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Hi all, i'm looking for some advice please. I've been told i'm probably going through the menopause (I'm 51) and my periods have been all over the place for a good 6 months. My problem is that I've bled for 33 consecutive days and when i did stop bleeding, it was only for 2 days. It started again 4 days ago. Basically out of 39 days, i've bled for 37 of them. Please tell me this isn't normal, or even if it is that i can get help from my gp. I'm so depressed and down about it. I'm scared to go out incase i "Leak". Sometimes it's so heavy that i have to change my sanitary wear after just half an hour. I lose quite big blood clots too and when i do, I seem to have a heavier rush of blood.

I really hope there's light at the end of the tunnel and this isn't how it's going to be    [sad] [:'(]


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    Hi Geraldine, I am 45 and have just begun with peri menopause, or so I think. My period hasn't come at all in June and have all the signs of PMS. Bloating, painful breasts, depression, etc., but no period. I don't look forward to how this will all evolve. Sorry to hear about your symptoms, but a good friend of mine has also been having problems with continuous bleeding. Her doctor had to give her some medicines to stop it, and it has helped. But today she told me that she has been bleeding again for the last 2 weeks. The doc also gave her iron pills to make up for the blood loss. I'm sure your GP will be able to help you to stop the bleeding. Hang in there! :-)
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    Sorry your having a hard time.  Nearly 2 years ago I bled for 53 days then stopped for 5 and bled again for another 7.  It was so heavy and clotty as well.  Since then my period came every 3 weeks until a couple of months ago when I missed one and then had another heavy one that lasted about 4 weeks.  Then the last one was late and so far has lasted for 2 weeks, it is heavy and clotty and shows no sign of stopping.  I have been told by my gp that it is normal and have been given iron tablets.  It is really starting to depress me, I don't know when I will stop bleeding and when it will start again.  I just want it all to stop.  Like you I don't want to go out incase I leak, it makes work difficult. 

    I can't offer any advice, but just wanted you to know you are not alone and that it must get better one day.

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    Hi Geraldine

    I had a very similar experience to you last year. I work away from home a lot and was finding it really difficult to manage. I had a bit of a breakdown with anxiety and depression as well. I had a Mirena coil fitted in February and it's totally transformed the bleeding. Ask your gp about it. Well worth a try of you're able to have one.

    Take care

    Anita x

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    Hi. I'm 52 and still have my period, sometime very heavy  and very bad cramps and have to stay home, last year on December 2014 my doctor advised I needed a d and c surgery ( dilation and curettage ) because of my heavy bleeding and I also had a fibroid that was making me bled between periods. After surgery I didn't had a per. For 4 month and now I'm staring again but is not has heavy and painful as before. Menopause sucks. In this month I had my period two times already I also want this to be over with. Sorry I couldn't be so helpfull . We are gonna get over this soon I hope 💕
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    Hiya. Welcome to the Peri Club - all new members welcome :-) !!

    Don't ya just love that heavy bleeding?!! I sympathise as I've always had heavy P's (old-school Coils - great contraception, murder for passing 'chunks' tho' urghhh!) but can finally see things are changing - slightly for the better - for me this year.

    At 54, I'm still getting P's. I was, until earlier this year, as regular as clockwork. Hardly had one in May so was so excited:-) ....... til I got one in June. sad

    As you're a bit younger than me, it might be wise to have a chat with your GP. I believe heavy/clotting to be expected now, but maybe they'll offer you something to lighten the bleed.

    Maybe even talk about all the HRT options available to you...was that a pig that just flew by?!!!:-) :-)

    I hardly ever go to the Doc, so I'm not the best to advise you really. But I have 3 sisters, all post-Meno, and all had gynae issues. I did take some TRANEXAMIC ACID for a while in my late late 40s, which was great for lightening the bleed=no clots:-) . Stopped taking it after a year to see how things were without it = much lighter. Probably due to natural changes in me by that time.

    One sister had a scan for fibroids (2 x sml ones). Had a UTERINE ABLATION, and not only did it stop the heavy bleeds, she didn't less again!! Worked for her, but not for all. Have a little read up on it.

