Feeling horrible and alone today...

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Just need to talk and someone to tell me that they've been through this. I posted about anxiety and weight loss last night and got good feedback this morning though my weight loss was on the forefront of my mind again. My husband says it looks nice I think I look sick. I woke up panicked about the C word. That I'm sure most people fear..I went to the doctor's Friday as she wants to see me every two weeks to keep an eye on me because of my mental health. She ran blood and all seemed fine. She was actually happy withyou results. I just keep thinking maybe she missed something. Why isn't my weight loss a concern for her? I think something is wrong with my pancreas, she doesn't. We've all read stories about misdiagnosis. She wants me to stick to therapy but says I'm extremely healthy, still overweight, but healthy. My husband is getting frustrated because I'm so worked up and he's really trying. My mother doesn't understand mental health so she feels like this is all in my head and I need to snap out of it. I just feel horrible, lonely, scared, and said. I just want to feel better and be healthy. Anyone else going through or have gone through this?

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    Hello, Nai, I am new to this site.

    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time at the moment.

    Why do you thtink you have cancer of the pancreas? I'm a psychiatric and general nurse. If your doctor is happy, please explain to me why you're not.

    i can hear your frustration with your doctor, husband and mother.

    Were you very overweight? Sorry to ask so many questions!

    It's horrible to feel alone - but you're not alone, Nai. I have noticed just in one day that many people answer other's questions. That is very supportive and helpful. I know I'm the first one this time but I am sure thaat many other people will answer you soon.

    What is the problem with your pancreas? Could you tell me a little more about it? I could probably help.


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      Hi Christie,

      Thank you for responding you seemed more concerned than my doctor does. I did a juice cleanse in August and ever since then my bowel habits have changed, my stomach hurts when I eat certain things. I lost 10 pounds in August after the juice cleanse. During my height of my anxiety in September I started eating pretty healthy or not at all, having some cheat days, and walking nothing strenuous but at least walking 2.5 miles daily. I lost 16 pounds in 5 weeks. During my height of my anxiety everytime I would eat I was running to the bathroom. I noticed that my stool was lighter and would have some food remnants in it. Then my stomach burns often times. I'm on Prozac so I have no appetite and I'm still losing weight. I'm developed an aversion to food. When my doctor ran my blood work she was pleased because I am no longer pre diabetic. But she never checked my pancreas or liver. She said that my stomach was from anxiety and I probably have IBS. I've read so many stories of women misdiagnosed because doctor's have written their symptoms off to anxiety and depression. Sometimes I do have a pain on my left side but it has subsided since I started taking meds but every now and then I feel a twinge. Then I'm beginning to wonder if I'm feeling horrible because of the meds or because something else is going on in my body.

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      Oh, Nai - if you're no longer pre-diabetic then your pancreas is working fine. Are you sure she didn't do LFTs (Liver Function Tests) when she took your blood, because that is pretty much routine, especially if there was a question of pre-diabetes.

      But my dear, your diet sounds very odd. Feasting then starving - no wonder your stools are odd. I think tht because you worry so much the food goes through your intestine too quickly, which is why you can see foodstuffs in the stool.

      If you needed to lose weight because of pre-diabetes, you have succeeded. You should be happy.

      Tell me what is still worrying you, Nai? And remember, you're never alone.


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      Ever since I started cymbalta back in Aug, I had NO APPETITE. I informed my doctor & she gave me a script for Mirtapine didn't start it yet waiting till I'm off from work for 3days in a row, don't know what reaction it could have.

      I lost 9lbs in 2 months & have no desire for food....I don't know what to do.

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      Will this give me a appetite? Not sure if cymbalta is actually helping me with depression, still feel pretty down. I started 60mg Sept 29 how long does it really take to take effect?

      I would appreciate your response!!

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    Last year I got a virus it sent me into horriable anxiety and panic attacks. I lost 42 pounds in 3 months. I am overweight so this was a good thing but if I course I freaked out sure I was dying of something. Well I wasn't and now I have been on citalopram for a year and a half hours what I put all of the weight back on! Ugh just embrace the fact that your loosing weight once you level out you will put it back on then you will wished you could loose weight

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    I have the opposite problem at the moment, I seem to be getting well rounded.

    In my case I take Steriods and NSID and weight is a problem.

    If you are overweight and loosing weight and your GP is happy that is a good thing. Sometimes our anxiety on weight loss or gain we make to much of what seems a nasty problem. All will sort out soon. If you feel you need weight, I feel it is the opposite have fish and chips once a week until you feel back onto your fighting weight. I everyone is happy about it and not concerned especially your boyfriend, why worry. Your GP is watching over you so be positive of your condition of weight loss

    Stop worrying


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    I am very sorry you are going through all of this. I have anxiety and depression and a few years ago I went through a divorce and everything spiraled out of control. Anxiety and panic attacks several times daily. DiffIculty eating and focusing. During the first month of everything I ended up losing 25 lbs. I wasn't trying. I wasn't eating the best but I did go to the doctor because it was scaring me. And the doctor told me that is was stress and anxiety just pushing my body into overdrive all the time. Got in Paxil and slowly felt better and also my weight stabilized and some came back. I am now trying to lose some of it to slowly and healthily get back to where I was. I am a big guy and even at the lowest I could have lost a little more to be healthier in general. So, try to focus on positive things and try to trust your doctor. Believe me I understand that it may not always be that easy. We can only do the best we can.

    I wish you the best


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