Feeling down today 🙁

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Hi, feeling rather demoralised today after my home weigh in. I lost 13 lbs on my first month only 1 lb since (week 6).

working really hard to eat healthy and wondering if it's worth staying on the pills.

so wondering if I post a typical day whether People couldn't tell me if I'm doing something obviously wrong.

so here's how yesterday went!!

ricicles with skimmed milk, an apple, egg sandwich with low low mayo and no crusts! ( although usually have a cup a soup for lunch), a weight watcher yoghurt, piece of fruit toast and jam, chicken breast, jacket potato and vegs and a handful of sweets.

cant see any probs myself, and to be honest, that's a fairly typical day.

def gonna keep going as need to but it's rather depressing me.

ajy advice would be gratefully received xx


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    Personally I would think that is pretty high in simple carbs/sugars. 

    Ricicles, yogurt, fruity toast with jam, and sweets. Thats like four shots of sugar to your system over the day. It will spike your insulin giving you a sugar rush but also make your body store the sugar/carbs as fat if you aren't burning them off. 

    Some people can get away with it, but I find that if I were to do that then my body will hold onto the weight. I have finally gotten success with Orlistat by keeping my carbs at or below 150g. 

    So maybe instead of starting with ricicles try unsweetened oatmeal or natural yogurt with chopped up banana in it. Or a smoothie with yogurt/berries/spinach to start.  Egg sandwhich is probably ok. Higher in fat but eggs have good protein and will keep you fuller. Fruity toast and jam is a nice treat but you have sugar in the fruit, the bread, and jam on top so it is a carby triple threat. Maybe have 1 slice of fruit toast without the jam, or replace it with something like a weight watchers or go ahead bar ''treat'' with like 100 cals in it.  Dinner sounds okay but again you are smacking yourself with a handful of sweets at the end. 

    Some people believe ''a calorie is a calorie'' but it really isn't. Your body will process 100 calories of protein different then 100 calories of sugar. 

    Anyway give it a go, try to reduce your carbs even just a little bit and see if you start seeing success again. 

    It is working for me. smile

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      Thanks' I hadn't really thought bought about all the sugar, the ricicles aren't my usual breakfast, maybe one or two bowls a week, else I have bagel or smoothie or a banana, depending on time!

      Think I will def be able to cut down on the sugar, not sure bout the carbs tho, over a week don't think I'm over doing those and can't give up everything 😉 

      I was looking at weight watcher and go ahead bars in the supermarket, but they r more than 5 g of fat per 100!so was choosing sweets as they were lower, do u eat those without any trouble??

      thank ever so for your thoughts, really helps to see things from a different side!


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      Don't cut all carbs just simple processed ones (muffins, sugar, most cereal). If you HAVE to have a treat then they go ahead bars are great for 100 calories. Never had any issues with them and orlistat.

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    Hi jo45964, have you had a look at the slimming world eating plan as a lot of people who are talking orlistat are following that and you can eat healthy and a lot more than you have been but it is what you eat , all fruit and vegetables are free foods and lean meat ,

    You can check online a typical week eating plan and adapt it with different types of fruit and veg and lean meat. Just a thought as you don't seem to be eating a lot but it is what you are eating.

    Even muller light yougurt are free foot and fat free so you can have them for breakfast with fruit I also have bran flakes with semi skimmed milk

    Or bacon and eggs with tomatoes and beens

    It was just a thought when I saw how little your are eating compared to me.

    I'm always eating just swapped a lot of crisps and bread for fruit and salad instead.

    Good luck

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      thank you loraine, I don't like the slimming world plan as don't understand how it's good to eat so much of everything, even if it is low fat and healthy.

      i do feel like I'm not eating a lot, but it seems to be enough to keep me full and not snacking as much as I used to which has to be good.

      trying to snack on fruit if I have to, which is new to me!


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    Hi Jo, I have to agree with the others that its probably the sugar thats the biggest problem. My GP has advised me to go as sugar free as possible & the hardest sugars to avoid are the hidden ones in bread etc. I hate to sound like I'm bossing you about but honestly cereal/bagel/smoothie for breakfast are all packed with sugar so I'd give them all a wide berth (if it were me) & swap for porridge/plain shredded wheat with skimmed milk & berries (I use frozen & defrost overnight). Bananas are also full of sugar & carbs, natural admittedly but certain fruits have higher levels than others & though they are filling they aren't the best choice when trying to lose weight.

    Bread is my enemy! I love the stuff but it doesn't love me & when I have it I don't lose as much weight so I avoid it as much as I can. I therefore have soup & rice cakes or a salad perhaps followed by a fat free yoghurt & what slimming world consider 'speed ' fruit like melon/strawberries for lunch.

    I try not to snack in the day especially as I have tea early with my 4yr old. Usually have turkey chilli or Bolognese with butternut squash noodles or wedges to keep carbs down or if I make fish/cottage pie I top it with half potato half butternut squash. I tend to have fish or chicken or turkey mince with a small amount of carbs & minimum 50% of my plate as veg/salad. My treat is pudding later in the evening - low fat tic pudding with fruit or a meringue nest with yoghurt & fruit.

    I am by no means completely sugar free or virtuous but trying my best!

    My best advice would be to mix things up a bit by not eating too much of the same food too often as our bodies get complacent & lazy. Slimming World is followed by a lot of people on the forums but you can't necessarily follow it to the letter as some of the free foods are high in (good) fats which the pills don't like e.g. eggs/salmon. They may be healthier fats but the pills can't distinguish & unbelievably eggs can each have 7g of fat so if you have an egg sandwich every day you may go over your fat guide without realising. It's a total minefield but all you can do is your best x

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      Thanks ever so much, I do struggle for breakfast as can't eat porridge or anything like weetabix or shredded wheat, so feel like something is better than nothing.

      most days I have cuppa soup, fruit and yoghurt for lunch and chicken and jacket potatoes for tea, 

      i refuse to follow diets such as slimming world, as have been down that road before and doesn't seem right u can eat loads of one food.

      i am trying to mix my food up a bit and will def look at the sugar in things a bit more carefully, feel like if I give up on fat, got to have some treat!!

      its so hard.

      did weigh today tho and lost another 1 1/2 lbs, so it is shifting.

      just not fast enough for lil ol impatient me!! 



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