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Oesophageal Cancer

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  • k92859 1

    Very worried about oesophageal cancer...

    I'm a 22 year old female and I've suffered with regurgitation of food into my mouth since I was around 17-18 but it has got worse over the last few years. I also suffer with acid reflux. I'm 5'2 and weigh about 54kg.  In the last month or two it has become very difficult to eat due to a feeling that...

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  • lesley 78762 3

    Oral thrush

    We have had a bit of a hard time recently. My husband had his first session of his second line chemo following a year's remission when the cancer recurred in tge same place. He then spent a week in hospital with a chest infection due to neutropenic sepsis. He returned home and now has oral thrush. One...

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  • alison94991 1

    esophagectomy early november

    Hi all my dad is 79, he had an esophagectomy early november, he was very fit and still working part time prior to his operation. He had a small tumour in his gullet. They removed half of his stomach and removed the tumour. After surgery he seemed to be better than we expected, but a week after he got...

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  • lesley 78762 3

    Small cell oesophsgeal cancer recurrence

    My husband is now one year post chemo and radiotherapy and a recent pet scan has shown that there are some active cells returned in the same area. Oncologist has suggested another course of chemo this time CAV. last time was carboplatin/etoposide. He has agreed without asking any questions. Has anyone...

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  • tina 48881 2

    our journey approaches the end

    We are not in a good place atm. Due to the cancer being too advanced and his unable to swallow, a NJ tube has been inserted, and his been allowed home, as he wished. It's painful watching him sleep all day, his a shell. It is ethical to put a tube in knowing this will just prolong his life expectancy,...

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  • Trusting 1
  • tina 48881 2

    Quick update on our journey

    Haven't been on here for a while and thought I would update our journey. Well after being told that hubby has an agressive oesophageal cancer and prognosis is 2 months, yep they said 2 months, emotionally traumatised, contemplated ending it all. Then after that traumatic news they do a PET scan. After...

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  • lisa58922 2

    Worried sick looking for help

    Hi i have a abcess on wisdom tooth which is hopefully coming out this week.But my main worry is my right tonsil is larger than the left and has a small yellow/white lump.the back of throat on right side seens red as well.I did go drs last week and she said the start of tonsilitis and perscibed me antibiotics...

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  • Ketchupwithaly 1

    Please help me

    Hello, my name is Alessia and I am a 18 year old girl who has had a very known symptom as all of you. A while back I was not able to swallow food, was sickened by the smell of food even and that feeling lasted for about a month and a half years ago. That time I wasn't sure what was wrong with me I couldn't...

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  • pcschult 2

    I think that I have Esophageal Cancer, I am extremely scared

    I wanted to reach out and receive some opinions/assurance on a couple issues that I am having and see if you can alleviate some of my concerns.  I am a 29 year old male, average build.  I do not smoke or chew but do drink alcohol. I have reason to believe that I might have esophageal cancer. And the...

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  • Hpe73 2

    Can anyone shed some light on why an MRI scan after a CT scan?

    I don't want to make 6 out of 2 add 2 and know that searching for information can more often than not give more worry than it can answer questions.  but the wait for answers (two weeks so far) is frustrating me. ​My mother was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, Oesophageal Cancer after an endesocpy...

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  • Mike.S 2

    Fear of OC.

    Hi all, I'm a 26 year old male, slim build and active tho I have asthma. 4 weeks ago I woke with heartburn that got worse after eating breakfast I had the heartburn filling for three / four days which has got better in the chest area now but I'm still getting a burning in my throats, upper chest and...

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  • Chats5 2

    Really scared...

    Hi Guys, I'm a 39 year old male who has a history of GERD. I have pretty much self medicated until a few years back where I started on a prescription for GERD. I think it has been fairly bad for some time at night and I wake up coughing, with an awful taste in my mouth. Recently the medication stopped...

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  • nimal69708 2

    Oesophageal Cancer

    My daughter had a GERD problem. Lot of tests like endoscopy, US scan, Biopsy etc were done in last November and cleared of no major problem including cancer. But she had some annoying feeling in the throat something like ball or a rod is holding like. But no cough, hoarse sound or swallowing probelm....

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  • youngatheart1 5

    Pain in sternum, weight loss.

    Hi, I suffer badly with GERD and am having symptoms of pain in sternum between breasts, sore chest and throat, feel the need to cough a lot.  No bleeding, no sickness, no problem eating apart from bread sometimes getting stuck  Had an endoscopy last January which showed nothing, all clear, could something...

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  • kevin87923 2

    New to this..would appreciate advice

    I am a 42 year old male and I have been experiencing some unusual pains in my upper abdomen, middle of my sternum and towards the bottom of my right rib cage. It switches sometimes to either side of my chest. I also burp...a lot, and while I do not have trouble swallowing, It always feels like there...

