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Long story is I have a cyst that is now 8.4cm and have had for close to 15 years.  I talked with my doctor in Feb about removing cyst and ovary.  After talking he wanted to do a hysterectomy, but wanted to do an us first.  Okay I had that he was still pushing for the hysterectomy and when he tried to schedule surgery I told him what if I didn't want the hysterectomy, he stated fine just tell me.  When I call to schedule the surgery to remove the ovary and tube and the other doctor will take care of the herina they will get it going.  This monday the nurse called and told me surgey is set with a hysterectomy I said no just the ovary and tube as I told the nurse before.  She then stated when and where and she would have to get another order from the doctor.

Just received a call from the doctor stating It would be best if I got the hysterectomy since he was in there already.  I told him I felt it wasn't necessary since I haven't had any problems and felt I didn't need it. Okay I am pass childbearing, however, that souldn't be the only reason.      

He has stated we should hold off surgery until I make a decision.

My question to all out there...  Have you ever felt pressure like this before?  I'm sure he wants more money(new home) and is high pressuring me for this.

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    And I think you are right! I have experienced this 'oh you don't need them anymore, we'll whip everything out and you'll have no more problems'. Wrong!

    I held out and they continued to monitor cysts/fibroids. I am pleased to say I was discharged from his 'care' last week, fibroids gone, cysts shrunk, all bloods normal.

    Even after meno, your ovaries continue to produce oestrogen - OK it's tiny amounts, but if it ain't broke don't fix it!

    You hang in there girl. I'm right behind you.

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      Thank you!

      Pass should have been Past (anger took over).

      Have been up all night thinking am I making a bad decision?  If I have surgery I'm thinking about changing Gyns after all is done.  Last night he called me back and said he would do what ever I wanted he then told me my cyst on right side is 10cm not the 8.4 I was told and I have a .5cm cyst on the left- new to me.  Cancer does not run in family and I know that doesn't mean much, but I just feel I'm doing something wrong. 

      Can I ask you what do mean discharged from him?  Did he say you can't see him anymore or the problems are gone at this time and you can come back when needed?

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      As the cysts are slowly getting smaller and the blood results are well within normal range he said I would not be called back in another six months. But if I start having any problems I should get straight back to him. Fair enough😁

      Have you had any bloods done? I had CA125, CA 19 9, CEA and another I can't remember! There is a 'normal' range, then higher numbers that need more monitoring.

      I'd get the tumor markers done and ask for a print out you can read at your leisure and DON'T LET HIM BULLY YOU! It's YOUR body!😤

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      I have had a CA125 several years ago, but not recent and that is the only blood test and it was normal.

      Surgery is set for April25 to have the ovary and tube removed and the other doctor will repair a herina.  I'm afraid that I will have an incision done because the nurse at the Gyn said no reason to do Laparosopic if the other doctor plans on going in thru an old scar.  I told her I didn't want that big of a scar.  To me right under the breast to all down to the ovary is a BIG scar.  The two doctors will have a nice talk about that day.

      I'm getting the feeling I'm a big pain in the butt, but guess what..  It's my body and I feel I have a say about it.

      Thanks for the help!

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    Hi there, your story is very similar to mine, i was told i had a cyst so was rescanned to assess growth rate, it had grown 3cms more in just over a month so things escalated very quickly, long story short i was referred to oncology and told i was to have a hysterectomy as the cyst looked very suspicious, floored me to say the least, I said i wasn't prepared for a hysterectomy and could he not just take away the cyst and ovary, he then backtracked and said he'd do that but i was to have surgery 3 weeks after first op if cyst was cancerous...,,,yes he went there and said it.... (from that moment our professional/patient relationship was doomed), for all other appointments i was seen by a member of his staff! he didn't see me again until the day of the surgery and didn't come to see me afterwards, i saw him on the ward the next day and he still didnt come anywhere near me, Not seen him since either, its almost like he wiped his hands of me because I dared to question his judgment. I have always been intuitive of my body and it's workings so doubted but hoped cancer was ever going to be an issue here. The day before i was supposed to give him my decision a letter arrived with a detailed cat scan report, how could i be so informed on a such major decision with only hours to go?

    My surgery took place, and cyst turned out to be 2 cms smaller than first reported and not suspicious in nature at all even before a biopsy was done! guess I know my body after all...hmmmm

    Why advice is, trust your instinct, i know we can all bury our heads in the sand at times and say it wont ever happen to me, but sometimes you just know. Its not about being arrogant and getting one over the professionals its about just being in tune and knowing what you want. I fully understand that i may be back in the same situation in years to come and I'll probably hit menopause in five or so years but that will be five or so years that my body is still fairly naturally in tact and i go through menopause in a way i should be allowed to and not a surgical one just because i fit the criteria of not needing my reproductive organs any longer, and it makes the surgeons job easier.

    Stand your ground, although I appreciate your healthcare is probably different to the uk, you still have a voice, so use it well. Listen, take everything on board but know the descision, ultimately, is with you. Good luck.

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      Thanks surgery is set to have ovary and tube removed on April 25.  I'm ready after surgery to start looking at a different provider and his office has changed so much since I stated going to him about 25 years ago, maybe thats the problem.

      You are right it's my body and I should have a say in it.

      I'm in the US and I'm sure our healthcare is different. 

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    Hi kelley

    Im going through the same as you now. Im 37 & the doctor said cause of my age i should have a hysterectomy but another doctor has said i only need a ovary removed. When i was in a&e recently i seen the first doctor again and he is adament i should have a hysterectomy. Im not having one.

    Its our choose what we have done to our bodies and we all know our own bodies better than they do. Dont do anything you dont want to do, they can only advise us. Its our choice not theres. Hope everyhing goes ok for you

    Take care


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      Thank you Cheryl,

      I can't believe how healthcare providers treat their patients.

      I won so far surgery is set and hopefully he can do it laparoscopic as I don't want to be in overnight.  Ovary and tube will be gone.

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