Fibromyalgia and anxiety

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Has anyone had any experience of taking amoxicillin with fibromyalgia, I have a lung infection and have been given amoxicillin 500mg three times a day, and they are making me me feel dreadful, feel I have a really bad case of flu, and I am sure they make your anxiety worse, .would be interested to hear from anyone who has had to take antibiotics. Thank god it is only for a week, if I can last that time.?

Was feeling a little better until I took them.



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    Hi Patricia

    I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly at the moment.

    Unfortunately I have severe M.E/CFS and Fibromyalgia.

    I have been prescribed amoxicillin more than once at that dosage for similar

    problem and felt as ill as you describe but was on them for longer!

    The symptoms you describe could be the problems with the lung infection and

    how your body is trying to fight it with the help of the antibiotics.

    The anxiety can exacerbated because your body feels so weak.

    Drink plenty of fluids to help flush out the bacteria from your system and eat

    yoghurts to help prevent yeast infection which you can get on high doses

    of antibiotics!

    I hope this helps


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      Thank you for your reply, it certainly helped, I am taking a probiotic capsule, a Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil supplement, the biggest trouble I find is a lack of appetite, have to force food down, this fibromyalgia is a dreadful disease, makes you feel so weak and helpless.

      how long have you had it, I only used to get it mildly, but about a year ago it really took off. Can't drive with  balance and fog, which seems worse since taking these antibiotics they do not help the ibs as well.

      what do you do to relax, I have got a few relaxation tapes which do help a little. I really wish I could ease my anxiety more. 

      The internet is so contradictory with its information, think I am going to give it a miss for a while

      Sorry you are suffering with these horrible complaints, how do you manage, I am 78 years old but have always had a young outlook on life

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      Hi Patricia

      Thank you for your reply!

      I am only 58!! But have had the ME since 2002 and then followed with fibro a couple of years later but was only mild at first then has got progressively

      worse which is similar to a lot of people!

      It took me years to learn how to relax because my adrenaline was running all the time because I was pushing and pushing myself to try and get better!

      But eventually I became housebound and bedbound for months at a time!

      I have had many relapses over the years and suffered chronic infections, one after the other!  I only knew I was still alive cos of the pain!!!...hahaha.sick joke..sorry!

      I was misdiagnosed early on with chronic anxiety because I was pushing myself so hard my adrenaline was running to try and combat the exhaustion.

      As for relaxing and controlling the anxiety. I do not go to crowded places!

      I go to bed very early between 6 and 7pm and I will sometimes do a puzzle game, but lying down is a the only way my body relaxes! I can only sit up for a few minutes and then have to lie down but I am used to this now!

      I have B12 injections everyday, which I give myself and this gives me a small window of a couple of hours to do something, but it wears off quick and then I have to lie down and if I do too much the price is days in bed afterwards.

      I have to take clonazepam to get to sleep because of the pain!

      I am on Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism!

      I have a large family but I have been left alone to get on with looking after myself for many years now, that has took some getting used to but to be honest it is less stressful because they leave me alone and dont ask me to do anything for them anymore!  

      I have a couple of really good friends who I have met since I became ill and they accept me for who I am and have not given up on me and I am so happy they are in my life!

      I hope you are having a good Patricia and thankyou for your kind thoughts and good wishes they are really appreciated!


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      Thanks for your message, sorry to hear about  your family, my daughter-in-law is a specialist nurse in long term conditions, and can always ring her for information but it's not the same as speaking to someone  with fibro, and she is always so busy, tells me that i have to accept things as they are, have'nt seen them since February or the grandchildren, makes you feel quite sad, when you think how you used to take care of them.

      My Son is the same always rings but always very busy, he thinks if I get more things in my life everything will be ok. 

      They live in a village near Melton Mowbray, and I live in Birmingham, and always saying we should move closer to them, Could not stand the upheaval.

