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  • harvey81891 2

    Fentanyl withdrawal is inhumane

    I am currently on day 22 of a fentalyl detox ... after the forst 3 days of punching my self in the face and wanting to end life a drup called lofexidine took away a percentage of the pain. It takes 16 weeks to get righ again if your renal system has not been damaged by the dependence. I had a year of...

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  • Cleo2017 2


    Hi, Can anyone help and advise me please, I am desperate, I am not coping with a fentanyl patch withdrawal from 50 mcg to 37 mcg 11 days ago. I have been on the fentanyl patch for just over 5 years but my reason for a reduction was because my severe pain and muscle spasms were getting so much worse on...

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  • brenjane60 2

    I have been off fentanyl 4 weeks and I have zero energy

    I have been off of 75 mg fentanyl  for 4 weeks, after being on fentanyl about 8 years. I have zero energy. Can anyone advise me if this is normal or a time frame when energy may return? I do have CFS and Fibro but it did not seem to be much of a problem as long as I took my meds and supps and kept the...

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  • alice30970 1
  • Brandelyn 2

    Why is it important to change the location of the patch?

    I've asked my pain mgmt Dr why it is important to change the location of my fentanyl patch every application but he couldn't come up with an answer. I have changed the location every new patch but I'm still curious as to why they say it's important to do so. Can anyone please explain why they say this?...

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  • louis27061 1

    Ive been on 2 50mg patches went to 1

    I also been on 2 for over a year. A week ago I just put on 1 50mg. I been working out 2 hours a day 5 days a week. My diet for the week was 5 protien drinks a day with at least 15 8 oz glasses of water. I got some sore sore muscles runny nose. A couple dizzy spells but im good!!!!!!! It lasted 3 days!!!!...

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  • brenjane60 2

    Fentanyl Rollercoaster One good day, No sleep for two, then crash.

    I was on 25 mcg patch change every 72 hours Fentanyl for 5 years. Then my tolerance flew the coop. 1 year ago the doctor increased me to 50 mcg /72 hours. It lasted 6 months the 3rd day fall out was awful. At the 6 month problem time the doctor increased me to 75 mcg Fentanyl patch change every 72 hours. ...

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  • Chuck5282 1

    Am I going through withdrawals? Only on 50 MCG a short time

    Hello, I'm Chuck and this is my first post here and I'm glad it's available! I am almost 69 years old. Had 3 heart attacks since 2014. I am taking 50 mg twice a day of Tramadol - my gastro doctor saw me for having a stomach ache for over 4 months and did an edoscopy and colonoscopy and said all looked...

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  • melissa7471 3

    Fentanyl Withdrawal

    I am currently on 100mcg every 72 hours and have been on it for 11 years. The doctors here in the U.S. and more specifically in Florida are getting to where they won't prescribe narcotics anymore. My dr told me a month ago that he won't be giving out narcotics anymore, SO, I've decided to get myself...

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  • cherilynn8 2
  • samsara1135 2

    6 weeks on Fentanyl, took my life away, struggling to get off

    Hello everyone, I wish you all health and peace. I am grateful for this forum. 6 weeks ago, my doctors pushed me to begin a 25 patch in an effort to get me off of the 8 x 5mg IR OXYCODONE I was taking. They put me on the patch with 30mg Cymbalta and Clonadine. I had had success with Cymbalta for FML...

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  • melissa7471 3

    Fent withdrawal and restless legs

    Ok so here I am. I've gotten from 100mcg to about 20mcg but this last 25 is killing me! I'm going crazy, not sleeping, anxiety and God the restless legs every.single.night! I'm sleep deprived and the pain is more intense. I'm going crazy!!!! My legs will not stop! Nauseated etc I can handle but...

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  • laura21496 1

    My husband snorted fentanyl.

