and was upset that they did. It’s p****d me off and now I feel that they talk about me which I wouldn’t of dreamed of before. I then had a meeting with one of the girls at work and others and she was off with me, I confronted her after the meeting and It was fine but I also think she is massively stressed at wor.  i have come to learn to just keep my distance, sounds silly I know. Plus My job is a little unsettled with changes in the business which is stressing me out a little because my role may change which will be a positive change but I hate things up in the air. 

      My mum is where most of my issues come  from I love her I know she loves me but we are not close I tried but it’s like there is a brick wall around her and she’s only interested in her own life, I wouldn’t dream of talking to her about thus stuff.

      I was friends with a girl for years she lived with me and my family was my bridesmaid I always felt the friendship was onesided, my first wedding anniversary she purposely didn’t say a word to me after other friends tagged her in pics etc. That really hurt me and I just cut her off this was 3 years ago, we had been friends for over 20 years, I emailed her last year apologising for cutting her off , I just didn’t want to leave it another year she apologised seemed really pleasedI got in touch we arranged a meet she then cancelled and then didnt ring when she had arranged etc so I thought I’d made the first move so I’d leave it with her..... nothing , not even a like on Facebook! 

      I just think maybe there is something about me that I just don’t see that puts people off me 

      My Dad left when I was 7 I got in touch with him 3 years ago at first he was really keen to see me and he made a lot of effort then Xmas just gone I send him a card a present, I don’t expect anything back but when I called him Xmas day he didn’t even say thank you and didn’t even send a card.  It spoke volumes to me. 

      Good news is I have a great husband and 2 amazing step sons who I love my marriage is happy, has its normal ups and downs but it’s good xxxx 

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      I feel you people tell me im stand offish and they think im a b***h until the get to know me im actually caring loyal supportive more than most. My work to is a massive trigger for me. Things r a mess there just now an ideally id like to move to a different side of it but since june we have had custody of my step grandson who is only 1 i also have a little girl who is 8 my partners great with me but our life is stressful with our jobs kids and his daughter shes only 16. I have massive commitment issues i panic taking out a 3 yr car loan and have just signed papers to keep our grandson till hes 18 but i was already anxious before that by a stupid comment made abt me at a meeting i wasnt even at. I was being blamed for something that wasnt me and the manager who is new i havent even met yet told everyone that she’d b speaking to me! Oh will she now she better b ready coz if ive made a mistake i’ll openly say 3 other staff lied just to save them getting in trouble. It does sound like we have similar stories my bff has also moved from scotland to wales n i miss her so much. How long have u been on sert? I know u have said but to save me scrolling back the comments     
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      sounds like you have a lot on your plate! 

      Lots of different things going on there kids work etc.... that’s so good of you to take on your grandchild it’s a huge commitment. 16 year old step daughter sounds  fun, I have 2 stepsons 14 and 1 nearly 16 I love them to bits but my god teenagers are level 10 drama! smile I’ve been on sertraline for around 12 months it all came to ahead for me last Dec xxxx

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      Lol we could b sisters! Ive had anxiety for abt 10 yrs on and off mostly controlled every little while i have a mini breakdown! Normally triggered by something silly as i dont tend to feel stress building. R u in the uk? Im way up top of scotland its freezing here and always dark just now wont help i suppose how u feeling today im up to 125mg today and im actually ok my anxiety isnt any worse .... yet x 
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      Lol.., I’m also a northerner from Newcastle,,, pleased your feeling ok today, I’m not particularly anxious ATM I’m just mulling over stuff conversations etc...which was actually a really bad symptom for me  not letting things go, I’m still mulling over this work conversation since 20th Dec 😂! I sent an email to an NHS self referral therapy group yesterday I’d like to start some therapy to delve into why I feel this way about myself. Onwards and upwards I’ll get over it in about 3 more weeks if I’m lucky 😂😂 but that’s it they are off my Xmas card list ! Hope you manage to get your work situation sorted and thank you xxx 

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      How r u finding the sert?? I have a feeling my anxiety is gonna ramp up with this increase feeling quite anxious tonight. Been to newcatle once to the metro centre its wild!! We have nothing like that here. 
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      It’s been great for me, literally changed my life for the better, I’ve had loads of the side affects but they are worth it, I don’t get any of the side affects much now. Yeah you may feel a bit different until the higher dose gets into your system but hang in there. How about you how long you been on it and what’s your experience been like ? Hope you have a better day today xxxx 
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      Hey ive been on sert abt 7 yrs on n off since the birth of my daughter tried citalpram for a while didnt get on with it. Started back on sert abt 18 months again at 50mg then was ok for a while then upped to 100 worked fine till abt a wk ago 
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      Hi Weenett,

      I think SSRIs can have that effect sometimes.

      I was away in Spain two years ago and felt like the tablets weren't doing anything for me.

      I continued to take them and everything went back to normal. I think it's common to have ups and down now and then.


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      What did u do just carry on, on the same dose or did u increase 
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      Just kept the same.

      If you can put up with it I find time is a better healer than increasing dose.

      I wouldn't like to go above 50mg as my anxiety gets worse when I change.

      So I'm looking at alternatives like breathing exercises when I'm in a bad spot.

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