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  • elizabeth03619 2

    No pain passing stone??

    Just wanted to share what I've tried to help me get through my last 2 stones. The past 2 times. I've bypassed the excruciating pain and the stone went straight to my bladder. I started to feel a lot of pressure like if i have a UTI, as soon as i feel this i take a Flomax and a Macrobid pill.

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  • brittney1 2


    I've been diagnosed with kidney stones. I think I may be trying to pass one! This is a weird question but do you get clitoral pain when passing one? If so what does this mean? Is it almost out?

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  • michael60930 2

    Passing 5.8mm near bladder

    I did litho on a 10mm stone a couple of months ago, and the last xray shows a big 5.8mm chunk in the ureter near my bladder. The urologist thinks it may have been there for a few weeks and he's booked me in for another x-ray in two weeks. My question is, is there any way to try and give this stone

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  • michelle03974 2
  • danilovepink 1

    Removing stent myself! How much pain should I expect??

    Hello, I recently had a uteroscopy done and had 2 small stones lasered and removed. The surgeon put a temporary stent in with a string hanging out and I have instructions to pull it out myself on Wednesday!! This sounds very scary and I am wondering if anyone has removed a stent on their own and

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  • cait46869 2
  • MsM81 3

    6mm Kidney Stone - OUCH!

    So what was initially diagnosed as gallstones, turns out to be a lovely little 6mm kidney stone. I was diagnosed with this on Monday after having a CT scan. The urologist informed me that the stone is very close to the entrance to the bladder. He took new bloods (previous bloods were taken last

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  • angela46352 3

    Kidney pain relief after lasering and stent pain

    Hello. I just wanted to tell of my own experience. After laser procedure for kidney stone removal I found that this time I was in a lot of pain. The hospital gave me morphine and paracetamol but that didn't even touch the agony I was in. They then suggested Voltarol suppositories. (Diclofenac Sodium)...

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  • Luna Sea 1

    CT Scan miss some stones?

    I went to the ER during the wee hours of this past Friday morning for labor - like pains that I suspected was a kidney stone passing. I had my first kidney stone a year ago that was large and it had to be treated with a lithotripsy, so this was my first experience with "passing" one. The nurses

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  • ninw15 2
  • kirs 2

    Tomorrow is the day

    My PCNL is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is my left kidney and then I go back for the right one. Bilateral staghorn stones. Fun times! Wish me luck.

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  • sarah87162 6

    Kidney stones, urinary tract infection.

    Please help. I have a large kidney stone. The complication is that I also have horseshoe kidneys (they are joined together). I have already seen one urologist who referred me to a consultant who I have also seen. This consultant agreed (I thought he did!!) to remove the stone surgically but said he

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  • aamir95979 2
  • linda93922 2
  • michelle03974 2
  • catherine99873 1

    Feeling continuously sick with a kidney stone, is this normal?

    I was told on September 1st of this year I have a kidney stone. (Started at 6.4mm and went up to 7mm) since being diagnosed, I've suffered regularly with cramping sensations in my lower abdomen and have been feeling sick almost daily, to the point where I easily throw up and usually can't eat much. I'

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  • andrewsang 1

    From colitis to kidney stones - A painful journey

    I figured I'd do a post on my experience in case some unfortunate soul goes through the same experience. It is rather long so forgive me. Back in 2010 I started having pain on the lower left abdomen. I wasn't quite able to describe the pain. I'm not sure I have a clear memory of the pain right now

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  • constance86 1

    Right flank and abdominal pain for over 4 weeks

    Hey guys I need some advice. I was hospitalized back in October 2016 for extreme pain from my right kidney and was told it was swollen and signs of blockage. After a few hours of fluids and morphine I was sent home. A few weeks ago I noticed right flank pain but it hasn't gotten to the point of

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  • Mareea2009 2

    I keep getting bladder infection - Is this could be kidney stones?

    I'm totally sick of getting bladder infection for last three years and have tried very hard not to get them by drinking plenty of water, cranberries juice/tablets, stop drinking alcohol and go to totilet straight after I was getting antibiotics 3-4 per a year but just for this year - 3 times already,...

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  • brittney1 2

    Please someone help me!!!

    I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I've never passed one., right now I am feeling pain in my butt and groin and a dull ache on my side and under ribs? Is this normal! ? The pain goes from my butt down to my back thighs and groin area??

