Fibula ORIF 3/15/16 & still can't walk

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Hello All,

Any advice on my situation?  Seems so long and truly starting to think I am never going to walk again. 

Broke my right fibula on 3/8. Rolled my ankle off my shoe getting out of my car and fell.  I am 56 years old.  Extreme swelling and pain upon movement next 24 hrs, unable to place full weight, I was basically hopping on one foot.  Went to walk in clinic on 3/9.  Did plain xray and said ankle was broken.  Put in splint, given NORCO for pain and crutches to walk NWB until I could be seen by see orthopedic surgeon. 

Went to ortho on 3/10/16, he confirmed break and said needed surgery.  When I looked at xray seemed pretty simple fracture of fibular a couple inches above ankle joint (imagine peeling a banana upside down, the fracture looked like one of the peels were lifted upward 1 to 2 incles).  No other alternatives given except surgery.  Said surgery needed to clean out and fix tendons etc and he probably would put in plate with ONE OR TWO SCREWS for fracture stabilization. 

I woke up from surgery on 3/15 (they scheduled quickly and did not wait till swelling was gone as many of you have stated??) and was placed in hospital overnight.  When I asked the nurse to point where the two screws, she said two?  You had a plate with 10 screws put in and one large screw across the ankle.  "WHAT" I said.  Needless to say, doctor never came to visit before I was discharged the next day, his PA came to look at incision, confirmed the hardware was in fact what the nurse said and discharged me w/2 week f/u.  I also had a 13 1/2 inch incision with 21 staples.  They gave me entire leg nerve block prior to surgery so I was numb without pain at this point.  That was the beginning of my nightmare.  I was in a splint from toes to bottom of know and a wrap.  I was told to NWB, use cruthes to walk (argg) and elevate and ice until my 2 week f/u. 

At 2 week f/u, staples removed, incision healing nicely.  NO CAST.  At that point he gave me a walking boot BUT said ONLY WEAR IT FOR SUPPORT AND COULD NOT BEAR ANY WEIGHT FOR ANOTHER 7 WEEKS.  I literally thought he was joking but not, I think I was in shock.  Within 3 days I called and said that was impossible for me, weight of boot was making difficult to hold up leg while walking on crutches never mind seemingly to put me off balance.  Could not sleep in it as pressure of the boot caused ache and pain in my ankle, especially at the incision site.  They told me it was ok to take off when elevating, sleeping and bathing.  Well, since this was bascially was all I was doing at that point at NWB, I only wore the full boot when I went outside to doc appts or to pharmacy with the help of friends driving me.  I used knee scooter to get around house, using just the inside soft wrap of the boot for support (yes, the frankenstein boot actually comes apart). The full boot .. was too painful, caused swelling, pins and needles, discororation (red and purple) and spasms and electrical type sensations that concerned me that the boot was causing more harm then good.  Even the PT could not understand giving me a walking boot when NWB instructions.  He called doc and he okayed the use of the wrap from inside of boot only since I was NWB.     

He also told me at that appointment that after 7 weeks of NWB I needed a 2nd surgery to remove the big screw and that should relieve some of my discomfort, and then we would re-evaluate for WB.  WHAT, again?  I was terrified to move with that big screw in, he said if I bear weight could cause it to break.

F/U four weeks later, doc said bone healed and could start moving ankle during my physical therapy for ROM but still foot off ground.  Surgery was scheduled 3 weeks from that date.  I was doing PT and my ROM was good and hardly any swelling but I was doing all the PT with my foot off ground or in the air.  My calf muscles, significant atrophy since 2 weeks post op.  Excercises 'off' the floor helped ROM but not the muscle atrophy in calf.  

Just had 2nd surgery on 5/16.  Outpatient.  Large screw removed with two regular stitches.  No nerve block this time.  Actually felt some relief that that screw was gone.  Was off the pain meds for two weeks but started again but only do once a day cause they make me sweat, sick to stomach and itch. 