    You'll get some great advice on here, so don't feel alone. We talk about everything - things you wouldn't with mum, sister, and least of all your ol' man (most of them just go ashen and their knees buckle at the mention of aTampon as it is!). Its very reassuringly to know the 'sistas' are there to offer advice.

    Oh, as for the fear of 'leaking' - I find a warm shower before bed strategically 'aimed, sorta acts like a douche, and clears out any, Emm,, chunks!!! Probably not great for all but works wonders for me as I can't stand the mess of it all. Don't even start me on the smell - I get paranoid that I can smell 'it', so think everyone else can too!!

    I've never had UTIs etc - might be due to using feminine soap-free washes. That'd be all I'd bloody need!)

    Cheer up G, you've come to the right place. As you can see, we're all in this together:-)


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    Hi geraldine

    i bled for 21 months in early peri ranging from heavy/flood to normal, to light to spotting without a break, i was lucky if i had two days free in that 21 months, you need to see a doctor / Gyno and check all is okay..

    i had a 9/10 year peri and began early aged 39 / 40 

    i am just 51 years old and 22 months post menopause .. No HRT just supplements and Vits ..

    it can be a daunting time, but dont feel alone, we all have to go through this, stay postive and remember its a natural transistion..

    good to have routine blood tests, as i found all went haywire, now post meno i am Vit D defficient, and take supplements, and during peri my blood sugars were up and down etc ..

    also i have vit B12 injections too now ..

    take care hun 

    jay x 

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      Hi Jay,

      Thank you so much for being so helpful as always!! 

      I was wondering if you could tell me which vitamins and supplements you have taken, please? 

      It's very confusing infor. everywhere. My anxiety is keeping me at home most of the time and making my life just very, very difficult that I can't drive in traffic and work away from home.

      Any tips or suggestions will really help me. Thank you!!

      I don't want to go on HRT.

      love and hugs,



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    Thank you so much ladies for all your lovely replies. It's nice to know that i'm not on my own but then depressing that it could go on for years yet. I have an appointment to see my GP but not until 10th July, so I have a while to wait yet.

    I have a small fibroid, could that give me more problems? And also I thought that i would have to have a blood test to confirm that it is the menopause, but my GP has never suggested it. Am i mistaken?


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    Hi All, and Geraldine,

    I just joined today and SO glad I have as I thought It was just me and I was going mad!! Yes there is a simple blood test you can get to depict what ''stage'' of the menopause you are in... It tells the levels of Oestregen and some other ''proton'' and even though I am 45 (no kids), I am actually in the FULL blown Menopause! Not funny for anyone... I thought when I was bleeding consistently, It was due to stress but I was only 43, and was diagnosed with depression/anxiety..... but now know I was peri-menopausal.....and actually demanded from my doc for the test, as I KNEW something was not right! I have not had a period since last October, but also like one of the other women on here was/am suffering with severe  anxiety........endless sweating, tearful, ''smelly wee'', bloating and peeing' lots... etc.......But at least I KNOW now, that I am not going mad and others are going through the same thing! The doc told me TODAY to come on here, as they don't just hand out HRT anymore, (apparantly this just puts off the symptoms)....!!! Well he's a male doctor so I may need to see a Female next time......Who me? Mood swings?? Yep! Although I have looked at various other things...one of the main things I was also worried about was that I have NEVER had extra weight, and have gained a ''middle''...............So I have looked into Diet............ Lots of Green Veg and KALE is/seems to be a winner.....wet flannels and Ice bbucket in front of a fan at night (day aswell at the moment).... Lots of Vit B12 and Vit B compound (specifically)................. and as I have found here today, just talking and listening to others experiences helps me from going MAD!!!!!! x x We are all in this together! x x

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    I bled for over 60 days, almost continuous before I went to the gyno this week.  I prescribed progesterone 5mg.  I am not bleeding now WooHoo!  It is not that abnormal, but see a doctor.  In the mean time 800-1200 mg of ibuprofen will help slow it down.  
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