      How many hours do you need to leave between these amoxicillin, and do you know if you take them with zopiclone(sleeping tab) at bedtime, I have had amoxicillin before but it was before fibro and never had any trouble them.

      do you live on your own? Must be very hard for you,

      best wishes 



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      Hi Pat

      Thank you for your message

      I do understand about how healthy and fit people, whether it be close family members, friends etc,  do have a lot to say

      without having any comprehension of what it is like to be so debilitated

      with chronic illness.

      I do live on my own, my husband wanted a divorce because he had no patience or sympathy with people who are ill(his exact words to me)!!!

      I have stopped trying to rationalise any of it and for the first time in my life

      I have put myself first!...and that is no easy task when you have always 

      been there to help others!

      I am really fortunate that I haved moved into sheltered accommodation bungalow next door to a fantastic neighbour and now best friend and she is just brilliant with me!

      She lost her husband to vascular dementia late 2013 and we have leaned on one another and we are making plans to go on holiday next spring!

      The amoxicillin....I usually take one at 8am then 2pm then 8pm as the say its best to spread them out.  I was on them for 4weeks!..uurgh!!

      I had no problem with them reacting with my sleep medication either.

      Anyway take care Pat and hope the antibiotics work quickly for you

      and you're soon feeling better x


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      Thanks for that information regarding amoxicillin.

      Nice to know you have a nice good neighbour, is is horrible to feel totally isolated. 

      Anyway keep in touch it has been lovely hearing from you

      best Wishes


      I hope you msnsge to go on holiday with your friend a change can make such a difference.

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      Hi Pat

      Thanks for your messsage

      The idea is that the holiday is something to look forward to and

      a way of getting through gall bladder removal surgery within

      the next few months...oh it's all happening here!!

      Take care Pat

      Speak again soon


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      just one day and a half to take the amoxicillin, I rang my Dr yesterday and he said yes the amoxicillin will make the anxiety worse, wish he had told me that, having to take a little more calm the nerves

      waiting to see this Chest Specislist is'nt helping either.

      i feel really jealous of people who have Drs who specialise in ME and Fibromyalgia, I asked him if he knew much about it and he said he treated

      patients with it. but he was reluctant to send me to a Rhuematologist, my Psychiatrist insisted I was diagnosed., and I am glad he did.

      How are you today? Feeling not too bad  I hope, of course you are looking forward to Gall Bladder Surgery, I had mine removed in 1995 through Keyhole Surgery, it was very pioneer then, so a little hair raising but I only have two small scars to show for it., but did not have the Fibromyalgia so bad then, so I hope you get on ok

      Keep in touch, love hearing from you


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      Hi Pat

      Good to hear from you and that you've nearly finished the amoxicillin!

      I had a rough day yesterday with gall bladder pain but have been a little

      better today as I have not eaten too much!

      I am not lookng forward to the surgery but I know I should be a lot better


      Anyway Pat, hope you are feeling better and take care for now

      Speak again soon


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      sirry to hear that you had a rough day with Gall Bladder pain, iI remember when I used to get mine, was glad when I had removed, mind you I was feeling Ok in myself then it makes a lot different, are you having Keyhole


      I have finished my antibiotics, now have to go and have another X-Ray. To see whether it has cleared up.

      how do you get on with your sleeping med. I have been waking up about 2am the last two nights wondering if it is wearing off, I don't want to increase them if possible but have been feeling really anxious, and not getting enough sleep is making me very depressed, might need to see the Psychiatrist I see every now and then.

      I hate weekends they are so long, and my Husband sleeps nearly all day,

      so no company at all, I am now going to see if I can do the Code word in the Mail, if my concentration will allow ha ha.

      Anyway I hope you are still feeling better, and have a peaceful weekend.


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      Hi Pat

      Thanks for your message!

      Yes the gall bladder is being a real pain!!

      I will found out on wednesday appointment, with surgeon how they

      will do it, but it probably will be keyhole.  Will be having pre op

      assessment at same time!

      My sleep medication is 1mg(half tablet)clonazepam at night, I have

      been on it a couple of years now and it is the only thing that will 

      get me to sleep through the pain(muscles and joints)!