He told me at that time that I could start "WB as tolerated" with PT and boot.  I was so excited, thought I'd be walking in two weeks or less.  And I was scheduled for a F/U 5/28/16.  PT didn't come for 4 days and only came twice, started me ROM and some weight bearing but it has been sooooo painful to bear weight, again, especially in the boot.  I do them every day but extremely difficult, I still think I'm hurting something due to pain.  Not just an ache, sharp shooting pain.  I am very weak, lost weight, sweat a tremendous amount when doing PT and get so exhaused easily sometimes I feel I am going to pass out.        

Two weeks post op appt. doctor said bone healed nicely.  I told him I was having a lot of trouble weight bearing.  Bearing 'partial' weight causes pain in entire leg, a lot in knee, EXTREME SWELLING in ankle and foot and toes after walking on crutches with boot ...  I can do it but only with a lot of pain, still pins and needles and discoloration and aching when foot down or showing with foot just slightly touching ground.  When doing the PT march, I have to still hold my weight with my arms on counter to put weight on right injured leg.  Am I being too agressive thinkng I should be able to stand on one leg, my injured leg, at this point after 11 weeks?  He didn't answer.  Can anyone out there answer?

He gave me a shot of cortizone in knee thinking some inflamation from the knee walker or a meniscus tear and said that should help with WB. 

It's only been 5 days since that appointment and I am working so hard each day to walk in boot, do excercises, massage, everything, etc, etc.  The shot did not help.  The pain and swelling has gotton worse and is today causing me to back off on the WB.  I should be hearing from PT today to schedule an outside appointment.  (How I'm gonna get there since I'm not cleared for driving is another story ...).  I actually feels as though the ankle is broken again, but now having more nerve pain in entire leg.  Even when I take a deep breath, cough or sneeze I feel an electrical shock in my foot.  Weird.   

My questions:  

1.  Have you all had cat scans and or MRI's prior to 1st surgery or was a plain xray good enough?  It seems to me that more investigation should have been done and something could have easily been missed.  Anyone have advice? 

2.  Should I request scan now and if so, what is best; Cat scan or MRI?

3.  At 11 weeks today and I am going crazy, depressed and overthinking every little twinge of pain.  Need some encouragement.  

4.  If I think I have nerve problems, what type of doctor should I see and what type of tests will they do?  

5.  OR is this just normal and just keep following this doctor's instructions.  

6.  I think I should be walking by now.  So many of you are walking at 8 - 10 weeks (again today 11 weeks since 1st surgery, 12 weeks since accident).  I know I'm 56, and that will take more time, but I think I should be full weight bearing.  Am I not being patient enough?


3/15/16 lateral malleolus ORIF (think that just means fibular ORIF).

5/16/16 removal on long screw. 

Any advice is appreciated.  Seems so many of you have had worse situations/breaks and are recovering earlier.  Mostly concerned about future complications and causing more injury when WB since so much ache, shart shotting and nerve pain, swelling and other weird sensations. 

Thanks.  Sorry so long. 


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    Sounds like a second opinion might be a good idea!

    I had my foot reconstructed on March 5 th. I was no wb for 8 weeks with my foot 6" above my heart. I was told up front that it would be that long and that when I started to walk it would be extremely painful! He was not lying! I could only compare it to child birth.

    The Dr told me to push through the pain and after 15 miles of walking it would be less painful.

    Like you about 11 weeks after surgery I was so discouraged I sat and cried for 2 hours. I felt Like I would never be able to put full weight on that foot. But true to what the Dr said after I had walked between 15 and 20 miles over the couple of weeks the pain eased. I don't have the rush of pain when I first put my foot down. It still swells alot and my knee is feeling the stress but 13 weeks post op I limp around the house without crutches and use 1 crutch when I go out.

