FIBROMYALGIA can someone shed some light please in desperate for answer.

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So all my symptoms started in 2011 longgggggg story anxiety started it all health anxiety by the way!!

So my stomach was bad real bad and I was told I had a hiatus hernia turns out I didn't have one. I've had a lot of tests done

1.barium swallow


3.scan on my gallbladder,liver,kidneys,spleen

4.about 10 ecg's

5.4 chest X-rays

6.ample of bloods

7.another endoscopy momentary

9.anal momentary

10.rhematologist diagnosed me last month with fibromyalgia due to body pain in all spots they check.

My symptoms are body pain all over

Burning patches on my left left leg twitching body ( drives me mad)

Short of breath(scary)

Bad stomach,sour stomach,burning stomach

Terrible constipation

Left back pain

Horrendous chest pain

Burning mouth,acid in mouth,

Ear,head,sinus pressure,head ache pain after eating

The list goes on!!

Is all this down to fibromyalgia??

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    Hi vicky and welcome to the club nobody wants to be a member of.

    Fibro is different for everyone. Yes I have breathing problems occasionally and yes it is frightening, burning patches yes. Twitches yes and also internal trembles. The problem is that everything comes and goes and new symptoms pop up all the time The difficulty is knowing what is fibro and what isn't and all fibro folk will admit to assuming that everything is down to fibro when we can actually suffer from more than one condition.  It is still early days after receiving the diagnosis and it will take timeto get used to your "label".  Be kind to yourself and allow adjustment time.  There are many things to help and the fibro folk on here will have lots of ideas for you. For me epsom salt baths help along with fresh food diet, no processed foods or refined sugars or gluten and alternative therapies and supplements. For others - well they will be along to say what works for them.  Listen to your body and rest when needed and you will need to get used to the word "no" when people ask you to do something  you know will cause you to burn out and spend the next few days recovering.   I am sure others will be along soon to give some advice.

    Take care.

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      I burn myself out everyday I don't have a option in that I have a very busy family life with zero help not that I'm complaining.

      I just want my stomach to give me a break I'm just so tired of it all.


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    Hi Vicky, yep, what Maggers says! Jeanne xx
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    Hi Vicky, do you take probiotics, I swear by them and since taking them regularly for years, my stomach has settled.

    It also sounds like you need to rethink your diet, have you been tested for any allergies. Food intolerances can play a big role also. If you could restrict your diet to loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, small servings of chicken, fish and maybe lean meat. Restrict your intake of processed foods, nuts and seeds are generally good for you and ancient grains rather than refined wheat products. Gone are the days when one could eat cream buns and chips with impunity. 

    Extra magnesium supplements can help with constipation as does more roughage in the diet, isn't fibro fun.

    Best of luck



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    hi vicky

    i was diagnosed just over a year ago with fibro i also have gad generalised anxiety disorder which was diagnosed over 2 years ago now. i tried cbt x2 but cancelled as i wasnt ready at the time i have just re asked to do it again. Have you been for cbt for it or been offered as this is supposed to help?

    i too have severe problems with my bowel movements(yukl) i have ibs i had a time last year when i was on the orange powder it didnt work then this liquid that didnt work so i had a enama i think its called i too had a endioscopy but came back normal then i was given morphine sulphate tablets as i was in a lot of pain with my fibro and stomach cramping i never did find out what was wrong with me at that time still dont know think it may be just part of the ibs. i have 12 points out of 18 and am in constant pain on daily basissad mainly back,knees and hands. But i understand what you are saying about anxiety i was told that it triggers my fibro but i dont know how to stop being anxious im not on any medication really for it i take codeine/paracetamol/naproxen for the pain /amitriptylin to try help me sleep and sertraline for depression.i have recently come off tramadol/. Are you on any medications? i hope you dont mind me asking?how does your anxiety affect you? i can be ok then just start panicking for no reason i get like flutters in my chest area and my heart races feels like a bird flapping inside of me when its really bad i have pain up my neck and everything starts going black from the sides. I have had a few things happen to me over the years...i was hit by a car, robbed at work,held up at work, stalked at work and harrassed, and ive been attacked violently. im sorry i really hope that you dont mind me shaaring this with you? im new on the website only about 2 weeks and ive found it useful to talk to people

    all best


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      Hi Melissa, it sounds like you have had a horrible time recently, no wonder you are fairly anxious. I think CBT is a wonderful idea, I find it really helpful, non confrontational.

      I think anxiety is sometimes coupled with stress, and I know when I am feeling stressed my fibro symptoms flare up. 

      Learning to pace yourself and sometimes saying no, I can't do that, is a really important skill to develop, though I know that is not always possible in our busy family lives.

      As for medication have you tried gregablin/lyrica, it works for some people in cutting pain, helps with anxiety and sleep. Finding suitable medication is very much, trial and error, as what works for one person may not work for some one else.



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    According to some experts people with fribro need to learn to say "NO".
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    Good luck seeing the doctor, hope they help. If you are anxious a qualified counsellor, psychiatrist can be really useful and help you put in perspective your health issues, with cognitive behaviour therapy and if needed mild medication.

    I must admit I have a number of the ailments you mention, I have been diagnosed with Fibro, post viral asthma, allergies and intolerances, and take the appropriate medication and avoid the potential triggers as much as possible.

    Good luck with it all, remember you have friends here and keep us posted.



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    The person to see to diagnose fibro is a rheumatologist, he sent me for a blood test bone scan to rule out rhumatoid arthritus he did a pressure point test on different parts of the body their are 18 in total, I got the ful 18. when all the test results came back he said you have fibro he gave me a leaflet about it and sent me back to my gp for pain relief. your gp should refer you to rheumotologist do as much research as you can on it but it sounds like it is fibro I saw loads of specialists lost count of the tests and bloods taken and was finally diagnosed in march 2014 it all started in2004 take care gentle hugs
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