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  • ben97994 2

    Symtpoms of throat cancer?

    Hello everyone, I am a 20 year old male, only ever tried one puff of a cigarette in my life and rarely ever drink and when I do it's like a bit of whiskey. From around early November 2016 I have noticed I find it hard to swallow without having any drink to help get it down, I feel like I am going...

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  • dasani95 2

    Difficulty swallowing, pain

    Hey everyone, I've been having difficulty swallowing for about a month and a half. Recently the muscles around my neck feel tight and tender especially under adam's apple. Went to the doctor and was given a thyroid ultrasound. Results checked out okay. I have a barium swallow in about a week. I still...

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  • jason88671 1

    Endoscopy Clear But Have to See Consultant

    My dad has had a check up endoscopy as he has previously had gerd and Barrett's. The endoscopy only showed a tiny erosion and there was no sign of Barrett's this time. He now has an appointment with a consultant gastroentroligist. We are wondering why he now has to see the consultant???? Have they found...

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  • vbpete88 1

    Grandpa has Stage 4 Esphogeal Cancer Need Advice

    I am his grandson and he was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Esphogeal Cancer within the last month.  It is in the lower part of his esphogus, top part of stomach, and they did a biopsy in his hip area that lit up on the pet scan and said it was in his bone marrow or near the hip area. He is currently working...

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  • tina 48881 2
  • tracy49653 2

    Desperate for reassurance.

    Hello. My mother is awaiting tests because she has been feeling pain after swallowing for a while now. She's 64 and a non smoker who doesn't drink. I've been online and terrified myself into thinking she has oesophagael cancer. Any words of reassurance to calm me? Please. The doctor mentioned an...

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  • mrchadha1 1

    Chest pains over one month

    Hey guys, So for about a month now I have been having chest pains and back pain, I don't have any swallowing issues but my chest is always hurting along with my back, I get heartburns once in a while too and there is pain behind my breast bone that radiates too my back, did some blood work it was fine...

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  • tina 48881 2

    The saddest day ever

    Today we found out that my husband is not for surgery as the tumour is advanced. It's the worst news possible. Feel numb and lost the one thing I clinged onto which was hope. How long we asked, maybe they knew but wouldn't say. Life's a bitch and the hope I had is worth nothing. why why why we had a...

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  • OPA_AlanM 5

    Oesophageal Cancer in the UK

    The trouble with this disease is that not many people know what an oesophagus is, how to spell it (in the USA it is an esophagus) or how to say it! The oesophagus, or gullet, is the food tube that takes food down from your throat to your stomach, passing by your heart and lungs.  There is a valve between...

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  • mick02352 2

    worried about Oesophegus cancer

    Brief history: 53 year old male. Since teenager have suffered with heartburn. At age 21 in Englnad after an endoscopy was told i had Hietus Hernia. 6 years ago my dad died of Oesophagus cancer so i was immediatly tested in North America (now live in NA) incase it was herreditory. Was told that i had...

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  • lesley 78762 3
  • debbie48848 1


    wondered if anybody knows if I can extend my pip I have 8 months on my enhanced award left and was unaware of time scales. I have no vehicle struggle to walk all the waY to work . Taxis is payed by my pip award Thanku

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  • Ayre10 2

    Dysphagia, Food gettin stuck

    Hi all, New to the thread. However having these symptoms for the past 3 years. When I wake in the morning and swallow I can feel a lump in my throat when I swallow, it's like a tiny pebble and must move into a different position after getting up from my bed. When I eat small particles of food get...

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  • marc213526 1
  • lois75 2
  • chris93547 2

    I'm extremely worried

    So about a week and a half ago I felt thus lump in the side of my throat. It went on to just be a sore throat. But then a couple of days later I got this feeling in my chest. It wasn't pain or anything. I went to the doctor and they felt my throat and checked my heart rates and breathing and said their...

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  • maelee56 1

    Please advise!

    In 2010, I began to throw up everything I ate. Oddly enough, it began in an airport as I was waiting for a connecting flight. No pain. When I returned homethis continued. Everything I ate came right back up but never any pain. My daughter took me to a gastroenterologist and he gave me an upper endoscopy...

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  • lyn65518 3

    Oesophageal cancer

    i am worried I may have oesophageal cancer I have a lot of the symptoms that just started this week. My doctor keeps telling me it's my arthritis but another symptom started food getting stuck in throat. I am so scared at this moment

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  • aryt 3

    Feeling Worried

    Im Feeling a bit worried, I feel Like there is something stuck in my oesophages when food passes down, Im always feeling nauseated and sick, the doctors, Iv been to three the first one diagnosed me with Viral infection couple of days later I went back for another check up then another diagnosed me with...

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