felt light headed, not with it, spaced out and more for over 2 years now.

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hello, im rhys, im 22. 5ft 5" at 57kg. i am in good pysical health with no alergies and its very rare i come down with an illness.

for a good couple years now i have felt light headed and not with it from the moment i wake up until i go to bed. its proressively getting worse too as ive noticed im becoming quite forgetful and clumbsy and developed slight tinitus too.

at work i can find it hard to concentrate as my head just feels spaced out and like im not there. i often forget silly things as if my brain flicked on auto pilot and i forget i went up the stairs or did certain things. now more than ever im dropping my pens or food as if my hand-eye coordination is off. my forehead pysically feels tight and i struggle to feel enthusiastic towards much as im not entirely with it. ive started struggling to read things too. words on a page or screen often appear as a mess and slows me down reading through it. screens in general at times dont seem right either, say theres a simply picture or piece of text, i will just struggle to concentrate and i guess process it all. 

i am not someone to moan about my problems but this is getting me down so much now as i never feel 100%. this has gone on for too long now...

over the last year i have completely changed my diet. i started working out 3/5 days a week drastically cutting back on sugary drinks (not that i was ever large. i simply wanted a better diet) i cut out chocolates, crappy foods, i dont drink alcohol or smoke either.

my diet now consists of stirfries, rices, bagels, apples, smothies, salads, roasts, nutty bars, porridges, water, orange/apple juice etc. 

eliminating bad consumerables has had no impact trying to shift this weird lightheadedness.

i moved out from home too. its a lot quieter in my place with no dogs or birds anymore. i thought maybe i was slightly elergic to the pets but nope. still no effect on my health.

i shower daily. maybe the steam was making me feel this way so i lowered the tempurature and time in the shower yet thats made no difference.

months ago i underwent a tonsilectomy and my blood pressure was rather low but not alarmingly (i cant remember the blood pressure reading sorry). i do suffer from chillblains in the winter but taking adalat retard 10mg clears it up.

i am currently seeing a pysio for my legs as i get chin pains when say jumping, running etc but i belive this is an aftermath of bad legs as i had twisted knees as a kid.

not that im saying a tonsillectomy, chillblains and shin pain is causing me to fell lighted headed, unfocused, clumbsy and forgetful but thought maybe stress could be causing it but then again i am such a laid back person.

with the lifestyle changes i have made, i really thought something would have made me feel more like myself but no. i cant seem to figure out what is causing this weird feeling. i cant perform my job properly and my collegues are noticing something isnt right.

please, any suggestions or guidance will be so very much appreiciated. even for just one day i would love to wake up and feel in control and raring to go with a clear head and fully functionable. ive forgotten a time when i didnt have this weird feeling upon me.

thank you so much more taking time out of your busy lives to read this!

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    Considering your age and nutrition & life style, you should be feeling like a lion.

    Don't you think it's time to go for blood tests and general check ups? Don't wait any longer.

    In particular if blood pressure was low.

    It could be though a good intolerance like gluten or dairy.

    Go for blood tests if you didn't get them yet.


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      Hello and thank you for writing a comment.

      I too believe I should be feeling like a lion!

      I never considered dairy or gluten to be an issue so I'll definitely bear that in mind and maybe cut out foods containing it to see if there's any difference. Thanks!

      I will look into getting a blood test done too as it has been a little while now. Hopefully some answers will come from it smile

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    Hi I have the same symptoms..

    Mine stared off with having slight anxiety and then progressed into anxiety all the time alongside panic attacks this has happened to me for no reason but I feel spaced out all the time like there is a tight band around my head and I can't think straight. It's like your body is there but you are not and your just watching the world go by around you ?

    Have you spoke to your doctor about how your feeling ?

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      I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.

      Sorry to hear you are also having this weird band across head & lack of concentration feeling... it's such a weird problem to try and describe to people but we aren't alone!

      As Eman22 suggested - I went to the doctors and have had no luck...

      I had 5 vials of blood taken testing all sorts from my liver to glucose levels and they all came back fine. I had a CT scan of my head too but again that was all ok and I recently had an eye and hearing test as well just to tick that off the list and I can see straight and hear perfectly...

      According to paper, i am as healthy as a 22 old should be! Which in a sense is great but still doesn't answer my question of why my head feels like this all the time.

      The doctors are struggling to find the cause of this now as my results have all come back clear.

      Have you visited the doctors at all and had any luck solving this odd health problem?

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