feeling helpless on mirtazapine

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hello all i have been on 15mg mirtazapine since last nov which i take at night time and now im feeling like i have no control over how im feeling i just start crying for no reason then i get angry and some times just want to lay down and die never had any problems untill i went on these and don't have anyone family to turn to they are busy to notice any difference and im at the point of losing my mind will these feeling last much longer or should i go to see my GP.

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    Hi. You really need to talk this over with your GP. Obviously, Mirtazapine, or st least the dosage you are prescribed, doesn't seem to be working for you. Not every anti-depressant works on everyone. Talk it over with your GP and come back here for more support. I know the anti-depressant world can be tough. You have friends here who can help talk you through it.

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      hi steven54138 yes i have spoken to a gp yesterday and they agreed to change me back to floxtine so now im in alternat days then back on the flox perm thanks for your support

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    Hi r08574

    I was on Mirtazapine 4 14 years. It did help me to sleep I thought for about 11 years then I went into tolerance w/d and didn't realize it. I was also taking Seroquel, Gabapentin and Zopilicone at the time. I am now 21 months off everything and still having a horrendous time. I believe the Gabapentin helped with the burning body and other symptoms I am now having because that is one of the worst symptoms I'm having along with chronic insomnia (no sleep most nights and days for weeks at a time), burning brain, adrenaline surges, vibrations throughout body and head, myoclonic jerks, feeling panicky/jittery, extreme fatigue and exhaustion, depersonalization/derealization and the list goes on.

    Mirtazapine was the last one I slowed tapered from and it has been hell on wheels ever since. I was on Gabapentin for 14 years, Seroquel for 4 years and Zopilicone for 7 months. I should never have been on these horrendous poisons as I'm not a psychiatric patient and never have been. I was having issues with sleep and these now cause me ongoing insomnia. I also feel like I'm constantly losing my mind and can barely function at this point. I have no one to help me with anything and my family of origin wants me dead.

    Unfortunately doctors know nothing about these poisons only how to get us severely addicted to them and then want nothing to do with us when we tell them we are totally unable to tolerate them, have become paradoxical to them or they are slowly killing us. They just want to keep giving us more.

    I believe what u maybe experiencing could be that you are either paradoxical or in tolerance w/d from it. Mirtazapine is a very strong antihistamine and if u react to antihistamines in any way like I do (they do the complete opposite to what they are supposed to) u most likely a reaction to it in that it is no longer working for u at the dose u r taking. Taking more from my experience will only make things worse and the w/d from this poison is extremely debilitating, painful and inhumane. The longer u stay on it the worse the w/d could be.

    I don't say these things 2 scare u only to let u know what I've experienced with it. I will never touch another psychiatric drug or any pharmaceutical as long as I live.

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      Your experiences are so similar to my own i could have written your reply myself. Ten plus years on mirtazapine, unbeknownst to me had pooped out and ended up with tolerance withdrawal. Two years off them and left with chronic insomnia, high anxiety, resistant depression and the list goes on....

      i hope you find the answers to these problems, just wanted to say i am with you in these struggles, youre not alone.

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      hi barbara i have been on them since last nov for flash backs due to ptsd and just like that im crying and then angry for no reason what so ever so i finaly got through to my gp and got a call yesterday telling me to wean off them so i didnt take one last night but will have one to noght and have asked to go back to floxtine which i have been on before with no problems they agreed that i could go back on them next week so will have to see how things pan out thank you for messaging me ,Ro8574

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    sorry to hear about your struggles. I was on 30mg then 15 for about a year. was prescribed them for sleep. didn't like their side effects so tried to get off with a very quick taper. was not expecting the withdrawals! same as what you are experiencing so i got back on them. the second time I found myself wanting to get off I tapered more slowly but still not as slow as most recommend. the difference this time was i had a steely determination to accept the withdrawal symptoms and soldier on. it was hell for a week and I was anticipating it to be longer, but thank god I started to improve after that. starting with a half decent sleep. and since then I've improved to pretty good now. what i did do was carry on with my day as I normally would no matter how i was feeling. very hard but it was my plan and I stuck with it.

    i suggest plan your tapering and get ready for the struggle but be positive and you can do it.

    i will never pop one of these pills again.

    good luck. any questions I'm happy to answer as best I can. i know I am one person and it seems everyone is different but just want to say you are strong and you can do this

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    does anyone else have aches and pain,s on these mirtazapine tablets or is it just me ,struggling with every aspect of this drug

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