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      Hello. I just wondered if you had ever used a compression to bandage for the swelling when you know you're going to stand for awhile. Are used it doubled over from my toes up to my knee and back down to my toes again and it really helped. I presume you're using the rice protocols of rest, ice, compress and elevation
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      So funny, exactly what I told my mom yesterday.  Never have I (and I have pretty good pain tolerance) felt anything like this except for when I was in labor with my kids.  Did a lot of crying this week.  It sounds weird but nice to know I'm not alone.  I made an appointment for my primary this Thursday, gonna run everything by her and see what she recommends as far as a 2nd opinion.  I just happened to think maybe the major hot flashes and excessive sweating and weakness go along with a blood test I took the morning of my accident that suggested I'm in menapause and have no estrogen in my system.  When I did my clearance for surgery she mentioned it to me.  When I asked do I need the estrogen, she said to wait till after the surgery and bones heal as apparantely estrogen affects bone health.  I'm still gonna do my PT and hope that I can walk the miles and have that break through you did in a couple of weeks, but one step at a time.  Thanks so much for your reply. 
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    I will reply at length later. To let you know that I am 19 weeks and still haven't walked properly without the aid of a crutch yet. One thing that this teaches his patience. I think the tendency to overthink is huge so I can understand your concerns. Actually dictating this having just come out of surgery myself as I needed guided steroid injections because I have diagnose with Synovitis which has prevented me from weight-bearing without severe pain. I was also unable to do anything exercises because they also developed pain.. Will get back to you
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    Never again. I think 10 weeks is very early days. I'm still recovering will be six months to a year if you're thinking in terms of fully weight-bearing and reduction in swelling


    I only had x-ray prior to my surgery following the break of my tibia and Fibula IN January at the ankle. I have plates and pins and was in a surgical boot 24 hours a day for the first two months and spent most my time with my foot elevated. To get around I used a Zimmer frame and hopped.

    As I previously said, I could not walk at 19 weeks for longer than 10 minutes when my foot and ankle would collapse amd swell and I would have searing pain and be unable to hold my weight even with one crutch.

    I was so fed up with my surgeon's dismissive attitude and continual x-raying that I went for a second opinion.

    I Was told that because I had so much hardware inside, the MRI would not be appropriate and was sent for a cat scan and an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed severe inflammation and I was diagnosed with synovitis. The CT Scan showed there was slight damage to the base of the tibia which may require arthroscopy at a later stage. So I have now just undergone some guided steroid injections under sedation.

    I Had always felt there was an inflammatory issue because the only time I gained relief was when I took anti-inflammatory medication but as these affected my stomach negatively, there was only a limit to how many I could take. The guided steroid targets the Area directly. Had my original surgeon listen to me over the past six weeks, maybe I would've found a solution earlier.

    So always go with your instincts but try not to get your worries overcome you and if your doctor is not helping and go seek a second opinion


    I am nearly 70 an active daily walker and and these past five months have pushed me to my limits. I have never, ever felt so down and so low and so tearful and vulnerable so I think your responses are to be expected. I will so think recovery and healing takes longer when one is older, another thing that my doctor dismissed when I suggested this


    What is ORIF Surgery?

    An open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) refers to a surgical procedure to fix a severe bone fracture, or break. “Open reduction” means surgery is needed to realign the bone fracture into the normal position. “Internal fixation” refers to the steel rods, screws, or plates used to keep the bone fracture stable in order to heal the right way


    I presume your doc has given you recommendations

At ten weeks, I started RICE protocols. REST : ICE : COMPRESSION : ELEVATION


For swelling, I knew I was going to be standing for example in the kitchen for a while even though I was using a Zimmer frame and was not weight-bearing for a long time , I found that a compression bandage tube doubled up from foot up to knee and back again, really helped.


I also have Epsom salts foot baths every morning starting with hot water for 10/15 minutes and then cold water for 10. I then massage my foot and calf and do scar tissue massage with a tiny bit of bio-oil and then my exercises and then elevate with ice packs.

