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Just back from Radiology.  Radiologist took a second lot of photos after speaking with her superior and showing him the photos she had already taken.  She told me not to worry because he is a perfectionist and often asks for more photos.  She said she couldn't see anything to worry about but noticed that my right ovary was enlarged.  She also said she wouldn't tell me if something was wrong anyway.

I am worried about ovarian cancer (only have one ovary) because just prior to my last period (first in 3 months), I became bloated with gas and fluid.  I also developed distention around my waist.  I had an upper UTI around that time too that caused blood in urine.  A urine dipstick test showed positive for Leukocytes in the urine but nothing grew in the petri dish.  Once I started antibiotics the blood in the urine stopped.

I have been:

- Having frequent urination (sometimes urine feels hot but not burning). 

- Feeling full after small meals.

- Suffering upper abondimal pain (sharp shooting above belly button).

- Bloated with gas and fluid.

- Belching and Flatulence.

- Nausea now and again but that might be due to anxiety.

- Lower back and upper back pain.

The bloating has reduced by 80%.  The distention around the waist is still there.  The back pain has resolved.  A pap smear returned normal.

I am going through perimenopause and put these symptoms down to that.  I am worried it might be ovarian cancer.  I had benign cysts in that ovary about two years ago and a thickened urterine wall.

Am stressing.


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    BTW I have been diagnosed with Celiac.
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    Hi laura,

    It's great that the doctor is being so careful. I don't know anything about ovarian cancer, but I did take a quick look at WebMD and it says with ovarian cancer, the symptoms don't go away. Yours mostly have gone away, and I have certainly had my share of bloat, without it being ovarian cancer.

    That said, I can see why you are scared. It's a hard thing to face, if it is cancer. When will your doctor let you know? I hope it's soon. I wish you well. Of course, you should try to take your mind off it, but that's easier said than done. Still. Each moment of life we have is precious, no? I send you a big hug.

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      Awww thank you so much Jennifer. That was kind of you to look that information up for me. I see my Doctor tomorrow. I will let you know what he says. The bloat is terrible. I'm glad you're wasn't cancer. Tines like this makes one extra grateful for every day. Thank you for the big hug :-)
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      Totally with you and your concerns/worries at this time.

      I'm with Jennifer here and I too have the bloat, gas, fullness. I believe this to be a Peri symptom for me (personally).

      But with your own medical history I'd have been alarmed. But it sounds like you are in very good hands x

      Good Luck with the Coeliac. My nephew had years of problems, tests before the sh*t really hit the fan 3yrs ago. After emergency surgery to remove 'dead' length of intestine, he was diagnosed with Crohns. Terrible time for him but now controlled with diet/meds.

      Do hope you get good news and good care at this worrying I'm.

      Stay strong Kiddo. We're all thinking of you:-)


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      Thank you Shaznay

      Am hoping they are just peri symptoms. 

      I had no idea gluten could destroy lengths of intestine.  Your poor nephew suffered a lot from the sound of it.  Am glad he is okay now with the right diet and medications.

      Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts.

      Yours and Jennifer's replies are helping me to be positive.  I'm amazed at the support and kindness by ladies like yourselves on this forum.  I really appreciate it. xx

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      Oh Laura, I can't say that it was the gluten that caused his probs. Probably more like the length of time he took to get a proper diagnosis:  he'd been suffering in agony for years, and think the undiagnosed Crohns caused  the damage to his intestine.  

      He had tons of tests, all with private Health Care: the NHS were only any good when he was actually admitted via A&E as an emergency. He was operated on within hours. Post-Op, he said he felt like he was left to it: just him, a temporary colostomy bag (6mths: reversal op totally successful biggrin .Ironically, it was his NHS Consultant  who then treated him post-Op privately (shameful!)).

      Looking below at TeresJS' reply, I'd say thats great advice.  I myself haven't yet tried the Fennel.  (I hate taking any meds at all, so take only what I feel really help me: 1 Menopace Original a day, and a 1/4 tspn of bioidentical Progesterone Cream on days 14-28 (hopefully those days will change when I start to get irregular: can't wait!).