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  • djsp 1

    Bleeding from kidney stones

    I went to the ER on 11/20/16 when I woke up and saw blood in my urine. They gave me a CT scan and saw multiple 4mm stones in the lower poles of both kidneys. They said that they didn't see any stones passing at the time. I did experience pain in my left side while I was there, but that only lasted

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  • sarah87162 6

    kidney stones and uti

    I have a huge kidney stone. I am under a consultant at Hereford but no date for having it removed yet. I keep getting urinary tract infections and having to take anti biotics. This has been going on for months now and uti's are not going to stop coming back until the stone is removed. Have been to

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  • Steph9283 2

    PCNL Surgery...Any advice greatly recieved.

    I am due to go in for this op shortly for 19mm(prob bigger now)stone. I have had other surgery for stones but never this. Obviously i know what they are going to do and that its far more invasive than other methods. Have read so much conflicting advise about how long in hospital/recovery time/pain

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  • jnarthuna 2
  • alfredtibets 1

    Pain from kidney and abdomen

    Hello, this is my medical story. 5 years ago. Started to have pain between left iliac and hypogastric regions, occasionally during the day 3 years ago. Pain became very sever so that I couldn't stand up and in the evening I had to lie down for a couple of hours every day. Decide to start

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  • ysaeen81373 3

    have I got kidney stones

    Km Reay STRESSED ME I think I've got kidney stones I have chills in my back but I can pass urine easily I don't have pain in kidney but I have back does that mean I got stones. I'm very stressed

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  • Les171091 2

    Kidney failure?

    I suffer from kidney stones and recently I've been getting a pulsating feeling from my side right lower back. I also suffer from anxiety so may be overreacting but dunno if I should be worried or not? I don't have any pain but I'm concerned it's an organ when it could be just my back muscle or something?...

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  • Gabarello 2


    Im 19, female. The past year I have had 3 kidney stones the biggest being 5mm. Anyways this past month I havent felt good. frequent urination with little coming out. Side pain and stomach pain(usual kidney pain) but have been hesitant to go to the doctor because I have no insurance. About 2 weeks

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  • jagdish 27062 1

    kidney stone

    Sir , i am suffering kidney stone from 4 years. 4 year ago i had two stones of 7 mm and 8mm and one has passed through and other not. from starting of of my stone disesas, i am suffering daily pain.  Presently in my city scan, there are multiple small stones and now i am suffering burning sensation

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  • angela46352 3

    Sepsis from a kidney stone!

    Hello. I had another kidney stone block my ureter on my left side just after Christmas. I went to the hospital A&E with pain and was sent home to come back for a scan in the morning. Had awful night abs was relieved to be going back to hospital in the morning but by that time I was also throwing

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  • mike12955 2

    Stents and kidney stones

    I was rushed into surgery 6 weeks ago with 5 kidney stones 3 of which were blocking both tubes . I initially had a ureteral stent done on my right kidney but after 4 hours trying they gave up and a day later they performed a nephrostemy ( scuse spelling ) .. long story short i was catheterised for ,

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  • Mandiemoo 2

    Kidney stone treatment

    I had a 10mm stone imbedded in my left kidney in September. Was stented for 6 weeks then the stone was blasted and then restented again for a week. Was in complete agony the whole time til the second stent was removed the first week in November. Since then been fine until about 3 weeks ago when I

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  • kirs 2

    PCNL experience

    I am scheduled to have PCNL on my left kidney for staghorn kidney stones in a couple of weeks. Both kidneys are affected. I'm having a hard time finding information from people who have had it done. Their story, success, complications and anything I should be aware of. I'm scared of course

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  • crystalmae 2

    Upcoming bilateral ureteroscopy w/ Stents

    About 3 weeks ago it was discovered that I have dozens of stones in both kidneys and am miserable. It is my first experience with stones. I have been unable to pass any stones despite my following the doctor's instructions. On Tuesday, he is going to do bilateral ureteroscopy to remove all of the

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  • linda27376 1

    I've been in agony for 5 days now.

    Ive been in agony now for 5 days after my kidney stone lasered and a stent put in, the horrible pain is when you urinating, can someone tell me how long do I have to suffered from this excruciating pain, I feel so hopeless just laying down for these last few days because of the pain 

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