 I do worry about adhesions and had had foot surgery before so I know how to do Scottish you massage. You have to be careful with this though there aren't very good YouTube guides. Although scar tissue massage can feel painful, after it my foot has more mobility. Long-term is the adhesions that can create restriction in movement. There are is your therapists who specifically specialise in Scottish you massage so it's always worth having that experience before you embark upon yourself


    Anything that restored my foot to feeling anywhere near normal was VOLTAROL anti-inflammatory or Naproxen but you have to be very careful with these because they are negatively impact upon the stomach but it did give me a window of opportunity is to feel normal for a few hours

    I been taking vitamin D & C supplements daily

    As I said before if you have any concerns, do you trust your own instincts and if your surgeon is not allowing your fears or is being dismissive, go seek a a. second opinion.

    I also went through periods despairing that I would ever be able to walk properly again or without a limp and certainly in the last five days as I come up to 5 months post surgery I can see a difference. I also decided a month ago to stop physio and have been doing my own physio at home

    She well with your recovery

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      Corrections. Sorry I have just come out of sedation so my responses are a bit garbled


 I do worry about adhesions and had had foot surgery before so I know how to do scar tissue massage. You have to be careful with this though and THERE ARE VERY GOOD YOUTUBE Guides. Although scar tissue massage can feel painful, after it my foot has more mobility. Long-term it is the adhesions that can create restriction in movement. There are Physiotherapists who specifically specialise in scar tissue massage so it's always worth having that experience before you embark upon it yourself

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      Wonderful reply, thanks so much.  Good point on the MRI vs Cat scan, shoud have realized that. 

      Today I took the anti-inflamatory that I had left over from first surgery and iced and elevated all day.  Feel as though I'm getting that break you spoke of for once in 3 days, swelling came down significantely when I just now checked.  Seem that inflammation is causing most of the hard pain ... walking while swollen hurts big time.  Still have pins and needles but havn't had my foot on ground at all today so that's expected due to blood flow I think.  Was avoiding the anti-inflam for same reason as you but will start back daily since I'm swelling so bad since WB.  Will be careful on eating, etc. as needed to avoid the stomach issues I get as well.  Rather that upset my stomach then the pain meds which is why I backed off on those so quickly.  Hate NORCO.  Today proved to me I definitely need the anti-inflams IN ADDITION to ICING AND ELEVATION. 

      I will start the vitiman D as I was told I had a deficiency in the past.  I asked specifically to my doc 5 days ago is there any supplements that can help and he said no.  Guess some docs just don't believe in them. 

      I was doing physio at home also after only two visits that were approved by insurance for at home. But the doc did give me a new script this past Friday for additional visits at a Phsio office and waiting for a call back from them to make appt. How I'm going to drive there will be another story.  Maybe a cab. 

      Nurse told me this morning in my 'panic call' that Doc just approved me to submit my foot in water for bath or swimming so will also try epson salt suggestion. I was looking so forward to submerging foot in water.  My incision is completely closed so didn't understand why I was restricted.  Guess you have to ask everything. 

      I don't know why he did not even come close to suggesting some of these things, he didn't suggest anything except more phisio and told me the pain was normal!!   Which I realize I am going to have pain but didn't expect this much.  He could of said, are you taking your anti-inflamatory, pain meds, try some hot foot soaks, massage, etc.  Nothing. 

      I've wrapped with ace bandage ever since first surgery just in foot and ankle area.  Keeps me conscious of my foot so as to not get it close to anything or bang when rolling on knee scooter in addition to providing some compression.  Leave off occasionally, like after showering to dry out and use lotion to massage dry areas a little.  Will try on calf as well, only been a week PWB and now have pains in calf. even when on knee walker.  If I wear a sock, it causing ridging, a cutting sensation on the edges so have preferred the ace, but the full bottom leg sounds like a plan. Will definitely try compression stocking as foot becomes less hypersensitive.  

      Also will definitely go find a place that does Scottish massage or maybe Physio place will do I hope and teach myself to do at home. 

      I am so glad I found this forum.  