      Word of warning:  The Charcoal absorb excess gas, but itself is not absorbed in the body. Instead you will pass this - be prepared for black stools!!

      And yep, I'm a fan of acidophillius. If you're taking antibiotics, and you have been diagnosed with Coeliac, might be an idea to invest in a good (tablet form) acidophillius (100s of millions of good bacteria) to ease your stomache.  (My late mum's TB consultant (she had it in her bones - twice over 48yrssad) suggested these as she was on very strong, long-term antiBs, poor ol' luv x).

      Hope you're looking after yourself:  its not great when we worry about our health (I rarely do my own, but have worried terribly in the past about those in my family: very stressful time).



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    Hi Laura! 

    I don't understand on one thing: why's that you had XRays but not an ultrasound? Or had you?  Since you feel anxious perhaps your doctor could send you for a ct scan?

    You were diagnosed with coeliac and you're following a strict diet? I mean besides wheat also no oats, rye, barley, spelt, etc.

    Were you atested for other food intolerances? Milk?

    They may play a major role in what you're experiencing. These things get much worse in menopause so it's like forcing us to really eat healthy.

    Ovarian cancer is very rare. If you're in any doubt it would be better to take it out of your system, go for a ct san, ultrasound, etc. In any case ovarian cysts an a thickened urterine wall means you're oestrogen dominant and that most probably need some natural/bioidentical progesterone.

    If all is well is the gyno department and if all other food allergies/intolerances are ruled out (I know from experience: we have to read all the labels in all foods, very time consuming!) then i would say you might need some of the following:

    1. Probiotics - Lactobacillus; First thing in the morning on an empty stomach;  all of us at this stage should be having this!

    2. Fennel caps/teas, etc.

    3. Activated charcoal caps. it binds and clears any toxic bacteria you may have in your bowel.

    I don't believe you have any tumour in your ovary. 

    A warm hug. Teresa.

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      BTW - if you had antibiotics that must have hurt the lining of your bowel. 

      The probiotics could really be of help. See also if youre not taking any meds (aspririn? Ibuprofen? t anything that may be hurting your bowel. XX

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      Thank you Teresa. I will get an allergy blood test done for sure. Haven't been gluten free for long (about a week or two). Am being strict. Can't eat much due to anxiety and nausea. Not eating is making me more nauseas. Sorry I didn't specify ultrasound. A pelvic ultrasound was done. I have been on long term antibiotics which doesn't help the stomach. I will definitely start the probiotics. Might add an antifungal too. Will take Fennel if you say it helps because it sounds like you've done a lot of research to support good health. Have heard that activated charcoal is a good detox. Hopefully can buy them from my local health food shop. I worry about ovarian cancer because my paternal grandmother died from it (in her 70's) but you have helped me to refocus on what I can do to support my system. Thank you so much (and for the warm hug). You've really helped me. xo
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      In my view and experience if you've been on antibotics long term (!) that is more than enough to make you very ill. People with bowel problems just can't "afford" them. And most doctor don't realise it. 

      Tace care. Keep us posted. XX

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    If the doctors did not see anything than you should be fine. Are you on any HRTs because these seem like the symptoms that HRTs can do, Frequent urination, feeling full abdominal pain bloated belching and nausea 

    Or you could have IBS that can cause stuff like this. Tslk to your doctor and hang in there it will get better

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    Thank you ladies for helping me through this episode. Your replies kept me positive. Just returned from doctor. I have a large, saggy cyst in my right ovary. My uterus lining was normal unlike two years ago when it was thick. I am putting my worrying symptoms down to perimenopause. Can't thank you lovely ladies enough. God bless you all. xo
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      Peace of mind for you young lady!

      Glad you have your answer: not pleasant I'm sure, but treatable, I'm assuming?

      Go have a cuppa, treat yourself to a KitKat, feet up and tell yourself things are only going to get better to deal with now you have answers.

      Its a really nice, sunny day in London/N. Kent. Had my bit of sun for the sake of leaching some Vit D (I'm natural blonde/fair skinned: I've spent the past 54yrs avoiding the sun!!redface).  Had some great news today in what has been a really busy, potentially stressful week, and if I was a drinker, I'd be celebrating.  A cup of Tea for me it is then!


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