Fentynl patch gives me NO relief!

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I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease about 10 years ago along with fibromyalgia and then three years ago the disc disease showed up in my neck along with cracks in the bone and the shape of it is protruding into my throat area. So the pain I have is severe and all over especially up and down my back and neck. It's pretty unbearable. I used to take methadone for this but every time I went to the pharmacy counter to pick it up they either didn't sell it or they would give me a dirty look when I got it and also my friends and family were concerned about me taking it so I got off. Then I started taking Dilaudid which is good but only lasts for a very short time. When I went to the doctor recently I asked for a long acting medication and they suggested the patch. I also switched my doctor from the old one because we moved and this doctor is right next to my home. I take Uber everywhere because of the medication I have to take even though it doesn't get me high or anything, it just kills my pain. Well it USED to kill my pain until I got on the Freain Flankin PATCH!!!! ,Anyway,, my new doctor said he doesn't really do anything else as far as any stronger medicine was concerned., and that this is the best he can do. I could either take it or leave it pretty much. I also used to get facet injections in my neck every time I saw the other doctor but he's in transition with his medical office and they are not yet equipped to give the shots right now. Those really helped., I am going to see another doctor tomorrow and tell her everything that I'm saying right on here. I've already seen her one time and the reason I didn't stay is because she does all of these things that I can't afford like stemcell shots and other shots that my insurance doesn't cover. And she won't be your doctor unless you promise to come in three times a week to get physical therapy which is $40 every time I go. I'm hoping that she would let me get physical therapy once and write down or record everything that needs to be done and then could go to my gym, and have an instructor or someone look at what I need to do and then sign off on everything I did that day and give it to her. Well,, I'm sorry I told you my whole life story! I just reread everything and realized that I've been babbling. So sorry about that. I really just had one question which how is everybody's experience with the patch and is there a better alternative? Thank you and I'm sorry again??????

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    What strength of Fentanyl are you on. It may need to be increased.
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    well the patch is really up to u not everyone else please Remer

    that if ur doc thinks it best then try it but if ur tolerance is

    high then u need stronger patch I started at 50 and over

    one yr ended up at 200 for 10 yrs yes it works but it has draw

    backs like the more u sweat the more u get and showering

    it might fall off or swimming , now there is another thing u can

    try before the patch my spelling of this might be ron

    but here we go u need to ask for robaxacoll 1/4grain codine

    with furneal at 300-500mgs not sure of how much been long

    time since mother used it for same reason as u ,,also 200 mgs of long acting morphine with endedcet 5/325 up to 12 a day

    That I'm telling u is what my mother used before brain cancer

    and she past away she had the same kind of thing as u do

    Remer if the doc thinks u should be on the patch it's up to u not

    everyone else if ur at the stage of omg I can't handle it then there

    is 5 things u can try one the patch

    2)what I talked about


    4) this is also not everyone knows about

    the brain in plant to turn off ur pain all together

    5)just put up with it sry

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    There are a small percentage of  patience for whom fentanyl doesn't work at all. I am one of those. Received fentanyl after surgery and felt to relief at all. I told the nurses that it wasn't working, they looked at me with the evil eye,  and I asked if I could have 800 mg of ibuprofen instead. They gave me that and I got some relief. Not great, but some relief. 

    Fast forward many years, and I was already for colonoscopy,  dr. came in the room started the procedure and after a couple of minutes I said, "you know this really kind of hurts."  The doctor angrily asked the nurse if I had been given the usual Versed/fentanyl, she said absolutely I was given it. I remember getting the shot myself. 

     The doctor said, "we can reschedule you for the procedure with an anesthesiologist, or if you think you can stand the pain, we can finish it now." I didn't want to go through the prep again, and it hurt sometimes quite a bit.  After he was done my doctor said you must have a paradoxical reaction to fentanyl.  make sure you tell the doctor if you have to undergo a procedure like this or any other where they plan to use that combination of meds. 

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    I am so sorry to read your story. Wow...and I had thought that I was the only one that seemingly had no relief, and yet have become horribly dependent...addicted. 

    First, my lower back pain and side-hernia pain are still present with the patch. Second, whenever a new pain is introduced periodically, there seems to be no effect, yet if I pop a Hydro or Oxy when I can't stand it anymore, the new pain absolutely does lessen considerably. 

    I began the Fentanyl Patch following 4-1/2 years of Hydrocodone - 10 MG, 5X/Day. Towards the end the relief had diminished from 4 hours down to 2 or less, and my doctors refused to allow more pills/Day. Finally, after an hour of popping one, the pain would subside sufficiently for me to sleep. An hour later, sometimes less, I would awaken in pain. Finally, they switched me to the Fentanyl Patch, and although the pain isn't as extreme as NO pain meds, it is still about a 4 on the 1-10 scale. Enough to where I am incessantly uncomfortable. 

    I remember the stoned effects I had the first few weeks after the switch, and do not want to take a higher dose out of fear. I wonder whether it would be better to switch back to the pills, or at least alternate. I Think my body has become too used to the Fentanyl.

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