      Thank you sooooo much for the time you took to respond.  You have helped tremendousley and I appreciate the time you took.  One last question:  Just for my future reference, what type of doctor is doing the steroid injections in your foot to help with the inflammation?   

      Sounds like you have been agressive in your recovery and helped me to know I need to be as well.  Much wishes to you in your continued recovery. I have lots of work to do but feel mush better about it since reading these posts.         

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      Thank you so much for your generous response. I'm now back from hospital.

      When I went for my second opinion I went back to my original bunion surgeon from four years ago. Unortunately, he was unavailable to do my ORIF surgery.

      Last week he referred me to his radiologist for the ultrasound and he identified the inflammation in certain spots of my foot which showed up in red. With this as a guide my surgeon carried out the guided steroid injections whilst I was under sedation and with the ultra sound as a guide, my surgeon carried out the guided steroid injections

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      I am typing this response in small segments because I keep getting directed to some awful video.

      Steroid injections can be carried out by consultants, radiologists or podiatrists. They don't have to be done under sedation. I am just a wimp Who has been worn out by Stress and worry of it all and the continual pain so I was too vulnerable to have it without the sedation

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      I forgot to mention that in order to protect my stomach, I take a Omeprazole on the morning of those days that I intend to take the anti-inflammatory with my breakfast.

      Another thing I forgot to mention was that I experienced my foot giving way or, you could call it, my ankle is giving way either on the inside or the outside which actually made me feel as if I was walking on bare stumps.

      Wanted find a way of supporting my foot because the ankle braces hurt. If you go to YouTube and look up the KT tape information videos you will find one specifically for Ankle only et cetera. They very clearly explain how to apply this amazing tape. Bought it on a precut strip role and would apply it with the required stretch over and under my foot and it would act like an outside supportive muscle it on a precut strip role and would apply it with the required stretch over and under my foot and it would act like an outside supportive muscle. I didn't need the amount that they showed on the YouTube and just adapted it to myself but you have to be careful with this and be sure you feel comfortable at this generally it is applied by a podiatrist or a physiotherapist

      I wish you well in your recovery.

      It is quite a scary road but a lot of the worry with my oversensitivity, my hypervigilance, and the difficulty in managing the unknown.

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      I just replied to you about a meditation tape and I saw on YouTube for meditation post surgery. For some reason they are mediating my content so I would just recommend you look it up for yourself. All the best
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      I have to be off my feet for the next 2 1/2 days just do minimal things around the house. I get back to see him in two weeks. I have had steroid injections for my trigger finger before and they work within 24 hours but, of course, this is slightly different as there is so much softish you damage around that. I hear can take up to a year or more to heal. I have a couple of other races but I'm trying not to get overly worried or overly occupied with them.

      What I have learned with this break is that every day seems to be a moving target. One day one part will hurt or feel old or feel displaced will be swollen or feel sharp but the next it will all change again so I needn't have been too concerned in the first place. The pain is going to be there because there is such a lot of healing to do and all impacts at different times.

      I'm still not walking bare feet that's when I started to do that is stretch my achilles so much some of my foot muscles and the ankle went into spasm.

      So, if the steroid works imagine there will be new challenges ahead.

      I Imagine you will keep in touch with your recovery

      Best wishes

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      Hi again, Anxious to hear how you are doing throughout the week.  I'm hoping all goes well in your favor. 

      I asked about your new doctor becaue I have a pain managment doc that does injections and therapy (for my back problems) and I may ask him if he knows of and diagnosis/treats the Synnovitis condition just in case my issues continue.  I believe he is actually a anesthesiologist so not sure he will but could give possibly give me recommendations if I need in future.  Have not had any back shots in a while but he puts me under sedation cause I have anxiety problems and would typically pass out anyway.  :-)  And you are far from being a wimp!  

      I was just up a bit, no longer then 10 minutes and swelling and redness coming back so leg up again and gonna ice.  My plan as of today is to  bear less weight each day for 3 days and then try to increase every three days, not gonna rush anymore.  These last three days of trying to push through the pain were the worst, thinking more pain, more gain.  That may work with excercise, but I don't think, at lease for me, it's gonna work while inflammed and swollen.  In between, I will work on all your other suggestions.  That should keep me from getting too much inside my head with bad thoughts. 

