Fibro possibly, any advice would be great.

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Just over a year I was viciously assaulted and a group of men decided to kick me in the head once I was knocked out cold from one of the attackers.

Ever since my complications are unbearable..

For the first two month I was back and forth to A & E and the local doctors, getting no answers or assurances.

I went back to work believing everything was in my head !! After around 3 month back at work my body just felt like it couldn't go on.

After persistence with the doctors he referred me to a sleep clinic as this was one of the areas I am struggling with, fast forwarding a couple of month and I have been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnoea, whilst they are coming up with solutions to treat this that are totally ignoring everything else going on and I am starting to think either they think I'm lying for reason or just simply are not taking me seriously!!

Current feelings:- pain all over, pins and needles in hands and feet which travel further up the arm/leg, sometimes they make my hands or feet totally numb to the point where I could injure them without knowing. Muscle spasm's which are not as such painful but more eerie. Confusion and short term memory problems. When severe I can't even close my fists or pick things up.

I apologise for such a long winded post, but I'm at my wits end, any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Johnny.

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    Dear Johnny

    What an awful and frightening attract and so cowardly of these thugs.

    I really feel for you and wish that I could make some positive suggestions.

    Keep positive and keep demanding answers.

    Cheers Richard

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    Hello Johnny. What cowards. The same thing happened to my son a few years ago, and he was left for dead with his legs fractured in several places and his bones sticking through his trousers. One year in hospital, and several operations later he was able to finally start to get over it. 

    In your case, although several of your symptoms are exactly the same as mine (I have fibromalgia) I think perhaps it is more likely that you suffered some brain damage that the doctors have not picked up on.

    But if you can get referred to a pain clinic the doctors can do special pressure point tests (the only way to confirm fibromalgia) I suffered for many years and had all sorts of treatments that did not work before I finally got a referral to the local pain clinic. The doctor took exactly 5 minutes to diagnose fibromalgia with the pressure points test, and then at last I was able to get prescribed effective pain relief . I hope you don't have fibromalgia, because it is not easy to live with, but I do hope that you get your problems diagnosed soon. Please let us know how you get on. Good luck, asnd take care of yourself. Julia

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      Thank you, Richard & Julia.

      I have a MRI Scan booked this week, so will shall see if that shows anything.

      The only thing that makes me doubt fibro is the pressure point position test, although all other symptoms are like other fibro sufferers I don't seem to feel extra pain at these pressure points apart from general aching, which seems to be all over anyway or different areas at different times.

      Fingers crossed this scan can explain things without it being anything sinister,,

      Thanks again, johnny.

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    Hello Johnny,

    I am so sorry to hear your story, I do know that a shock to the system can cause Fibro CFS and other autoimmune problems, I hope they get to the bottom of it soon.

    Good luck L.

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    Johnny have you seen a rhumatologist? They are more familiar with identifying the pain points to diagnose Fibro. God Luck
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    Hi Johnny. I'm so sorry to hear of your horrific experience. You said that you were going to have an mri this past week. I hope all went well.

    A rheumatologist can diagnose through the point test but I too had trouble with it cause it depends on my pain level and location unless I'm in a flare then it's everywhere. There is a new blood test that they are trying out in the states. It's not available worldwide nor do all insurance companies pay for it yet. But it may be worth looking in to.

    In the mean time I would try a pain clinic to get some relief. Physical therapies can help dramatically.

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    Hi Johny

    I really am sorry for what happened to you.

    I tend to write the same thing to everyone who asks about Fibro....

    Fibro actually has no definition, no actual symptoms . I believe it is just a generic term for unknown symptoms of pain and discomfort and you name it...

    They do say that fibro is initiated by trauma .. for example the kick to your head .

    When I was younger I came down the hill on a skateboard and got hit by a car..

    this was said to be my fibro initiator... Or another example I once tried to climb over a fence and ended up sitting on it with the spoke in my thigh perhaps another initiator??

    Again the term fibro .. so generic and all over the show .

    No real cure , just symptom relief.

    I do believe though that many of these incidents of fibro have a so called underlying cause which perhaps the doctors have no yet realized.

    So it is probably of high importance to continue searching and testing and reviewing symptoms .

    Unfortunately that is ...

    If you were misdiagnosed this could end up being a really big problem .


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      Dear Angie

      An excellent explanation. My partner has FM and she thinks that what triggered it was a virus infection many years ago. It seems to get much worse when she is stressed in any way.

      Cheers Richard

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      I still query my diagnoses ...Thats why we visit these sites not so.

      Has our partner just accepted the Fibro? Its not an easy thing to do .. so many questions. And with no visible evidence ?


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      Dear Angie

      My partner has had FM for many years and has had to except it and takes various pills to control it's symptoms as best as possible but she is constantly tired and in pain in different parts of her body and suffers from migraine many days.

      She also has a compromised auto immune system and a type 2 diabetic issue but is not over weight and eats a heathy diet. She also suffers from mild ME. Some years ago whilst protecting her teenage daughter from an attack by a stalker she suffered a bad injury to one eye which needed months of very stressful and painful surgery which has left her with feeling of tingling on that side of her face.

      There are other things she has had to cope including a mild stroke with but amazingly she has brought up three children on her own and remained positive.

      None of this has helped her FM of course but I only recently been on the scene and am trying to be as supportive as I can so it is all a big learning curve for me which is why I'm on this forum.

      Cheers. Richard

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      Firstly thanks for your advice.

      As per earlier post, I had an MRI scan but I am left even more confused than before ??

      My GP called me to relate the results as follows: 2 lesions observed and some flairs but no damage to nerve sheath and no sinister aneurysm's or tumours, the doc then went on to say this could be attributed to the TBI / Head trauma I received and if I am receiving any headaches he could supply medication for those. Now he is waiting for correspondence from my sleep apnoea consultant before making any further appointments. Has anyone been through or heard of anything similar because I am left thinking what does it all mean ? Meanwhile the last couple of weeks have been with minimal pain and less bizarre symptoms until yesterday when my hands are going numb again and my jaw / teeth feel numb.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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    I'm gonna try to just keep this short and sweet. Iv been suffering with fibro for 15yrs. Iv tried everything you could think of. I had disc surgery 4yrs ago. And now have the same disc herniated this time with extreme sciatica pain in my right side from my back to my toes. Pain that is so bad all I could do up until 4days ago was lay in bed and cry. So here's the short &sweet part . Australian Dream cream it is amazing ,15yrs of trying one thing after another. And this stuff worked on the worse most extreme pain iv ever had. We got it at our rite aid pharmacy, but Wal-Mart and CVS as well as Amazon casrry it. Buy it ,try it ,pass on the info if it works for you. Please give it a try .

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