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Kidney Stones

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  • Marko23 2

    Ileal Ureter Creation/Reconstruction Complications

    I had an Ileal (small piece of my small intestine) ureter creation 3 months ago.  Because of a stone stuck in the ureter for awhile.  Long story short.  Has anyone here ever have this done?  The problem I have is chronic pain.  The Urologist wants me to see a pain management...

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  • sarah87162 6

    kidney stone and utis

    Please someone HELP! I have as large kidney stone. I saw a urologist in Cheltenham last month. He said it would be very difficult to get to the kidney stone as it is in a very awkward place. However he said he would consult with a colleague in Bristol. The next week I had a phone call from him saying...

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  • selphie85 3

    Is my kidney stone back?

    At my age around 25 yo, I had my first kidney stone attack and rush to ER. Dr told me the stone already go down to bladder and asked me to pee out. It tok few days to pee out... Now i age 32 yo. 2 weeks ago, i get sudden pain on my lower left flank side.. the pain different from my first kidney stone...

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  • natelocc787 1

    Chanca Piedra luck? Had this stone almost a year...

    In January they said it was 7mm and too big to pass. They required my $5500 deductible up front with no payment options to blast it. That kind of money is no option for me. My pretty consistent pain is in my back right side, groin/ abdomen and mainly in my right testicle. There are days where the pain...

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  • nailuj67748 1

    Stuck Kidney Stones for Months

    I have a 5mm Kidney Stone. Pain was mild when it first started (I went to the ER because I was more scared and didn't know what it was than in pain). It hurt, but I was overall lucky with it. However, after visiting a urologist a week after it happened, and he told me how low of a chance it had of...

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  • annika58048 1

    Kidney Pain

    I woke up this morning with a mild pain in my left flank area, which I believe is coming from my left kidney. I didn't think much of it at first, but soon I started having waves of excrutiating, stabbing pain in the same area. The pain would then ease up for 15-20 minutes, and then suddenly hit me...

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  • jac33 3

    Kidney stone pain lasting months. Is this normal?

    Hi there, I was diagnosed with kidney stones in March, having quite a few in my left kidney. I was hospitalised. The pain was inbearable as one was trapped. Although, I didn't notice any passing of stones. Anyway, since then I've had twinges in my back and groin area and lower abdomen. ...

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  • vikas 14688 1
  • brittany17229 2

    Chest pain after cystoscopy removal of stone and stent.

    I had a surgery to remove a kidney stone, and they placed a stent in... the night after the surgery I started feeling short of breath, and was having pain from my pelvis up to my kidney. This pain will be shooting sometimes stabbing pains they removed the stent a week after and I thought the pain would...

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  • tj268 3

    kidney infection???

    Hello, I am a member here on Sjogren's, & Hidradenitis but this is about something different. I have been prone to UTI's and in April had back to back terrible ones which took several AB's to clear. My last 3 urine tests show minimal bacteria. Not enough to count for a UTI. For the past...

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  • cameron66719 1

    Failed Lithotripsy.

    Hello- Recently had lithotripsy done for a 4mm x 9mm (calcium oxalate) kidney stone. An X-ray was taken before the procedure showed the stone was in the middle of the ureter. Upon waking after the procedure, I was told the doctor pushed the stone back up into the kidney, lithotripsy was performed and...

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  • Steph9283 2

    PCNL Surgery...Any advice greatly recieved.

    I am due to go in for this op shortly for 19mm(prob bigger now)stone. I have had other surgery for stones but never this. Obviously i know what they are going to do and that its far more invasive than other methods. Have read so much conflicting advise about how long in hospital/recovery time/pain management....

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  • kirs 2

    Tomorrow is the day

    My PCNL is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is my left kidney and then I go back for the right one. Bilateral staghorn stones. Fun times! Wish me luck.

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  • akhil45269 1
  • BSquared 2

    Temporary pain relief for kidney stone pain.

    Lie on your stomach.  It seems simple but I was in horrible pain and went in for a CT Scan.  The tech said several kidney stone sufferers felt better when they lay down on their stomach for the scan.  I did and it worked!! I was almost pain free within half an hour.  Went in for surgery...

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  • michael60930 2
  • saravanan123 1

    Disodium hydrogen citrate for kidney stone ?

    Hello !  I have a 5mm stone in my left kidney .  Through a post in facebook , I got to know that Citralka ( Disodium hydrogen citrate syrup ) is effective for curing kidney stone . Can anyone plz tell if this medicine is really helpful . If so , whats the precribed dosage for this ? Thank...