    My husband snorted fentanyl for 6 months. He broke his leg which started him to stop using it and was put on a 5150 suicide watch. He's been withdrawing for 5 weeks. He's experiencing post acute withdrawal syndrome now. Has anyone experienced this or know anything about it?

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  • shouna7777 2

    How long do withdrawals last from the fenty nail pill?

    Hi everyone, I just started taking the Fentynal pill, 80 mg, about 2 1/2 weeks ago I was taking minimum three a day maximum five a day I quit taking them 4 days ago altogether I didn't think I was on them that long that I needed to taper off but for three days now I have had this pain that shoots...

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  • debbie755 1

    Is it ok to have a Margarita while on the Fentanyl patch - 25 mcg?

    Been on Percocet for last 5 yrs for back pain. On my 3rd day on Fentanyl patch 25 mcg. Have felt no side effects except itching on 1st night. Question: Can I have my usual Friday night Margarita while on the Fentanyl patch? It says on the insert in the box not to drink Alcohol while on them. I have had...

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  • Guest M

    My husband is having the same reactions. I actually too...

    My husband is having the same reactions. I actually took him to the hospital because he removed the patch because of his reactions and he went through withdraw. and he took it off two days ago because he can't sleep and when he tries, he jumps in bed like a fish. He is all over the bed and doesn't...

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  • carol77581 3

    Fentanyl Withdrawal, it's cruel and you will need support

    After 18 years on fentanyl I went off cold turkey which is not recommended.  This is the most inhumane experience I have ever had and anyone going through this will need support.  My experience..the time frame, the drugs, the side effects and what I did that worked.  I would like others to share the...

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  • emily83325 2

    Fetanyl pregnancy

    I took 100mg fetanyl patch throughout my entire pregnancy and gave birth to a completley healthy baby girl i was so scared throughout my entire pregnancy about the baby having to go through withdralls and cps getting involved but luckily my daughter was fine no withdralls at all

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  • Brandelyn 2

    Fentanyl and pregnancy

    Holy crap I'm freaking pregnant and on fentanyl. Obviously I have to stop wearing the patches asap. I'm probably one of the youngest people in here l who is on this medication, but I'm needing ideas to get off quick and with minimal withdrawals as I'm high risk as it is. I shouldn't have even been able...

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  • Guest M

    I have been on fentanyl patches for a severe back condit...

    I have been on fentanyl patches for a severe back condition for about 2 months. The first time i applied one, for the first 24 hours I noticed no improvement, the following 24 hours were total bliss, no pain, for the first time in as long as I can remember. Then the vomitting started. I took domperidone,...

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  • hayleyclaire 2

    Please help, I'm so depressed

    Hi, I have been using 125mg fentanyl patch for 3 weeks however i felt very depressed on them, having hallucuniations, bad dreams, anxiety attacks, in fact i felt so ill. i went on holiday for 2 weeks and got a nasty chest infection and had to go on anitbiotics, when i came hime on friday i took the patch...

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  • hongbits 2

    hope this is correct section (Fentanyl )

    so, here is my story. i had been extreamly active as a kid/young adult. i was chasing after the effect of adrellan. i guess to mask emotiional pain. any way @ age 31 i had an accident surfing where i almost twisted 300 degress at waist. this happend around 5am. thank god for an off duty lifeguard walking...

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  • Guest M

    I've had my patch on for 35 hours. I have ripped it off ...

    I've had my patch on for 35 hours. I have ripped it off beacause I have never felt so ill in all my life. I am 37 and have had a few parties in my time, and so a few hangovers. The way I am feeling right now is a hangover, but multiply it by about 30 and stick flu on top of it. Hot, cold, sick, headache,can't...

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  • thisismylife 2

    Fentanyl withdrawal and Insomnia?

    I was taken off Fentanyl from April to June of this year after being on it for pain since 1998.  Since then I have not been able to sleep in fact I only sleep 1 hour a night. I'm also chronically ill and bedridden now while several months before was taken off a few other medications to try to figure...

