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Im Feeling a bit worried, I feel Like there is something stuck in my oesophages when food passes down, Im always feeling nauseated and sick, the doctors, Iv been to three the first one diagnosed me with Viral infection couple of days later I went back for another check up then another diagnosed me with Influenza without even thoroughly checking me out etc, , then another doctor I saw said I didnt have influenza and that I had anxiety, I feel like these doctors arent doing their Job properly ' it irritates me  .Iv had an Ecg Done on me and Blood test and it come back Good, which was 4 days ago, I still feel nauseated, and not sure what its due to, Im not pregnant and I dont have anxiety, I take omeprazole which was prescribed to me 4 days ago, I feel like this is taking over my life, I want to be referred to a specialist but majority of the doctors I go to always turn me down , it depresses me ' . and I feel Lost and upset about it all, Iv been gagging at the toilet without anything coming out - Iv been living with this for the past two weeks everyday nauseated and sick - please help, it would be much appreciated if any help Thank You 

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    I can understand that you are worried, and this might indeed contribute to the tension that might be affecting your swallowing.   Prescribing something like omeprazole will reduce the amount of stomach acid that you produce, and it would be normal for this to be given a few weeks so that the doctor can see whether it resolves your condition.   It would help, say, with a stomach ulcer situation.   If, after that period you still have trouble, it is common to refer you on for an endoscopy, a miniature camera put down your throat that should help to diagnose any underlying causes.   In that process they may take biopsies that would determine whether or not you have any malignant cancer.  The chances are against this, but it would need checking. 

    It is possible that the omeprazole may be having a side effect of making you nauseous- it would be worth looking at the instruction leaflet to check this.   If it is necessary for you to have this medication and it is upsetting your system the doctor might try an alternative, but you have to give it time.

    If you still have trouble with food getting stuck down around your chest area, then this is a symptom that should trigger off  a more urgent referral for an endoscopy.   The Be Clear on Cancer Campaign on oesophago-gastric cancer earlier this year, which your doctors should know about, did feature difficulty in swallowing as a 'red light' alarm, so you could mention this, but to be fair, this could be related to your digestion / nausea problem.   It does sound like your doctors have sent you for tests before, and sometimes it seems systematic to them, but not so helpful for you.   So if you are no better, I would book a further appointment and ask for a referral for an endoscopy.   There are lots of digestion and swallowing problems that are not cancer-related, but an endoscopy is often the way of diagnosing underlying problems or ruling things out.   Oesophageal cancer does affect men more than women, and the risks increase with age, but that does not mean that symptoms that you describe should not be checked out properly.   The NICE guidelines on treatment of dyspepsia and Gastro Oesophageal reflux disease have recently been amended to allow more referrals for endoscopy for people under 55 years.

    I am not medically qualified, so you have to take what I have said in that spirit, but I hope it helps.


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      Thank you for your advice, Im hoping I can get referred to a specialist,while at the  hospital last week and the doctor checked around my glands and said Oh well You're not anemic', and I asked her while at the hospital if she could refer me to a specialist and she told me it had to come from my GP'. and it it come from her then it would be declined'. I Dont understand with these Doctors, they would rather wait 20 years before referring you to a specialist - Its almost like talking to a brick wall.I did have a scan done on me last year, and dont have stomach ulcers they ruled that out and had a chest xray done last year and found nothing there', dont have trouble swallowing , but just a pain in my throat area, I have appointment with DR next week so Im hoping she will refer me to a specialist' - its been well over a month and I dont want to wait 20 Years to be seen from a specialist - I think the sooner I get seen it will give me the answers, whether Good or Bad'. so I know what Im dealing with since the Doctors dont know what Im dealing with '.Thank you for your advice. 
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    I had esophageal cancer and had a similar experience to you I was admitted to hospital who investigated me for Heart Attack then Pulmonary Embolism both negative.

    I knew from the first symptoms what the problem was being a retired Healthy Care Professional. However modern doctors seem unwilling to investigate that path until the have exhausted the more common symptoms.

    If you are having difficulty in swallowing you should be referred to a specialist and MUST under the government rules be seen within 14 days.

    Omeprazole is used to treat gastro esophageal reflux disease and other conditions caused by excess stomach acid, a known factor in many esophageal cancers. It is the correct treatment whatever your gastric related condition. However it will not cause either difficulty in swallowing and should not cause constipation.

    If you are constipated it may be that you have moderated your diet to allow for your swallowing difficulties.

    Your swallowing difficulties will not be caused by anxiety, the anxiety could be caused by apprehension and expectation when eating because you gullet is in fact quite a wide tube cancer has plenty of room to grow before it gives symptoms like difficulty in swallowing, the main problem in early diagnosis.

    I am not trying to scare you and am deliberately not mentioning other symptoms for you start thinking about, I have never met you and know nothing about you, or your medical history, where as you own doctor does. I am just pointing out that this is a serious and life threatening condition and your GP should refer you for a further opinion and you should be seen within the two week period.

    The GP can also send you for blood tests for cancer markers and D-dimer Test the results of these blood test would be ready by next day and blood can usually in the surgery.

    Esophageal cancer is a serious and should be taken seriously.

    It is more common in men but certainly occurs and is increasing in women smoking and alcohol can be influencing factors even many years after ceasing

    Good luck - make them take you seriously.

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      Thanks - Im hoping I will get referred to a specialist, it is a scary thought, the thoughts about Cancer - I thought in the hopes of being prescribed Omeprazole that it will reduce the Pain in my throat not realising it was for stomach acid only, if that be the case then What medication can doctors prescribe for Throat Pains and the feeling of food being stuck in your oesophages , takes a toll on my life . has been for the past two weeks ' I need something that will reduce the pain and the swelling if there is swelling - Im praying to god that its not Cancer'. Im still Young and still want to live life' well not young just havent done everything Iv wanted to do sad
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      Hello do you have any update on your progress? Emma

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