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I'm new on here. Its 36 hours since last drink. I feel sick, hot and have a stinking headache.

Whilst I do not consume the quantities of alcohol some do I usually have between 30-60 units a week. This is usually half to a bottle of wine a night and maybe a vodka or two. I have been drinking like this for more than 20 years. I stopped for 2 pregnancies but the last one was over 10 years ago.

Is it normal to feel so rough? It's like a kind of bad hangover. I have no plan of how to quit I just know I need to stop. Is it worth speaking to my gp for assistance quitting?

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    Dear Mrs Hagfoot,

    I am the same when I try stop drinking.

    I tried again the past few days. Usually on day 3 I start feeling headaches and that's when I fell.

    So last night after more than 48 hours of sobriety I drunk 1and 1/5 bottle of wine.

    Today I feel awful with hangover and so much guilt and regrets. I shall try again from today to keep away from alcohol as I really want to end this misery so I would suggest you to take a couple of paracetamol and don't be tempted to drink.

    Good luck

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    Hi Mrs H

    i felt the same last week.  I also have been drinking a similar amount.   I woke on Monday feeling dreadful,  it was the first time I have had mind fog so debilitating that I slept feverishly for 24 hours.  I was seen by the dr on Tuesday.  I couldn't tell him about my drinking but just told him about pain in my sides and ribs. I was tested for a water infection.   I really felt that I couldn't go through another hangover .  I'm just doing one day as a time but I haven't had a drink since.  OK, I know it's only day 5 but I'm feeling better in so many ways. I feel it is a decision that I have made and that I am going to stick with for long enough to break the habit.  Things do get better. Hope this helps.

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    Yes, once our bodies (that includes the brain) have become accustomed (addicted) to alcohol over a prolonged period, you will get withdrawal symptoms. They vary from person to person, along with the period and quantity drunk.

    Which is why most heavy drinkers continue, because when they stop, they feel awful and the only thing to cure it, is to have another drink.

    There are medicatiosn - benzos (Valium) that can make the process quite pleasant to come off alcohol. Unfortunately they are prescription only.

    Sadly, your GP is likely yo tell you that he/she is not interested and go away. There is also a good chance that they will then record this on your medical records. If you were a heroin addict you would be given all the help under the sun.

    The real issue is the underlying problem, that makes people drink, stress, anxiety, boredem, routine, the list is endless. There is medication that can help, but you would need to go to an ARC, which is probably where your GP would direct you.

    My best advice in your case, is to tough it out. If you were a heavier drinker, I wouldn't recommend it, but your level of drinking should be okay. Then change your routine so you are not sitting there in the evening opening that bottle.

    Unfortunately the level and quality of help in the community for people seeking help from alcohol addiction is virtually zero. I maybe be wrong and you might have that one in a million GP, that wants to help, but if not you're failry on your own.

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      Hi Hagfoot.

      I went to my Gp two weeks ago in a dire state. Not at all willing to help at all just told me to go to my local Alcohol recovery charity (ARC). Have read some posts here that say Gp very understanding but not prepared to deal with the problem of alcohol. Mine had never heard of The Sinclair Method and when I mentioned the medication is licensed here "so look it up" it can't prescribe by a Gp has to be through an ARC.

      Look up Your local ARC, they are usually self referral but you probably have to wait with the Granny robbers and smack heads. It's the only way.

      Can't comment on your physical symptoms.

      Just keep trying.

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    My best advise is to keep going thru these uncomfortable feelings...you have some sober time under your belt...if you keep going it will get better..if you go back to drinking you are only restarting the cycle...

    Take headache medication..drink lots of fluids (usually headaches are from the dehydration of drinking)...eat what you can...rest if you can.

    If you have a benzo around..take it..if you don't have a benzo..take something that will calm your nerves..like a supplement...of Magnesium if you can find it where you are...do whatever you CAN not to drink and within another day or two you will be glad!

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    Dear MRs Hagfoot. Yes , dehydrated is right and you will feel rough. Assistance yes but great theat you are decided to change you life for the better!! Robin
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    Thank you so much for all your replies. I've been for a long bracing walk at the beach and have put a healthy dinner on. The fresh air has helped.

    Just been through my drinking diary and have seen that the last few weeks I've been drinking around 70-80 units a week - such a big jump - perhaps that's why I'm feeling I need to put an end to it? Plus the fact that I have a stomach ulcer which keeps flaring up.

    Taking your advice think I'm going to try to find somethings to distract me in the evenings, I've lost interest in absolutely everything other than drinking after 8pm. Not to meantion the sneaky vodkas whilst cooking dinner as everyone thinks it's water 😳I'm just frightened of the urge to drink coming back and how I'll handle it. Anyone any views on AVRT?

    Don't think AA is for me? I don't buy into the disease theory. Gave up smoking 17 years ago using Allen Carr method.

    Anyhow waffling - thanks again.

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    Hi Mrs H

    Your story mirrors mine! I have slightly reduced over last few weeks so am now aiming for this coming week to be my last. Allen Carr has also done a book on alcohol - may be worth a read if it worked for you with smoking.

    Good luck!


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