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I am 46 and for the last three years my periods have been getting worse. I bleed so heavy I get anaemic. I bleed for 3-5 days and must lay down when it happens. Doc put me on iron pills. I tried a few pills that were suppose to slow or stop bleeding but my body didn't respond. I have had several scans of my uterus and ovaries for the last 3 years and only this year in Aug was told I have loads of fibroid lesions all over my uterus. Doc suggested some coil thing that would help slow or stop the bleeding. The problem I have is my periods are getting closer together. I have severe cramps but only on my left side from just under my ribcage to below my pelvic bone. I think this is because I have a septum that divides my uterus in half. But I feel like I'm on my period all month. I'm having two periods a month and the symptoms, severe cramps, swollen everything and being weepy I get 3 days after my period finishes before the symptoms start up again and I can't even guess when I will have a period anymore. My doctor is only giving me pain pills for the cramps until I can get an appointment with a consultant at the hospital. I am beyond fed up and want a hysterectomy. Anyone got the same problem. I don't have pain in my back other then the osteoarthritis. Plus I am a full time carer for my disable husband

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    I know how you feel, no sooner have you finished and another one appears, it does get you down. No

    only psychologically, but physically because anemia is draining in itself. I am 45, 46 in April, and have

    three boys, I have been sterilised, and have never really suffered with pain previously thankfully, however,I have one ovary left, the other had a cyst and was removed June 2013. I was getting sharp pains then, and still get the oscassion sharp pain.

    My periods have got heavy over the last 3 years, and I have been on Ferrous Sulphate for the full 3 years,

    last May I found out I had a ovarian cyst, and a fibroid, which I felt relieved about in one respect because

    I had an answer to why they were so heavy. My paternal grandmother suffered with bleeding, and mother suffered with the menopause, neither are alive to talk to about this.

    I have a fibroid 14-16 weeks, I have tried Mirena coil, this expelled after a month, and after this large clots

    were falling out of me, I was going no longer than 10mins, and having to run to the toilet, the abolation

    which could not be peformed due to the size of my uterus/fibroid and after this failed my Consultant

    suggested the same day, booking me in the following week for a Hysterectomy, I was mortified. I felt like a piece of meat, I have since sought a second opinion privately just for the initial consultation all (NHS),

    and went down the less invasive route with the procedures mentioned. It feels like a long process, but

    this is the way for me I wanted to pursue. This first consultant also wanted to take both my ovaries, which I argued against, because this would push me into a surgical menopause, which I am showing no signs of being anywhere near, and nobody in my family has had ovarian cancer. I was okay to challenge,

    however, I understand others may not. I had my myomectomy after being on Esmya for 3 months,

    (September 2013), after haemoraging during the June 2013 attempt, I had 3 period free months during

    the hot summer prior to this, which was wonderful, only got a few mild hot sweats, braxton hicks initially

    and the odd headache. I was studying Health and Social Care at the time, and had to fight to get the

    Esmya from my GP, as they initially refused me it, saying it was not on there formulary for primary care, I

    argued is HRT, which I would be on long term. I soon received a prescription for the drug. This is at

    a time when you already feel emotional about coming to terms with getting older, and all the other issues

    this will impact on.

    My private consultant via the (NHS), out of area, is due to see me in a few weeks, and has sent my GP a

    letter stating something quite different to what he discussed with me October 2013. My GP has already

    declined to give me a second course of Esmya, and my consultant appears to be agreeing with her. I amgetting closer to making the decision to have a Hysterectomy, but it has to be on my terms when I am

    fully ready. Why do we women have to be treat this way. I feel angry, and felt that due to age, funding,

    you almost get written off. I wont be pushed into a corner, but am getting deflated in the interim quite

    honestly, the experience is going to be difficult enough, without feeling angry with my Consultants.

    You have to do what you feel is right for you, do your research, let me know how you get on, walking

    and cycling helped me, especially during the 3 months off, however, when you know you cannot me to farfrom a loo this puts you off.

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    Man, I thought I was having a shit time. I have a cyst on my right ovary that they keep saying isn't the problem. I have today been bleeding since 27th of Dec I finished my last period on Dec. 4th. I can barely walk from all the bleeding and I feel so light headed today it isn't funny. But doc keeps putting me on the iron tablets your taking for 3 months at a time then when I go back in to complain about how tired I am out of breath etc. she does a blood test says your a bit anamic and another round of pills. I finished my last batch. I wrote a desperate letter to my GP on 23rd telling her the latest round of pain pills aren't helping I need something else. That I'm now mixing what pain pills I have trying to find a combo that will help me get through the day. No response. I got a letter Sat. saying to call and make a non urgent afternoon 2-3 week appointment and she refilled my pain pills on the 30th of Dec. which I had been out of since the 20th. So now I have to wait 4 weeks to see her. I still have no appointment for a consultant with a gyno doc at the hospital. I was told my gp would send another request to see if I can get moved up but after her not refilling my pain pills, not calling and getting me in over Christmas week, not being concerned at all that I was now mixing pills I am so at my wits end. To top it all off my husband is disabled and relies on me for his complete care. I'm from America and believe when I say in America I wouldn't even have a doctor and I would have to pay for everything I have had here so far and would not be able to. So I would have lost my job by now probably have ended up in the ER which may have ended up with them agreeing to do the surgery but then I would have had a bill so large I don't want to even think about it. So I will wait and I will be grateful for any help I receive but my husband and I have decided I want everything out and will be ready for the menopause because I know that won't last another 4-5 years. But Im not trying anything other then surgery. I'll keep you posted. I hope things settle for us both
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    In relation the the cyst, that was the initial reaction I got, dealing with my flooding first. Then they became

    concerned not to leave the cyst, due to the fact it could turn nasty. I did get sharp pains, which made me

    yelpout loud, until I moved position then it shifted. Is the GP ignoring your situation because you are the

    main carer for your husband I wonder, if you have a Hysterectomy, you will be in recovery for a long time,

    just a thought, presumably they would have to provide 24 cover, which would fall to the NHS? is that

    something you have considered. Would you consider moving GP, it is all down to the funding for locality, as sad as this sounds. The figures I have researched are around £5,000, and yes if you were working

    this would impact greatly, I am looking for work, and am mindful that maybe while I am not working I

    should be considering this. I cannot imagine holding down a full time job the way I was bleeding last

    month. I had 3 changes of trousers one morning, and this was with both tampax and night time pads, it

    comes with no warning, and feels like a tap full on. I have started falling asleep in front of the TV, and

    believe my iron has now dropped again.

    You sound adamant, and you have a lot of things to consider, maybe A&E is your answer?

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    I guess it could be a possibility. However the GP in our surgery is fully aware I have a support system in place for my husband. I live in the middle of no where in the sticks. I can't go to another surgery because we live to far away from the others. I will not consider going private unless it gets much worse. I'm a very strong woman I know that and can cope a bit longer but pain makes me a big baby I have never been able to handle pain and this feels like the pain I had with my hernia 3 years ago but I'm told this is due to the fibroids. I guess until I get referred to a consultant I will keep going to my GP and the A&E
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