Female inguinal hernia

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Hello, I’ve been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. I got it through coughing during the flu. Any groups discussing this op? 

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    morning... i have a hernia mine is incisional which developed after a laporatopy wound came undone on the inside.... im a little clueless on hernias tbh rolleyes what has your doctor suggested
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    I was diagnosed for Inguinal hernia. Went in for surgery in and out in a day. They caught it early and it was repaired . Recovery is a pain but it has never bothered me since. 

    I wish you the best and be careful not to lift and have it repaired ASAP , in order to not risk further damage to the area and makes surgery and recovery mush better in the long run. 

    Sory about out this it is painful and knowing what is wrong is helpful. Has your Doctor referring you to a surgeon?

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      Hi , thanks for your reply, im glad you had yours repaired and are now healthy post op smile ... i have a consultant and surgeon.. they have booked me in 3 times for repair via laparotopy .. i have cancelled 3 times rolleyes .. ive had 4 children..1 by emergency c section others natural.. ive had lots of laporooscopys .. colonoscopy an op my broken foot tonisils done etc etc but the op i had which was an emergency hemicolecomy by laparotomy ( right ) was the worst ever.. i was more scared than i had ever been when recovering and now i feel more scared than then when i think about the whole laporotmy procedure . I sound like a wimp i know but i cant seem to settle on any of it rolleyes
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      It sounds like your over loaded. It's part of the mom syndrome - Everything going on at once. It's tough to take time out for ourselves but I learned that it's best to take care of ourselves first in better shape physically and emotionally to take care of our family. So many depend on us and it can be to much and sometimes it's good to just get a break a few days away from it al. Just a weekend to help relax without all the distractions. 

      Take care and take some time our for yourself! 😊

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      Hi hope - what a lovely reply.  Yes overload on us ladies is not fair.

      Rainbow - there is so much put on moms (or mums in my case) lol.  You need to keep sharing your fears on here and receive real understanding from peeps like Hope4.

      I have Hiatal Hernia for a couple of years - manage it (sort of) - nephews little girl of 6 months who is dying to walk - I am holding her arms and she is on the floor dancing up and down and BANG - pain in the lower ab - looking like number 2 hernia - what fun. 

      You will do what you have to do - you are not alone honey.

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      Thankyou Hope .... your completely right and i too say this to friends in various situations... im just disgusting at practicing what i preach wink .... i would love to get away .. i need to over ride guilt and im gone lol ...

      Gwen take it easy woman !!!! Little hernias are more likely to strangulate so please do bounce the baby gently.. mind you having flashbacks now.... they kind of go off like a hammerdrill so gentle doesnt get a look in :o ...

      I feel i could handle the repair if they wasmt having to do it through open surgery.. they are going through my scar from last year which is from my pelvic bone to my belly button .. but he needs to cut higher this time... the staples were beastly and obviously this time i wud need even more .. i feel like when my bowel perforated the recovery and whole ordeal has ruined my life... but it saved my life so why i feel that way i do not know... i can only blame the treachourous recovery and anxiety cooking up a billion 'what ifs' by the day .. felt like i was crazy ... and now this pretty anxiety is making me think all that crap all over again rolleyes ... really i need to bite the bullet and get on with it before im back in an emergency situation... the herniated area makes me look completely pregnant .. the pro's ? I never get refused to use a toilet when out haha ..

      But thank you both of you for your encouraging replies .. .... oh and Gwen im called mum too ( im in uk smile ..altho my cousins in florida call my aunty mom .. sounds cuter lol smile

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      Thanks for reply back  - Rainbow mum lol - UK - North or South? 

      You certainly have enough on your plate.  Both of you have - oh to be young free single and not a care in the world - and no health issues (well in my dreams).

      I have HH/GERD/Esophagitis - hernia is small and to be left at the moment.  I love keeping fit and using light weights but have had to stop which I hate.  I just walk 30-40 mins with my fitbit now.  My hubs has his own business and lifting is a problem for him as his back goes out and he can't move.  I am used to lifting as I have really strong arms, now I sound like a wimp saying to him that I can't anymore.  So Indie (my new lil 6 months old baby friend) is going to have to stay on the floor.  I will leave the lifting and dancing to her Mummy and Daddy sad    How life changes and we need to adapt.

      Good luck girls - feel for all going through these nightmare issues.


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    Awe let me jump in if I may.. the fear of repair is the most debilitating part of it!. Absolutely don't delay any longer. Hernias can be a dangerous thing, unexpectedly turn for the worse and be life threatening,. We are so used to putting our needs last and having such a high threshold for pain, we can endure and justify anything. Generally speaking, the repair is same day surgery. I just had open surgery 3 weeks ago. No mesh. My incision isn't that big and my surgery was a bit over an hour. For me I woke up 20 minutes after. They do require you to use the ladies room before they will discharge, to be sure your body is doing what it needs too. I felt quite well and was up and out in record time😁, I am sore, or hurt, and as I heal I get pulling sensations. It's all different at different times. It took me longer to drive then anticipated, but I was given permission to drive as soon as I felt I could safely. My surgeon said it is important to not get constipated while healing so I don't strain so as to not risk reherniation.

    Don't be afraid to have it done, or the limitations. You won't be bed ridden. We figure out how to work around the hernia, Many ways around the short 4-6 weeks before no restrictions. My favorite thing has been a cushion to cover my surgical area while sitting It pads it up quite nicely for being romped around.

    Honey, your babies need you. Get it repaired. The unknown is so frightening. We all support you and if there are any questions I can answer, I'll do my best. You can do this🤗

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