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Feeling better first days of cold


Im 2 years into the illness and noticed a very strange thing happening. When I get cold, the first day or so I feel normal. I have the cold symptoms but I feel normal. After the cold the symptoms get worse for a while though. Have any one experienced this? I have read that lot of CFS sufferers have this, Im really scared.

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  • lob12506

    Hey Lob,

    I think it's normal for anyone who has went through mono to find that colds or other viruses hit them harder for a while, I know I did find that too and it is normal even 2-3 years down the line to be feeling this - I would say this was the case for me for maybe 4-5 years where I would take colds quite bad but it didn't mean I wasn't recovered or had CFS - hang in there and thinking about you, I know these things are all so worrying.


  • lob12506

    Yes, I've read that a lot of CFS sufferers experience that too. Doesn't mean anything in your particular case though. If you are improving, then you will get over this eventually.

    • catchthebus

      When I get a “cold”, I feel like the start of the comin coming in, like sneezes, a tiny bit of nose congestion, and maybe a burning in my throat. 

             But it’s the feeling that a colds coming in, but it never fully comes and those symptoms just linger on like that, the full cold never comes in which is weird, and I read that a cold of CFS sufferers have that too, and I’m really worried about my weird colds linked with CFS. 

             At the first 2 months of my mono I had those, then they stopped, then at 3 1/2 months I had this massive setback where it’s going in a backward direction and not overall improving. And I started getting the weird colds again. Not sure what’s going on but it really worried me that people with CFS have the same symptom. Anybody else experience what I am getting? 

    • youngboy238

      Hey Young Boy,

      These kind of muffled cold symptoms can definitely be normal as part of the virus, in fact I think they can be extremely common and one of the most frustrating and persistent symptoms for many. Remember your immune system is weaker right now and it is normal that your body is taking longer to fight these things off, it doesn't mean CFS for the vast vast majority of people, it is normal for mono remember that.

      Thinking about you and hoping for a more settled weekend - message any time.


    • craig07920

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the encouragement, it’s weird because I had them at the beginning, they went away for a while, and now came back during this setback. And it feels like the symptoms flare up after I am near someone with a cold (maybe like a few days after) so I feel like I catch the cold from them, but I get these muffled symptoms and I am really worried about it because the connection between the muffled colds and CFS.  I’m thinking about you too Craig! Hoping for less pain this coming week in your back!! 


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