      Just for your info, my prescription anti-inflamatory is called Mobic (Meloxicam), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) 15 Mg 1X daily.  Gonna call Ortho Doctor tomorrow to see if I can take two a day and see what he says.  For my stomach, I take prescription Pantooprazole SOD DR (Protonix) 40 mg first thing each morning with a big glass of water and then was instructed not to eat or take anything else for an hour.  I started Protonix prior to surgery just for stomach issues that I've had for long time and and it really helps me a lot.  I used to take tons of advil for my back problems and I think that's what caused the issues in my tummy.  

      Wishes that you sleep well tonight and awaken tomorrow and feel some progress. 


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      Omeprazole similar to Protonix.  Think we are on the same page in much of this.  I will look for KT tape info too.  Love YouTube. 

      Curious, do you still walk in the dreaded boot with the tape inside?  As I mentioned I use ace bandage when inside or outside of boot.  For me, I think the boot causes more aggrevation, inflammation the pain. 

      My anxiety overwhelms me with the fear of the future.  But I am determined not to give up. Can't thank you enough for your help.  I really think YOU have already made a positive difference in my recovery 4SUR.  

      My best wishes to you as well. 

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      To put the timeframe into context :-

      Had a cast for two weeks post surgery with plates and pins until the stitches came out

      Then surgical boot 24 hours a day with my foot elevated for most of the next seven weeks

      During that time I started light physio therapy when the physiotherapist would remove the bootand I was given uktra sound and light massage.

      I was extremely nervous at this time very very cautious about the exercises I was given today

      The physiotherapist wasn't qualified to give me scar tissue massage so I started this myself very, very lightly to begin with

      I never weight beared at all during the time I wore my boot

      So for the first eight weeks, I lived on the ground floor of my home and used a Zimmer frame to hop about

      Even when it was removed at about two months I progressed to using two crutches and still hopped about. So, at this time, when I was standing more for example in the kitchen, I found the compression tune doubled up from totally back again very helpful. During this time I was also using, with the advice from my physio, a yoga band to contribute to my exercise program. This is when I was bathing my foot every morning and hot and cold water and most beneficial was my massaging very firmly in my calf and then the scar tissue massage which I would follow straight away with my exercises. The whole process would take an hour in the morning and less at night but it really did improve the flexibility of my foot.

      10 weeks I attempted to put my foot down about 50% using two crutches

      It was only when I started walking at about 12 weeks (I never went out without taking one crutch with me and I still do at 20 weeks because my foot will give way), I started to developed severe pain around and under the tibia and fibula.

      It was then that I starred to use the KT when it was clear that one ankle or another needed further support

      I think I mentioned before, every day presented a new challenge. Every day pain I'm feeling was a moving target and trying to analyse what was going on occupied so many of my thoughts and my time researching online which often led to sadness, despondency, crying and, sometimes, absolute meltdowns. I've never been like this in my life so this was an added shock which I don't think helped my recovery. Reading everybody's posts here in this form has helped because others, clearly, don't feel the same

      Post the steroid injections I have had a good night sleep but my foot is very sore around the injection site and I'm going to take it easy with my foot elevated for the next couple of days

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      Wow. Why did I think you had a knee problem in good leg. I must have got you mixed up with Patti or someone else. I was a mess after my injection last night.

      My timeline way too long.

      My Physio called in today. He checked my broken leg and my Bakers cyst. Am lucky he calls at our house.

      He said my Bakers Cyst a mess, and steroid injection will take a few days to work. I can't straighten leg, nor bend it more than 10%.

      My plated screwed fibula leg is making progress. But progress hindered by 'good' leg. Exactly what Specialist said yesterday. Winters here today. I can't wait until I can get out even tho it will be a little more dangerous. I have to live upstairs in middle of our 3 storied house. Downstairs is garaging and laundry. Upper story, superlounge. I have an external stairlift to leave house. I've got to get strong to enable plate and screws to be removed. If they removed them now, my leg would crumble.

