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tammi31 tammi31

Feeling horrible after been on the steroid prednisone

Hi all , wonder if anyone can help .. I was put on prednisone steroid for 5 days after I went to my doctor last Thursday wif a cough and slightly tight chest .. I was on 8 tabs a day and I'm sure they were 5mg .. I finished them on Monday past .. Since Sunday tho I have been feeling quite weird like my whole body is aching and I just don't feel normal my legs r the worst wif really bad pains like I have ran a marathon and feel really hot and just like i have flu I'm usually fit and healthy so to be feeling like this is making me feel anxious .. I did read that this steroid can have these effects .wish I never started them now tho as hate feeling like this so glad there finished , just wondered if anyone else had any of these feelings wif it ? Thank u X

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  • anapp anapp tammi31

    Did you just quit the 8mg or gradually reduce the mgs? Sounds like normal withdrawal to me although I would not have expected it on such a short term low dose but think you still have to wean off. Hope it passes soon

    • tammi31 tammi31 anapp

      Hi , no I didn't wean off them just got 5 days course doctor never said to go back or that so finished them on Monday I don't feel to bad today but still got sore legs and joints hopefully it passes soon thank u 😀

  • cjb106 cjb106 tammi31

    I have to take Prednisolone periodically for a different condition, prescribed 30mg a day to start (6 x 5mg tabs) and usually only for a week or two but still have to wean off by 5mg a day per week. So even if I take the 30mg pd for a week, it's still another 6 weeks before I am steroid free. Steroids can and do cause aching and tiredness. They are powerful drugs that take over the normal function of the adrenal glands and the body reacts to that. Hope you feel better soon.

  • fatgran fatgran tammi31

    Shocked  to see tammi31s post! no excuse for doctor not prescribing properly - steroids are powerful drugs which need to be carefully used. A 40mg dose should be tapered off over several weeks. As someone who has taken steroids periodically for several years, I know the side effects well, & also the regime. I have a problem with the darned things myself at the moment so will open a seperate discussion.

    • Polly J Polly J fatgran

      I have just been prescribed Prednisolone 5x5mg tablets twice a day for 10 days for Bell's Palsy. I have not been told to come off them slowly, just finish the course, should I be worried?

  • jean1948 jean1948 tammi31

    Hi Tammy,

    I can remember having the same symptoms as you after a cold and my doctor put me on a short dose of steroids like you, I can't remember the exact dosage as it was so long ago but it was a 5 or 7 day gradually decreasing dose which is what I think most doctors should really do for a short term blast, it is surprising that you have withdrawal symptoms after only 5 days but everyone is different and these are powerful drugs. . If you need any info on steroids this is a fantastic website, there are loads of people on here who have a very good knowledge of them from personal experience. Glad you are feeling Better!

  • cristina42849 cristina42849 tammi31

    Hi I'm new on this forum and same with you I'm also experiencing severe tiredness/weakness of my body especially when I went to work but after few hours I need to go home coz my body is so tired. I been diagnosed last Tuesday 03/01 of PMR so my Gp gave me prednisolone 15mg/daily called him yesterday and told him about my severe tiredness he ask about the pain but nothing changes and still experiencing some sudden pain felt on my legs and arm but after few minutes will disappear. My Gp told me to see him on Monday and might stop the steroids. Just want to know how are you after the steroids and is it the pain gone. Did your doctor gave any alternative drugs for your pain. Thanks and hope you doing well. God Blessx

  • angela009 angela009 tammi31

    Needing some help. I was given 20mg of Prednisone 3 times a day so 60mg a day for 4 days for hives. I finished them 3 days ago and i feel like i have the flu, weak, dizzy, hot red face ears neck, i can't concentrate or do much of anything.  I had asked the doctor if there were any side affects and he said no that it was just a low dose of steroid. Now i'm seeing that i was on a very high amount, and my hives are still happening. i feel so sick how long should this last? Hoping for relief soon.