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  • shawnkatt1 2

    Fentanyl Withdraw Advice - Urgent

     Hi folks... I'll try to be brief. I'm a 52 year old female. Fit, active. Never have been addicted to anything I guess until now, I'm sad to say.  Severe neck pain in early 2000 resulted in a failed cervical fusion in 2009. And that resulted in increased pain as my hardware shifted and my spinal cord...

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  • Jayfer22 1

    Fentynl patch gives me NO relief!

    I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease about 10 years ago along with fibromyalgia and then three years ago the disc disease showed up in my neck along with cracks in the bone and the shape of it is protruding into my throat area. So the pain I have is severe and all over especially up and down...

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  • leigh65923 2

    Fentanyl Withdrawal...Any suggestions??

    I have been on the fentanyl patch for over 15 years for neurogenic pain associated with MS.  I have decided I would like to decrease my dose from a 100 mcg patch every 48 hrs to every 72 hrs, but I am having very little  success.  The withdrawal symptoms I experience are just awful, I get just horrific...

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  • Pointer99 2

    Fentanyl - A 5-minute, ligh-hearted distraction....

    Hello Everyone, I know from the following- 1. My own horrendous experience (I am 4 weeks patch-free after 7 years at 150mcg/hr and now feeling GREAT) 2. The countless posts about people's nightmares using Fentanyl, its side effects, and of course worst of all, getting off this demonic stuff (apart from...

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  • Guest M

    Hi, My nan has been on the patch for 4 years, and has ...

    Hi, My nan has been on the patch for 4 years, and has recently reduced her dose from and has been on the lower dose for 5 weeks, as she wants to come off the patch completely. She is suffering with really bad withdrawal symptoms such as not sleeping, temperature jumping from one extreme to the other,feeling...

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  • Guest M

    I have been on Duragesic since 2000 and have just been g...

    I have been on Duragesic since 2000 and have just been given Tilofyl. I have had occasional attacks of Myoclonus (severe jerky movements and unable to sleep) but I put my first Tilofyl patch on and have an attack every night since :0( I had a Duragesic left in hand so have just put that one on and wait...

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  • Actiquser 4

    Anyone "Cold Turkeyed" from the fentanyl patch?

    Hi I'm curious if there has been anyone who cold turkeyed from the fentanyl patch and if they did, what was it like with the withdrawal and how long they lasted? The reason I ask is it seems very variable when people taper what their symptoms are. Some appear not to get many withdrawal symptoms at all...

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  • Guest M

    I've been on Durogesic for 8 years. From the start on (2...

    I've been on Durogesic for 8 years. From the start on (25 patches) I've always felt a decline in effectivity after 24-36 hrs. So I apply a 25 patch after 36 hrs and while the 50 patch remains in place. This message was automatically imported from the original Patient Experience

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  • Actiquser 4

    Fentanyl Withdrawal Alternatives Open Debate

    Hi I just wanted to start a debate and make people question current Fentanyl withdrawal methods. I took sublingual fentanyl up to 10x a day tapered to 4x a day and cold turkeyed. 11 days after this did a quick patch taper from 50mcg dropping by 12.5mcg at each patch change then stopped- cold turkey again....

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  • leigh69697 2

    My hell journey on Fentanyl is over!

    Just wanted to share my experience with Fentanyl and give hope. I was prescribed a 15mg, every 72 hour patch for Lupus pain, which steadily was increased to 150 mg, every 48 hours in 5 months. The pain was never really in control, but my Dr was afraid of Percocet, so gave me Fentanyl, without knowing...

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  • Kris69 2

    Pain VS Fentanyl

    I say this now, after 3.5 wks being free of 4yrs. of fentanyl patch that my original neck injury pain is a welcomed gift compared to being on Fentanyl. I can think so much more clearly, feel like doing anything BUT sleep all day, I'm cooking with love instead of with resentment, I know I won't be down...

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