Feeling unwell, untreated sti, tightness under ribs, short of beath,

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i have an untreated sti (chlamydia) for 5 years and i can't pee at all, urine comes out in little bits and smells very bad and the feeling of being unsatisfied when urinating. passing stools has become problematic aswell

and seems to be related to this.

the past couple wees i've been having feelings of tiredness, very tight in my chest, short of breath, feeling of pressure and sensitivity under (my) left side of ribs, stomache spasms, back pain,

( the back pain has been going on for like 4 years though)

i have 2 testicular cysts that are very sensitive cause sharp pain sometimes and hinder me from walking properly, i've lied to family members who i only told about the stomach pain and tightness and told them i've already been to the doctors which i havent.

feeling very scared and have extreme psychological problems that have occured over the time of this happening,

oh and prostate feels very week and get pains all over my body sometimes,

the other day i smoked some canabis and its started giving me panick attacks where my heart rate goes very fast and it puts me on the floor feeling like im going to die,

i spoke to the health people at the hospital on the phone who were just trying to find out if i had actual chronic pain in some areas in my body to go along with the tightness and stuff which i don't but i never told them about my infection and its very possible i think i might have kidney infection and bladder infection.

im all over the place and need advice and reasurance maybe sorry but im just terrified don't know what to say,

im 20 by the way thanks

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    sorry i mean the past couple of weeks*
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      i was diagnosed with it, put on tablets for a few weeks mabe 2 months then i just never went back, went through a personal tragedy and after that it was just self neglect i guess, symptoms never went away, (burning sensation, soreness,) it just got worse until its got to a point now where it couldnt get any worse
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      Ok. So it wasn't a one off dose? That makes me feel that it wasn't an early chlamydia at the time.

      Some of the symptoms you are getting with the pains etc could be Secondary to the fact that your body has been trying to fight an infection for so long... It can cause inflammation throughout the body. The pain and difficulty passing urine is definitely not something that you can ignore and sit at home with. Your urethra (the tube you pee through) is probably severely inflamed from the continued infection and this is why it's painful and difficult for the urine to pass through. If you get to the paint where you cannot pass urine at all this is an emergency. Do you feel like you have any fever? You could also have a secondary infection in your lung which could be the cause of the chest pain and shortness of breath.

      Is there a reason you are not seeking help from a doctor?

      In my opinion as a qualified nurse, you need to be seen urgently, I don't want you to panic or be scared. But if you leave this any longer you could become seriously ill.

      James please get your self to the hospital tonight or at least an emergency appointment with your GP tomorrow. Do not leave it any longer than this.

      Please repl to me so I know you have seen this.

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      the reason im havent already seeked help is one of being terrified and ashamed for leaving it so long,

      i smoke ciggs and when i smoke marajuana now i have panick attacks everytime and my heart pumps out its chest and brings me to the floor in discomfort and from my heart pumping so hard,, the thing is i havent had fever symptoms but for ages ive being aching all over especially th groin area and the upper legs where my legs connected to my pelvis


      the urine burns beyond belief and passing stools is wierd i mean my prostate feels weak you see, its degrading alot of the times i sit to urinate and  urine dribbles out after finishing weeing and i have to clean  up with toilet paper or urine dribbles down my leg the feeling of being unsaftisfied after going toilet is common,

      my testicles are a concern for me as i think my doctor said i have some fluid built up when  i last went and the talblets will help get rid of,

      other wise he said surgery is the course which scared the living daylights out of me, what caused me to seek help/ advice/ opinions online is when is my  heart seems to be pumping more and when i excersise and do stuff like get out of a hot bath i feel dizzy and drained and tired, and smoking marajuana is a nono for me now as i have panick attacks everytime which led me to believe they werent panick attacks but because weed makes your heart rate go high i thought it was affecting my heart causing me to feel worn out and just horrible like i couldnt breath i had to force my breath in and out or it felt like i wouldnt breath at all,

      , also from a sexual injury my *johnson ) downstairs went a little bit bent (tiny bit) and it just feels absolutely unconfortable like i was reading up about scar tissue in side and i thought that would make sense as the tip feels like a little ball inside it like hard skin or something, i cant run or even walk normally anymore, which also has caused severe mental problems,

      and i havent told anyone about any of this so im really scared, dont worry i havent been with a partner in years so theres no risk of infection from the girl who gave me the infection i feel dirty and alone and ashamed of myself so i dontn see anyone anymore especially not girls, the back pain has been there for a long time though and i dont work i quit my job without giving a good reason because they didnt know i was going through this and it was affecting how i worked

      i was just uncomfortable all the time and i really walk with a limp and it hurts kind of at the joint at the top of my leg, sorry for no spaces i tryed to type this as fast as possible

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      James, I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time. But please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed or like you will be judged. As long as you are straight and honest with them about everything they will only want to do what they need to do to help you.

      This cannot get any better without medical treatments. Please go and see the doctor or the hospital and tell them everything that has been going on. They are there to help you. This could be the biggest and most important positive step forward you will make in your life. You will feel so much better, and you won't have to keep it to yourself anymore. And any information you give them is completely confidential.

      What could be worse than the way you are suffering right now? Please get the help that you need, you can do it because you need to and this is the only way forward for you.

      Sending you lots of courage and positive vibes.

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      i feel so sad in a happy way because you are so amazing  and understand and help me alot, i will go doctors asap can i still message you on here to tell how it goes i am very happy because you make me feel not sad anymore thank you
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      I am really pleased that I could help you. And of course you can message me on here, I would like to hear an update of how you are getting on!

      Stay positive. Best wishes. Get that appointment sorted tomorrow wink

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      Please James, don't wait around even a minute longer.

      Listen to what the wise Sexual Health RN says. He/she for sure knows what they're talking about, and reading your post, I was balking at this not being give immediate attention

      Please please please go now. You're young wih your life ahead of you!

      As for the cannabis rapid hearbeat reaction, it is not uncommon and you probably won't die from it, but you do need to get i managed and be informed about it, so please do be sensible and get that checked out too. You may have something which is called arrhythmia.

      Your body is your most precious belonging. Without it you woul not be here. No need to make it suffer unecessarily!

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    Firstly how do you no you have chlamydia if you have never been tested? And if you have been tested why wasn't you treated for it at the time ? If I was you I would go and get tested for sure and if you do have it they will just give you a course of anti biotic to clear it up witch is much better then suffer with the symptoms you are having it is an easy test witch is now done via a urine sample.

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      i was tested positive but slowly came off treatment and neglected to go back so yes this is the worst case scenario as i have literally neglected my infection even just coming on here to try to get help/ advice took everything i have im severely depressed and alone and am bearng this burden alone,

      even having irrational feeling like when i do see my doctor again the judging feelings and the shame i think i will feel for not going to him will kill me and its a vicious cyle im very afraid and alone and feel anyone will be disgusted and repulsed by my own personal neglect but i havent infected any other women sincec the girl gave the infection to me i havent hada relationship in 5 years which comes and invited its own set of problems in,

      this has cause so uch physical and mental problems for me i have thought about suicide everyday for as long as i can remember,,

      i am not suicidal because i havent got the actuall kahonies to do it but the only reason im here is beause i think of my mother everytime i actually get the nerve to think about doing it sad

      i feel like im burdening other people with my enormous messed up problems just because i neglected to sort my life out myself and i ddidnt know what to do and i feel sick of myself hence you can see what kind of mental problems have occured due to my way of thinking sad im so sorry

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