    • julie24710 julie24710 angela009

      Dear angela009, I see your post is a month old so I sure hope you're better now. Let me know so I have hope. I was put on prednisone 60mg a day for four days with a taper of 40 for four and 20 for four. After the third day I became extremely ill and was no way going to continue. I am experiencing severe dizziness, nausea, head pressure (feels like it's swollen inside but doesn't look it). My arms and legs are weak. I went to work and had to come right back. What a mess. I looked up online and after 5 days or less it's ok to abruptly stop taking it (no taper necessary) but oh my that doesn't stop the effects of what's already been taken.  I feel so ill. Are you ok now? I'll never take this again ! I had no idea 🤢🤕😔

    • angela009 angela009 julie24710

      Hey julie i got notified of your comment in my email this morning, i'm so so sorry you are experiencing the same side affects i had. I took me a couple of weeks to start feeling somewhat normal i actually had to take almost a week off work i was so weak and my face and eyes had extreme pressure and puffiness it was horrible. I am still experiencing hives however so that might be the reason the it had taken be so long to start feeling better, i wasn't feeling very good before i took the prednisone so take that into consideration. I stopped after 3 days and i'm not a doctor but do not take any more of you are feeling ill i will never ever take that medicine again in my life. I still notice fave and eye pressure but it has gotten better. aeveryoke is different so don't let my experience get you down. I am so sorry again, let me know how you are doing and how it all turns out. What were you taking the medicine for? 

    • julie24710 julie24710 angela009

      Dear Angela, thank you for responding. I was taking the prednisone for constant and severe headaches and migraines. It was supposed to calm my brain down after trying so many meds and failing, and prepare me to try something else. I’ve suffered with this for many, many years but my neurologist and I thought I could explore a few more med options to see if I could get more relief than just continuing with what I’ve been doing.  It turned out to be an awful experience, but at least I found out what I was already doing isn’t so bad after all! I seem to be over the nausea and dizziness. Still suffering from very frequent headaches/migraines and the swelling in my head feeling. I was off work Thursday and Friday, and it worked out that it was then the weekend and Columbus Day, so got 5 days to recover so far but, if not for the holiday  weekend, I would have been off work a whole week too, no doubt. I am much better than I was. What a lesson learned. Thanks for your interaction. It really helps to know I’m not alone.  So, so glad you’re better. 

    • angela009 angela009 julie24710

      No problem i'm glad you're feeling a little better. I completely relate to the swelling in the head feeling that was horrible, i had so much pressure in my face, took a few weeks for that to completely go away for me but it does get better. Also, a couple weeks later i threw up and found out that prednisone is extremely hard on your stomach producing a lot of acid i wouldn't be afraid to take tums or something to help your stomach recover, i was told to take pepcid. Glad you're doing better take care.

    • mkohpredyuck1 mkohpredyuck1 julie24710

      Hi Julie, Angela and everyone,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with prednisone. I was on a 9-day course starting at 30mg down to 10mg tapering every 3 days for a sinus infection. I am  having all sorts of side effects from flu-like symptoms (chills, muscle aches, fatigue) to loss of

      appetite, stomach ache and sadness.  When I asked my friend who’s a doctor she said that the taper schedule I have is normal. My ENT is on vacation the whole time on this regimen and it drives me nuts not being able to ask questions. I am having such a hard time and i am becoming a whiner. I had two good days then most days I am just way fatigued and feel hopeless. During the bad days it’s like I’m on a rollercoaster - good one moment and then extreme symptoms. I’ve never felt this way before.  Whereas I’m normally positive and upbeat, I’m  barely functioning and it’s a problem because I have two kids.  The stuffy post nasal drip is still here - even after 8 days of antibiotics. 

      Tomorrow is my last day on prednisone and your messages give me hope that I will be fine soon.  At least with the symptoms stemming from taking prednisone. 

