feels like i'm full of stomach acid

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Lately, maybe for the past few weeks or so, I've been feeling really weird. When I haven't eaten in a while, it's like my stomach fills all the way up with acid or something. My upper abdomen feels full and bloated, and if I push some air into my stomach it's like suddenly lurches outward until I release the air. If I lean to the side I can feel it sloshing around, weighing me down and whatnot. What could this be? It's really starting to bother me and I'm trying really hard to stay away from Google.

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     Hi Angel, I'm not sure what is going on in your tummy, but good on you for avoiding Google. It's a scary place… What I do know is that I am dealing with a very bad episode of gastritis brought on by long-term antiinflammatories, too much alcohol, too much coffee, stress, skipping meals spicy foods etc. Just basically  not being nice to my body. It sounds like your stomach may be irritated, or you could be starting with some mild gastritis. Go see your Doc for sure and in the meantime try and ease up on all the irritants aforementioned. Really important also....don't skip meals! Your stomach waits for food and secretes acid in anticipation, so smaller more frequent meals can help "absorb" the acid. Keep me posted on how you're feeling!

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      I had an endoscopy on the first of December that came up clear and that was when this issue was happening. So I know realistically I shouldn't be too worried but there's always that what if factor that my anxious brain won't let go of rolleyes

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    Sounds like acid reflux.  Take antacids or milk and avoid rich, greasy and spicy foods. Avoid gassy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts and do not take fizzy drinks. Eat little but often.  I have chronic acid reflux and I take antacids, milk and avoid foods that trigger reflux. It works for me.

    If the bowel symptoms you had last year are eventually diagnosed as IBS, your doctor will tell you that bloating and acid reflux go along with IBS.

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       Hi paper, yes I agree with you about Angel baby. I have a question for you. I was in hospital in November with a very bad bout of gastritis and reflux (GERD). I’m now taking medication which I find is almost making the symptoms worse at times. Did you ever go on any medications? How long have you had reflux and does it eventually settle down? I go to bed every night feeling sick and wake up feeling sick !
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      My reflux began when I was a teenager and I was under a lot of exam stress at college.  I had terrible heartburn and chest pain so I had an endoscopy and nothing was found.  All the GI specislist could suggest was a weak esosphageal sphincter which was opening up and causing acid to spew out.  I was put on omeprazole which helped.

      I also had a very bad reaction to greasy foods and my stomach would not digest anything oily and it would make me feel sick or vomit. It took years before my stomach would aceept anything cooked in olive oil.   I had to avoid chips from the chip shop because they were cooked in lard. Cooked breakfasts were also terrible for my stomach.

      Over the years, this has improved and the only fatty food I can’t take is salame sausage which makes me vomit. I also avoid chillies and other spicy foods  to stop the hearburn.  Of late, I get hearburn in bouts and it is often the silent type which makes me cough.  Over the counter antacids do rhe trick. My IBS and periods often trigger reflux too.


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     Hi again Angel,  yes I agree with Pippa58442. I forgot to put that in my initial message. I also suffer from very bad acid reflex it could be gastritis or reflux or both. I hope you get some relief soon
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    Just be careful if pain lasts longer than 30 minutes (pain that doesnt go away even though changing position likely worse after food or drink) and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting seek help. Pancreatitis can cause damage to your other organs if not treated.
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      See that's a bit of an issue because my ibs symptoms cause (mild but uncomfortable) abdominal pain quite frequently, and while I don't have nausea all the time I do have it sometimes. I haven't puked though and the pain isn't horrible so I'm assuming that's not something to worry about

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