Feeling iratable will fluoxetine help !!!

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Hi every one 

Back again, well it's been 8 weeks now on this fluoxetine, never thought I'd ever get here, as every was a battle, hoping as each day passed the next would be good, doc put me on this as bad depression and I suffer with feeling really bad irratabilty, more so at night that this stops me from sleeping, or getting to sleep..

I can't keep still in bed, kicking out with my legs, and up and down out of bed wishing it would just stop, and let me sleep, I can feel it as it's in my blood going around my body, it drives me total mad, 

During the day it's there if I sit down to relax my leg start swing or foot tapping, and I'm able to sit still, so I try to keep my self busy in the day time to help it, but at night I want to relax but my body won't let me, Iv tried meditation that I try to listen to when in bed, but it don't seem to help me ...

Fluoxetine as settled my depression down  a lot, since the doc up it to 40mg, I'm due to see him next week, and I think he up it again to 60mg..

Which I don't mind as I didn't have any side effect when I went from 20 to 40 just better moods so I was pleased with that..

I'm also going through menopause and have now for past 2 years and think the irritated started then and just got worse, I can't go on HRT as I had blood clots on my lungs, so they say nothing I could have..

As any one felt this way? And will fluoxetine calm my irritable down in time, as I know 8 weeks is still quiet early for me to get the full kick in of this drug , is it just a mater of sitting tight and waiting as it will work at some point, or will I need to ask doc for some thing to help just with irritate at night, ????

But I don't think he wants to give me any thing as seems to be waiting for fluoxetine to work first, as he said it will...

It's just driving me mad, that I don't have any control over this alfull irritability and can't stand the nights any more..

Any help out there?? or answer ??I can take on board befor I crack up lol ... is this just normal what I have to just put up with, or will fluoxetine stop it in the end...

Any help would be great full 😞X

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    Poor Girl, My Heart Goes Out To You. I Think 8 Weeks Should Be Long Enough To Kick In. After Another Month Maybe Try Another Medication Possibly. Never Give Up and God Bless You.
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    I have felt the same with a low dose of another drug. It's awful.  Give it a while longer. Is your doctor a gp or a psycharist?

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      Hi Nancy 

      It's my doctors who is treating me (gp) is it worth going up to 60mg do u know? The depression is not to bad at the mo, fluoxetine seems to be working for that, it's the irritability that's alfull, drives me mad at night, just not being able to keep still, so then I can't sleep..

      My doc thinks it will go with taking fluoxetine that's y I think he will up it to 60mg when I go next week and I tell him what's still going on..

      I'm hoping it will do the job, but not sure how much more I can stand this feeling, as been going on now for around 2 yrs, seem to be since the menopause started that's all I can think what's courses the irritability, I was fine b4 then x

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    Hi.. 8 weeks is way to early yet! I am in good old menopause as well and have been on 40mg for over a year now. It was only at the 7 month mark that I really started to balance out and have less bad days than good. Now on a rare day do I feel a bit off but nothing I can not handle. It does get better but remember we are also fighting the battle with the hormones so what you may think is because your meds are not working may actually be that they are working but it is hormones playing up and needing to balance out.
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      Hi there 

      Thanks for replying, how do u balence things out? Just wait for menopause to stop? It's been 2yrs now, the hot sweats have calmed down a lot, but still have them now and again, it's the irritability that drives me mad at night, as can't keep still, Iv tried different things to take my mind of it, but it just don't work, in the day time, I keep busy so helps a lot, it's just when I sit down to relax or worse in bed, it can take up to 3 hours to finely fall asleep, then within the hour I'm awake again, and all starts again 😢

      The doc will only give me 28 days of sleeping tablets, but once that's done I know my sleep will go back to being alfull again, so I can't see the point in havin sleeping tablets, for a short time, knowing u will be feeling bad again soon

      Maybe I just have to hope that fluoxetine will stop my irritable and then I'll be feeling a lot better lol...

      I'm not coming back as a woman next time lol 😬 X

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      I hear you!! I do not think 60mg will help as it sounds more like hormones as I have the same thing.... never get a solid sleep... hot and cold... toss and turn... drives me nuts!

      When that happens I get out of bed and do something to try and take my mind off. I would rather be productive.

      I also find doing exercise at night helps me. I am one of these people who does not get energy from exercise... it makes me very tired!

      Also not eating to late helps.

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      Hi there 

      Yep I think your right, it's all to do with menopause ( what woman go through ) I think doc will higher fluoxetine to 60 as even tho my depression is like levelled off, it's not quite there yet, and I know last time I saw him, he was saying about going up to 60mg so we will see...

      I use to be on trazadone for 14yrs 300mg and worked great, and abled me to sleep good as well, but my body seem to be going against the drug, and could sleep any more, so doctor thought time for a change , so this fluoxetine is now what I'm on...

      The hot sweats have slowed down a lot thank god, the fluoxetine seems to be helping my depression, so just this irritability that's driving me in sane, I live on my own which is a good job, as think if some one was with me at night, we would head for divorce lol, can't stand any one with me at night..

      I'm like you exercise does not give me a buzz, I use to do the gym every day, but always came home drained, did not give me a buzz, but since havin blood clots on my lungs that had to stop..

      I take my dog out for walk every day, and it kills me now as can't get my breath any more, hospital is waiting to see me as they think my lungs have scared so my breathing won't get better just walking up the stairs to bed takes my breath away...

      So can't do a lot of exercise now .

      I don't really cooked dinners with living on my own, and by 6/7 I don't eat after then as well..

      Looks like Iv got to sit it out with this irritable, unless there's some meds I can take that will help me through this stage, that's y hoping the fluoxetine may help it in a way ...

      Thanks any way for your info, any help I will take in to consideration or if some one can suggest any help for me 😌    X

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    I am at 10mg of fluxotion and trying to get to 20. It makes me shaky and anxious. The depression is still there. Awful!  I’ll give it a few more weeks. 

    Good luck. 

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      Hi Nancy.. how long have you been on Prozac now?? I’m on 60 mg and it’s been nearly 7mths since I first started this med, and my depression as gone yeah,, I started of on 20, and I struggled as I seem to be up and down all the time, it wasn’t untill I went up to 40 that things settled down sum what, Prozac is a very slow med to work, but once it does, it’s a great med, hope you manage to feel better soon big hug 🤗x


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