Few questions related to gallstones....HELP!! :)

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Hello all!!  Ok well firstly I do have gallstones.  I found out in June 2014 by having a ultra sound.  I saw my gp the next day and she referred me to the hospital the day after that.  I had not heard anything so I found up the hospital last week and they said that there is a 5 month wait, and that is just to see the consultant!!  Does anyone know roughly how long after seeing the consultant that the operation gets done?  Im on a low fat diet but still have 1 big attack atleast once a month!!  Its a lot better than it was, but this attack is huge (its like it builds up and explodes all at once), Im in agony for most of the night with being sick 3-4 times (which is very unusual for me as I have never been sick apart from when I have these attacks).  I take buscopan 3 times a day, and a doctor gave me some low co-codemol for the pain.  I think its only 8mg!!  And they are doing nothing, so Im hoping to phone up my gp tomorrow and get some stronger pain relief tablets.  After these attacks, Im out of action for nearly a week!!  My ribs feel like I have gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson, the top of my back aches like mad, tired, feel sick, and no energy at all!!  I had a attack a few days ago, and my stomach and ribs still ache.  It feels like a brick is sitting ontop of me.  Its not a sharp pain but a aching horrible sicky pain.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it go away?  Also recently, Ive been having these weird attacks (I dont know what else to call them).  Its only happened 3 times, and Im just sitting down and it happens all of a sudden.  My left hand side of my stomach aches like a period pain, then the base of my back aches like mad, and I then get all hot, sweaty and dizzy....but it only lasts for like 2 minutes and then starts dying down!!  Im back to normal within 5 mins of it starting!!  I dont know if this is anything to do with my gallstones as its not the side of my gallbladder, and its only happened 3 times in the last month.  I need to talk to my doctor about that aswell, but I was just wondering if anyone has had that happen before.  Its not a sharp pain, but a achy bad period type of pain.  I would be very grateful for your help smile Thank you xx

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    Hi next time you have an attack call an ambulance you may have to call an ambulance maybe twice but it will fast track you to get operated on. 

    You need to tell your gp about the new strange attacks they could be stones getting stuck in a bile duct which is a worry as you can get jaundice. So do call an ambulance next time don't suffer . I think you need to be re scanned .. 

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    This very much like what I had the dizzy spells during the attack , I went straight to A and E the Doctor that seen me gave me only one or 2 pain killers then examined me more he noticed that my eyes and face were yellowish then put me on antibiotics through an infusion . Then admit me to a ward , I was told that no point in sending me home again cos it was just happening to often 24hrs n plenty pain killers later it was out . Not a painful op a wee bit uncomfortable but nothing like the attacks . Ask your Hospital or Doctor to do a blood test cos my cells were elevated that's what prompted them to act . Please don't let anything ive said worry you coz that might bring on an attack . If your on your own get to hosp or call NHS 24. 118 118 will put you straight through . It's 2 weeks since my op n I'm doing ok no more attacks .
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    Buscapan could go up plus cocodamol rubbish for such pain relief....I am pn paracetamol + codine phosphate 35g + slo release Morphine (Zomorph) and Sevradol plus for the sickness Cyclazine....now usualy meds prescribed for Gallstones is Buscopan and Tramadol but I'm alergic to it but if your having such attacks you go back love even to a and e and you will get moved up the list because you need to move off the routine list from the non routine list and possibly to the emergency list. Mine is delayed because I have a heart condition and I cannot be a daycase.....something to watch  a heart attack symptoms can present similar to gallstones usualy the pain in the back isn't as severe but you need to be vigilent
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    Hi steph

    Sorry only now seeing this post.. when I had my last attack on the 17th August 2013 I phoned an ambulance which meant I was admitted to a ward after 10 hours in a & e.. After months of going back and for gp who were unless and still are. The 22nd August 2014 I had the op at 11.05am the pain was totally gone and I felt much better.. The wait to see a specialist was unreal.. check this I had an appointment to go there a month ago so nearly a year before I would of got to see any 1.. I could never of coped with the pain of the attacks that long.. I'd be doubled over in pain wouldn't be able to stand up or even sit up tidy also was sick with it.. This particular night I couldn't ease the pain at all.. but I would drink gaviscon.. Water an bi carb.. painkillers rennies would eventually settle it.. although it felt like wind it wasn't and my back would ache also, attacks would last up to an hour and I'd feel like I'd been run over by a bus.. pain killers I was given Co codamol 30/500 which didn't really help but eased it slightly.. In hospital I was on oramorph.. tramadol paracetamol and ibruphen also anti sickness tabs as well.. 

    Hope u get it sorted soon.. I do feel you're pain! 

    Even tho my gb has gone I had an attack last week so need a follow appointment just to make sure the ducts aren't blocked. 😢 

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