      - M

    • julie24710 julie24710 mkohpredyuck1

      You do have complete hope.  Give it a few days and you’ll begin feeling better - unfortunately you do have to ride it out after stopping  - there’s no quick fix sad   and in a week it’ll be behind you. It’s a terrible feeling and I’m so sorry for how you feel. You got through the full dose/tapering period!  Wondering why you wasn’t prescribed a normal antibiotic instead of prednisone.  Hugs 🤗.  hang on - relief is around the corner. Julie

    • toni06655 toni06655 julie24710

      How long did it take you to get past this? I took 60mg one day, 50mg the next, then 40mg, 30mg, 20mg and done. So only 5 days. I didn’t feel anything during that 5 days but immediately after stopping I started to feel extremely sick - nausea, diarrhea, sweating and chills, and severe anxiety. Heavy chest, sadness, almost feeling like an out of body experience. Every time I eat, I feel sick. For one day, I would be starving but my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t even put food in my mouth and chew it. I was so shaky and jittery. It’s been happening for four days now. I’ve been off them since Saturday (today is Wednesday). I’m praying these anxiety attacks are from the medicine and will be over soon - I’ve never experienced anything like this. Sunday and Monday were the worst, yesterday was better, but tonight has been bad again. Ughhh. 

    • julie24710 julie24710 toni06655

      Hi, it’s been a while now, thank God, so I don’t remember the exact amount of time, but after stopping the prednisone I still felt I’ll for about a week or more. I’m so sorry for how you feel. I know how horrible it is. Please know it will go away and I needed to hear that badly when it was me.  Let’s be grateful we were only on it for a few days. Apparently people on it for long periods of time suffer much more when they stop (can you imagine?). I felt like I was going to die! I will pray for you. You’ll be better soon. Julie

    • karen19808 karen19808 toni06655

      Sorry to ask did it feel like an out of body experience like u were doin normal things but didn't feel myself I too finished a course on Wednesday but today is Monday and I'm not feeling myself at all.

  • fiona79113 fiona79113 tammi31

    I have been feeling awful all week and got up (barely) this morning to look up food to eat after steroids. It finally dawned on me that my feeling lousy for 5 days now wasn't just some 'bug' I picked up over christmas because by now if it was a bug, I should be feeling better, but I'm feeling worse. I was given 5 days of 20mg prednisolone over christmas to help with food allergies. Now I have the worst chest infection I have ever had ( and I am usually never sick), blocked sinuses, incredible headache, nausea, and all the flu aches and pains. I thought I had just been unlucky and caught some bug but I am now realising it is the prednisolone, It is AWFUL. I was seriously thinking of going back to the GP tomorrow but after reading your comments I wonder if I just  need to ride it out. I feel sick when I eat, but ill when I don't. How long does it last? I am so grateful for all your comments and help.

  • fiona79113 fiona79113 tammi31

    Me Again. Has anyone tried panadol or neurofen to help with the aches? Too scared to try in case I get queasy and it makes things worse. Also has anyone found anything that they can eat? Thank you.

  • karen19808 karen19808 tammi31

    hi I was on prednisone steroid for 5days 40mg finished on Wednesday today is Monday could I still have side effects just don't feel like myself like out of body experience? Tink I'm going crazy please help

    • bridget28569 bridget28569 karen19808

      I feel the same way! I was on a taper for a week. I’m getting very nervous. I feel like im floating or something very dizzy like and my eyes won’t focus right. Very very tired. I just feel weird all over. I didn’t know steroids could do this stuff. I was scared there was something wrong like s brain tumor or something really serious when I started getting sooo dizzy and my eyesight got weird. Anyone else have dizzy and vision  eye symptoms?? Help I’m so scared. Sending prayers to all 

    • karen19808 karen19808 bridget28569

      hi Bridget the steroid messed with everything I'll never take them agaii can't even think straight and things I normally worry about is going over my head like A emotional and physical numbness. I hope u feel better soon. I'm hoping they wear off soon

  • angela009 angela009 tammi31

    Hello everyone, I had posted a few months ago about my horrible experience with prednisone and I'm just now seeing new posts, first of all thanks to everyone who responded it gave me hope. I wanted to address some new post to give them hope, yes it will take a while even maybe a few weeks to feel normal again but it does get better so hang in there I know its horrible but it will pass it was a nightmare for me I was going crazy.

    And for those talking about the out of body feeling I got that too, its called disrealization or depersonalization you can look it up, but of course with the prednisone it felt even scarier. Don't worry I'm so sorry everyone I know how horrible it feelssad

    • karen19808 karen19808 angela009

      Thanks Angela I hope it passes really quick I would not wish it on anyone my doctor tried to tell me the prednisone should be out of my system after a day.i just looked them up and it's exactly like that. I will never take that steroid again I'm gone crazy on it

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