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  • DanieRN 1

    Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease Complication

    Hello, I'm hoping to learn more about MSK and possible symptoms. In 2013 I passed 2 stones and was told I had multiple small stones in each kidney. I was instructed to drink more water. Fast forward to 2015 (29 years old) I broke my back when I slipped on my stairs. The compression fracture kept...

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  • lisa39965 1

    Stone back in kidney???

    Husband has a 5mm stone and the doctor is not being very helpful. He went for an X-ray yesterday and she said that it looked like the stone had been in the ureter but was back in the kidney. She was unable to give me reasons this happens and simply said sometimes that just happens. He's going on...

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  • elaine55965 1

    Help... I think stones are still in kidney but causing pain

    About a year and half ago I had two stones blasted and removed at two different times. Both were 6mm. At the time I had 5 more stones all at least 6mm +. Now I've been having pain in my side that comes and goes, is pretty unpleasant, but not unbearable like the ones that had dropped in my ureter...

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  • christy23368 1

    Kidney pain

    I had a kidney stent put in one day ago on my right side after a rather large stone was busted up by the laser is it normal to hurt really bad in my right kidney after I urniate

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  • debbie23753 1

    Had kidney stone removed and when eat need toilet.

    Had kidney stoned removed 3 weeks ago was in a lot of pain afterwards, now if I eat about 20 minutes later I have to go to the toilet as food is going through me. Has anyone else experienced this? I had the stone blasted inside and removed and have passed 4 little pieces.

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  • danilovepink 2

    Removing stent myself! How much pain should I expect??

    Hello, I recently had a uteroscopy done and had 2 small stones lasered and removed. The surgeon put a temporary stent in with a string hanging out and I have instructions to pull it out myself on Wednesday!! This sounds very scary and I am wondering if anyone has removed a stent on their own and how...

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  • MsM81 3

    6mm Kidney Stone - OUCH!

    So what was initially diagnosed as gallstones, turns out to be a lovely little 6mm kidney stone. I was diagnosed with this on Monday after having a CT scan. The urologist informed me that the stone is very close to the entrance to the bladder. He took new bloods (previous bloods were taken last Thursday...

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  • jnarthuna 2
  • mindypoo 1

    Post op pain from kidney stone op

    Hi all. I had a 4mm stone removed via laser last Monday. It just wasn't moving and was causing so much pain. I had a temporary stent in for a week and had it pulled out in Sunday. My post of pain was excruciating I had 3 shots of morphine before it went away. Then on Sunday night the pain again!...

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  • michael60930 2

    Passing 5.8mm near bladder

    I did litho on a 10mm stone a couple of months ago, and the last xray shows a big 5.8mm chunk in the ureter near my bladder. The urologist thinks it may have been there for a few weeks and he's booked me in for another x-ray in two weeks. My question is, is there any way to try and give this stone...

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  • elizabeth03619 2

    No pain passing stone??

    Just wanted to share what I've tried to help me get through my last 2 stones. The past 2 times. I've bypassed the excruciating pain and the stone went straight to my bladder. I started to feel a lot of pressure like if i have a UTI, as soon as i feel this i take a Flomax and a Macrobid pill....

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  • brittney1 2


    I've been diagnosed with kidney stones. I think I may be trying to pass one! This is a weird question but do you get clitoral pain when passing one? If so what does this mean? Is it almost out?

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  • michelle03974 2
  • cait46869 2
  • angela46352 3

    Kidney pain relief after lasering and stent pain

    Hello. I just wanted to tell of my own experience. After laser procedure for kidney stone removal I found that this time I was in a lot of pain. The hospital gave me morphine and paracetamol but that didn't even touch the agony I was in. They then suggested Voltarol suppositories. (Diclofenac Sodium)...

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  • Luna Sea 1

    CT Scan miss some stones?

    I went to the ER during the wee hours of this past Friday morning for labor - like pains that I suspected was a kidney stone passing. I had my first kidney stone a year ago that was large and it had to be treated with a lithotripsy, so this was my first experience with "passing" one. The nurses...

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  • ninw15 2
  • sarah87162 6

    Kidney stones, urinary tract infection.

    Please help. I have a large kidney stone. The complication is that I also have horseshoe kidneys (they are joined together). I have already seen one urologist who referred me to a consultant who I have also seen. This consultant agreed (I thought he did!!) to remove the stone surgically but said he wanted...

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