      My sleep pattern was extremely bad before I started taking the clonazepam!

      But I get 8hours without waking, instead of being up all night!!

      Hope you have managed to to do the codeword puzzle?!.

      Have a good weekend Patsmile

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      just been to the hospital to have an X-Ray, how do you get on at Hospital appointments they always make my anxiety feel worse can't wait to get out.

      the new Queen Elizabeth Birmingham is Hugh and you have to walk for miles not well designed for older people and the diisabled. And so crowded

      can you walk? When you get there, Ibneeded a wheelchair this afternoon

      and a neighbour very kindly took me.

      just going to listen to my relaxation tape to calm me downbest Z wishes 



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      Hi Pat

      I have a problem with hospital appointments and we have a new hospital in Blackburn Lancashire that is huge!

      I am going tomorrow afternoon to see about gall bladder surgery!!

      The whole process of getting there is exhausting, then speaking to a 

      complete stranger and trying to answer questions when brain is already

      exhausted and stressed...It will take me a week of doing nothing afterwards to feel just ok!

      I use a wheelchair for going there and my friend comes with me to push me.

      My symptoms of anxiety are related to my adrenaline running, because being in a constant state of exhaustion, the adrenaline kicks in to help the 

      body do things when there is no energy left...that's how the M.E. clinic specialist explained it to me?!

      I would imagine this would be the same for anyone who has to cope with chronic illness especially when there is constant unrelenting in pain.

      Hope you have managed to relax Pat and get a good night's sleep

      Take Caresmile


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      Good morning,

      I feel exactly like you when have to go anywhere, I did manage to get to get 6 and half hours sleep.

      I am going to try  some Mindfulness see if it will help the anxiety, I have seen quite a few cds online, it takes time but if you go at a slow pace, it might prove beneficial.

      I have invested in a mattress topper for my bed, as find since I lost weight

      the springs dig in, my fat used to protect me from that. ha. ha.

      Spoke to the Psychiatrist yesterday about some alternative treatment as at the moment do not feel that I am getting anywhere, everything is done over the phone with him, which is not very satisfactory, he is going to speak to his Psychologist, because I need one to one, and not group meetings, mind yoy dealing with the NHS is slow.

      Got to see my GP on Friday concerning results from my X-Ray, fingers crossed that it is all ok.

      Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow afternoon.

      Bye for now



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      The Rhuematologist said I need some Physio on my neck, but I don't know whether I could tolerate it at the moment.

      do you take Physio, I remember having that when I only had fibro mildly, and feeling like hell the next day, I know they say it does you good in the long run, but just cannot face it, then it depends on the person giving it and whether they understand  fibro.

      I got up this morning and felt as though I had not been to bed, and went to Morrisons to do some shopping, don't know how I got round, think I shall have to consider shopping on line,.

      Do you have problems with Ibs, my appetite is awful, never want to eat, have to force food down, then worry whether it is going to upset me, already have fortisips from Dr for snacks, 

      Sent  for a matrress topper for my bed because since I lost weight the springs are digging in me, ( really miss my bit of fat).

      Just had another letter to attend the Chest Clinic in September that has just made my day, cranked up my anxiety.

      It is nice to know I can talk to someone, Thanks a lot

      Hope your appointment goes ok. Let me know.



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      It's been a long time since I heard from you, how are you?

      i have been through hell since last time I spoke to you, My husband had  a stroke nine weeks ago, and it has been a nightmare going backwards and towards to the hospital, and it has taken its toll on me badly.

      He has survived it but he is being sent home next week with a package if care, he can talk, move but is very weak for being in bed for so long.

      He has had to have a hospital bed because he developed a pressure sore,

      had to turn our house upside down trying to find a place for it, had to enlist the help of the neighbours to help me. The stress is just about killing me.

      hope it all settles down soon.

      Have you had your Gall Bladder op yet?

      Would be nice to hear from you. 

      I have joined a new forum called Health Unlocked and it's quite good.


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