      Thanks for your story.


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      My gosh.  You are in a difficult position.  How did you get an external stairlift.  i had to hire a bed with electric mattress for the first four months and lived on the ground floor as i live in a three-story home too and couldnt get upstairs.
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      My story so silimar.  Except my doc didn't cast me.  Put on splint after surgery and at 2 weeks when staples came out put me in boot. 

      Was feeling nerve sensations and had discolorations when not weight bearing for the 10 weeks.  My foot was off the ground (except directly after surgery on occasion to rest on floor when seated now and then, like during dinner time or when on computer) for like a minute now and then, but no weight.  Due to uncomforable feeling when putting foot in down position (even with boot) and numbness, I would pick it up and let it rest on seat of my walker.  When told it was due to blood flow and normal, starting eating and working at computer with foot up always.  When no boot, like in shower, it was almost black in color when I got out, but once up, turned back to normal color in few minutes.  I hopped a lot when doing chores and showering to get to bath area, used shower chair, but had to stand on one leg to rinse. 

      I did some physio excercies daily from day 5 of 1st surgery with help of about 4 PT home teaching visits, all was in boot with foot OFF floor so were more leg strenghening type excercises, no foot action yet. Most were lying down. 

      At I think my 6 week follow up doctor said I could move ankle so started range of motion excercies myself.  Did really well, no issues with swelling and very little pain.   

      I basically rarely had pain or swelling (rarely used ice) until I began to weight bear (about 10 week mark) on 5/20 with new phsio therapist after 2nd surgery on 5/16, also used yoga band.  Doctor said I could weight bear as tolerated. Range of motion was great so therapist started me walking with crutches and boot PWB and do little marches holding on to counter.  That's when the excruciating pain started and I had to say NO, I can't bear any weight at all.  My leg would collapse and started to have shooting knee pain and ankle pain same area as yours.  Think I was trying to stand on bad foot without holding on to counter.  Felt like ankle broken all over again. She pushed me to continue but hold on, not bear full weight.  But even with partial weight bearing, I was in excruciating pain, and the redness and extreme swelling started.  Seen doctor 5/27, he did xray, all fine.  Told him of my problems bearing weight, he said all normal and gave me steriod shot in knee to see if helped with knee pain and bearing weight.  It helped with knee (but I think that was from kneeling on scooter for 10 weeks) but did not help the pain when trying to bear weight.         

      Anyway, as you know I stopped trying to bear any weight yesterday.    Something didn't seem right.  Can't see side ankle bones anymore again.  Maybe I just overdid a bit, when I spoke to nurse she agreed I need to wait until swelling goes completely away between phsio sessions.  Hopefully I will start to have better results by slowing down and using several of your suggestions on soaking, anti inflammatories, massage (doc said I could have massage) etc...  

      I sure hope so, driving myself crazy online ;-)  It's just too much.  Sad to say I don't have much confidence in doctors from past experiences so that's why researching like cray.  Gotta stop, way too much scary stuff out there.  I should know enough by now, especially since seeing this site, to move forward.  If no improvement by my next appointment on 6/17 (it will then be 14 weeks) I will be more agressive with the doctor or seek another opinion.  

      I've had many steriod shots in past, in back, neck and now knee.  It's normal to hurt at site injection and you are doing the right thing to take it easy the next couple of days.  

      My best to you in hopes that this is your final cure and you'll be back up walking with full confidence real soon.     

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      Well I agree with you to listen to your instincts. I made a decision to stop physiotherapy and go at my own pace. When the foot is responding so negatively and there is a demand to continue with exercise and physio, it feels like there is no chance for healing and recovery before the next assault in the foot and leg

      My foot is sore today from the steroid injections and, unfortunately, I still have the sharp pain underneath each ankle bone. So I will give it a chance and not do any weight bearing for the next couple of days but, it seems to me, that I will still need recourse for anti-inflammatories.

