Feeling continuously sick with a kidney stone, is this normal?

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I was told on September 1st of this year I have a kidney stone. (Started at 6.4mm and went up to 7mm) since being diagnosed, I've suffered regularly with cramping sensations in my lower abdomen and have been feeling sick almost daily, to the point where I easily throw up and usually can't eat much. I've lost around 2st in the last 3 months because of it. I had lithotripsy yesterday to break it down and when I woke up this morning, I was constantly feeling sick from the time my eyes opened until I was loaded up with morphine, the pain was absurd as well. I couldn't sit but when I stood up, I wanted to throw up, which happened a lot today on an empty stomach. I ended up in emergency and was sent home a few hours later with oxycodene. The first two times I went to emerg after being diagnosed was owing to a painful cramping sensation in my lower abdomen and ongoing sickness. I was told twice 'it could be a bladder infection' and was given anti biotics both times. Turns out I didn't have an infection but they never look any further and just blame my symptoms on the stone. Both times my stone was in the exact same place (very top in my kidney), my stone was diagnosed as non obstructive. Since September I've been passing blood almost daily, am mostly sick and experience cramping feelings weekly if not daily. I've been to the doctors and emerg so many times and they just said it was the stone without any investigation.. Has anyone else experienced any of this? If my symptoms persist after the stone fragments have passed, they said they will investigate further. Just seems like a long time to be feeling like this and not to get a definite answer.. 

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    I have the same issue. A doctor tried to do the litho...whatever and he said it was too high for him to get to it. I was so mad. I still have it. It hurts. I cant eat sometimes and i cant work out as much as i want to because i get dizzy. I drink lots of water. I heard lemons can shrink it but I cant tell. i tell the doctor and nurses i am tired of complaining and i feel like i am not being heard. I am going to another urologist for my third opinion. I hope i can get this out.
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    I know exactly how you're feeling. I've been dealing with kidney stones for years, but I always thought I'd just have to suffer through the pain the rest of my life. But I went to a local health food store a few years ago, looking for anything to help with the agonizing pain. I asked one of the women and of course she didn't know but she directed me to some pills anyway... boy, am I glad she did. She showed me some pills called Stone Free I bought them even though they were pretty pricey. I took 3 as soon as I got back into the car, hoping and praying they would help the pain I was in. To my amazement they did. At first, I honestly thought it was just a coincidence so I stopped taking them. Until one day when I started feeling the beginning pain of a stone coming on. I got desperate once again and remember that bottle of pills took 5 and about 30 mins later the pain was gone again. I continued to take them and have been taking them pretty nonstop for 4 years now. There's been a few times I run out of them and they're sold out everywhere and I try other things... but nothing works like these. I've only ever seen about 3 stones pass, I don't know if it's because they break up or what.. all I care about is that the pain is gone. I would definitely look them up on Amazon and order them. It'll be worth it, trust me.

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      Stone free appears to work but please be careful if your body is making stones a lot you have a underlining issue

      Please get it checked out there is a lot of different kidney stone illness you can get

      Sometimes these natural remedies can make stones more.

      It's good in short term but not long term

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    Oh my goodness! Thank you for this post! I was diagnosed with a large non obstructing kidney stone over a year and a half ago. I even had surgery to try and remove the stone, but they could not reach it because it's in a "canal". I've had a check up appointment in the last 6 months and it has grown to about 6.7mm. But my new doctor didn't want to do another surgery. I've been having terrible pain in my right kidney off and on for about 9 months. In addition, I've always developed terrible nausea almost every single day, usually at night. I think I need to find a new doctor. I've never had a kidney stone before and have not developed any new ones surgery once this so I don't know exactly what is the cause of this stone. It is seems frustrating having doctors tell you that the pain and nausea is not from the stone. Then what is the excruciating pain in my right kidney from?! I think it's causing problems because its so large and continues to grow. Anyway, thank you for this post and making me feel like I'm not crazy!

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      I would get a advice from a second doctor

      The stone could be moving around giving you pain

      Nausea and pain is a sign of it moving in kidney wanting to pass.

      You need to get scans to see where it is situated now

      I have stones all the time due to medullary sponge kidneys and they give nausea and bad pain when they move inside kidney

      Please if you are bleeding a lot to seek medical advice as it be blocked or on its way down

      Our bodies can pass 7mm up but can cause bad damage to many so if it's growing keep an eye on it as the sooner it's out the better for you

      Good luck

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    Hi Catherine,

    Sorry you're going through this. I have a kidney stone which was discovered when I went to ER with pains in my abdomen, nausea answered blood in my urine. After the kidney stone was discovered the nausea and abdominal pains continued, for me those pains were like bad menstrual pain. I visited my Dr a number of times complaining of these symptoms, which started in September 2016. In January 2017 my Dr moved on and I saw a new Dr. She suggested I have an ultrasound of my whole torso, and discovered I have a gall stone! I was referred to a specialist who said the only relief would be to change my diet, which I have, but ultimately I'd need the gall bladder removed. 1 year on from the onset of symptoms I'm waiting for elective surgery.

    I found that prior to seeing the new Dr, everyone was totally focussed on the kidney stone. Because of that narrow view the gall stone was missed for so long. Your situation sounds so similar to mine, I hope you can get some answers. In the meantime if you take fat out of your diet that will help tremendously if the nausea and stomach pain is gall bladder related. Good luck, and take care.

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    I’m having very similar symptoms to you and would love to hear what happened! Any updates? 
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