Ferritin problem?

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Hi all,

I have been having this 'drunk' feeling non-stop everyday with fainting episodes. I would feel severe dizziness in my head (I don't see the room spinning) sweating, dilated pupils, tunnel vision, 150bmp heartrate and I feel like I'm falling on the floor without falling tho then after 5mins I feel 'fine'. I would still feel woozy all day tho and I have to lay down!

Got some tests last month :

Tsh = 5.974 (0.3. - 3.0)

Free t4 = 14.49 (11-18)

Ferritin = 39 (10-291)

Haemoglobin = 15 (14-17)

Vitamin b12 = 401.0 (156-672)

Am cortisol = 531 (119-618)

This week I went to the emergency and did ECG and echocardiogram and all seem fine.

I'm on 25/50mg levo because I have hashimoto and taking Globifer Forte (Iron = 18mg and Haemoglobin = 510.40mg per tablet) with vitamin c. Is the dose enough to increase my ferritin?

What could be causing my fainting episodes?


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    Hello LY, 

    Likely you have several things going on.

    Your bloodwork speaks for itself: High TSH, your T3 may be low, or high RT3, since your T4 is good.

    Iron in range, and yes, low.

    B12  ok.

    The spinning inside your head could be caused by an inner ear infection, or fluid in the middle ear.

    What's your blood pressure? Low BP could cause fainting. Low BP often accompanies hypothyroidism, but is not always flagged as problematic, since they're usually looking to worry about high BP.

    Also, how's your cholesterol? Any recent dips or spikes?

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      Are the tablets enough to increase my iron?

      Nope, not an ENT issue. Got everything checked..

      My BP is 120/80 so I guess normal? I'm a 28year female by the way.

      My Cholesterol is 5.0. Never changes even tho I exercise and eat healthy!

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      Yes, that's normal BP. I don't know about the iron.

      Cholesterol is a little high considering your age, exercise and conscientious diet. Maybe a sluggish liver, but not related to dizziness.

      My money is on fluid in the inner ear. Dizzy when you move quickly? Easy enough to get out with a couple drops of alcohol.

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      I always blamed my thyroid for elevated cholesterol..

      Nope my ear balance is ok. I'm hoping it's the low ferritin causing my dizziness but I'm not sure. My GP prescribed Stemitil and Betaserc and they don't even help a bit!

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    I'm surprised they didn't have you wear a holter monitor for a few days to see if it were related to heart, since it was happening daily. I would assume it would have to be caught during an episode.

    I have hypothyroidism and Ménière's disease (which is an inner ear disease) so I know what it's like to be dizzy.

    I have experienced spells like you are mentioning where I had tunnel vision and my body went weak as if I were going to faint but didn't; and then my heart would pound very fast and hard. I, too, have had countless heart tests (nuclear stress, echo, 10 EKGS, etc..). I have good BP as well and am 29. Mine is idiopathic as well but points more to autonomic dysfunction as I have other symptoms not disclosed; but my point being is that I would check out other specialists as it may not be related to thyroid.

    I highly recommend seeing a neurologist as they can rule out other issues as well.

    Wish you the best of luck and don't be afraid to message if you have any questions!

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      They recommended me about it actually. I'm still waiting for an appointment. I hope they figure something out.

      I have an appointment next tuesday with a neurologist and I'm pretty worried it might be something neurological sad what could it be?

      Thank you.

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      I've only read one or two other people that have had these same symptoms and the doctors can't figure it out either.

      One was told seizures (not likely) and the other was told autonomic dysfunction. I wish I could give you a good definition of the autonomic dysfunction but I'm not a doctor so I suggest to google and see if it makes sense to you. I don't want to accidentally give you wrong info!

      My other symptoms are numbness in forearms, shins, and face so my neurologist thinks a type of neuropathy just haven't found the cause. I've had multiple MRIs of brain and spine so I know it can be scary when it comes to neurological stuff but honestly most problems they have medicine for so I wouldn't worry yourself too much. I highly doubt it's anything scary.

      Let me know what they tell you and in the mean time, try to stay calm!

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      Symptoms are still the same and just got back from a Neurologist and he said there is nothing wrong from his side.. altough he did a blood pressure test with 2minutes apart. When I was laying down my bp was 120/80 and when I stood up my bp was 100/60... still confused neutral

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      I'm not sure if that's considered low but if you are having orthoststaic hypotension then that could explain a lot of what you're feeling. They should be doing a tilt test on you to see if it is BP.

      Also, I suggest an MRI w contrast of brain if they have done one already to rule out anything unusual (lesions, etc.).

      I know it sounds scary but hang in there! You're getting closer to an answer.

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    Hi Hashimoto can be caused by auto immune disease. I have an auto immune disease with similar symptoms to you. I do not have thyroid isdue but many do who suffer ai disease. It can attack thyroid. Have esr and crp and ana checked. Won't be done as routine and ask your doc who looks after your Hashimoto. X

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    Iron is a component of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen.

    You irin is within "normal" limits, low normal limits...I would discuss an increase of the iron supplement with my physician.

    TSH is high...I would request a second TSH test to either confirm this number or label it as a fluke.

    kind regards

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