      It really is the most tricky of injuries with every day, as I said before, a scary, uncertain and moving target.

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    • Posted

      I soooo appreciate your support and sharing of info. 

      I was told it could take 24 to 48 hours for steriods injections to work and may take more then one.  So please keep your chin up and I will keep hoping for you as well. 

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    • Posted

      I'm still sore from steroid jab. Hasn't worked yet. Tagged along to my husbands Drs visit. Dr said I could expect 2 days at least of worse pain, then the swelling should ease. I've just about forgotten about my weak broken plated leg as my bakers cyst so inflamed I still can't bend or straighten it.

      Hell it hurt going in. But I'm sure I'll notice the difference soon.


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    • Posted

      Thank you for your note

      I have the guided steroid on Tuesday afternoon and was told to rest my foot and not exert myself for 2 to 3 days.

      Exactly 24 hours post procedure, I noticed my face, particularly my cheeks, what exceedingly flashed and I was beginning to have a light headache

      I realise the consultant had about an hour to go of his clinic as he is away on holiday for the rest of the following week. I called his secretary and emailed a photograph of my face and within 20 minutes she had come back to me to say consultant said I had a STEROID FLARE !!!

      Unbelievable. Whatever next.

      Looked it up and it said that is very prevalent in women over 55, that rest is important and that it should disappear within three days

      I can't believe it's now June and nearly half a year has gone since my accident beginning of January and my life is on hold

      This is not a depressive rant I do wonder when it is all going to end and I reckon that I won't be really right until the end of the year. I am nearly 70 but was working and very, very active and this enforced confinement and disability is an experience with which I am unfamiliar and never want to repeat again.

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    • Posted

      Snap- oops that's a 4 letter word.

      What I mean is that I have been getting the red hot face. Had me scared. Worse than a hot flush. Just creeps up on me.

      I'm going to look it up. I'm 55. 5 years post menopause.

      Yep I sure didn't ask to join this club- Broken bone club.

      Hope my membership expires soon. 34th week come Saturday.


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    • Posted

      Unvelievable is right.  Sorry, I have been off line a couple of days.  I am so shocked and sorry to hear of this issue.  Life on hold is putting it mildly.  If I don't start progressing soon, I fear the men in white will come to take me away. 

      Has it disappeared as they said?  And good come of the injection? 

      I started partial weight bearing again with crutches, short skits so to speak, a few times a day and careful not to overdo.  I do start physiotherapy Monday at a place 1/2 mile from home that has acquatic in addition to massage therapy.  Can't wait. 

      Good thoughts coming your way for continued strength with what ever next steps you are faced with ahead. 

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    • Posted

      Many thanks for your note. All the information pain seems to have gone since I had the steroid injections but, I'm not holding my breath, because I'm too frightened to even imagine that this might help me turn the corner. I don't want to tempt providence but it does feel much better for the first time in five months 🎈
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    • Posted

      Great news.  May be you did just turn ther corner.  I'm hoping so.  But I surely understand.  I'm learning that lowered expectations is better than the dissappointment that comes with the high ones I'm sure we all have experienced.  Best.  
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    • Posted

      Totally agree. This is a much more complex, physically, psychologically and emotionally draining injury and recovery process than I could have ever anticipated. May be better not to know and just deal with stuff as it happens.
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    • Posted

      I feel the same. Scared of not healing, petrified of healing. My steroid injection has reduced swelling. They put in 5mils. How much did you get? I'm still getting up in middle of night for panadol and ibuprofen. Have been past week. Forgot last night. Woke up a little sore.

      Whole business leaves us in a state of anxiety and at the mercy of the hospital as and the universe.

      I actually wrote a song called the ACC, A&E, and St Johns Blues. Performed it to my surgeon many a time with new verses as the chapters roll out and disaster unfolds.

      Haha. Gotta keep n self amused!


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