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When you were drinking did you waste a lot of money 

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    On booze or in general?

    £200/month is the rough monthly wine bill in this house, though that is between two of us. Some of it leads to pleasant evenings with the missus but half is waste really.

    All money spent on booze is pretty much wasted, though I often find that I frequently neglected other aspects of financial management at the same time, paying bills late when there was no need to etc.


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    Rather a strange opening topic!!

    My honest answer is yes and no

    Yes I wasted some money on booze. Buying and drinking alcohol which because I'd drunk so much, more often than not resulted in my being sick in the toilet. 

    I also made some some bad decisions after a few drinks. The worst was in Cape Verde. OH had gone on a diving trip and I was sitting having lunch with wine, rather more a case of having wine with lunch!

    To cut a long story short, I signed up for a timeshare, a mere 25k for a week in Cape Verde, which I'd said the day before was nice to have been, but no desire to visit again.

    Luckily OH returned and I proudly showed him the paperwork for a penthouse suite! After his colour returned, and a couple of swift brandies, he read the so called 'contract' and was pleased to see there was a 7 day cooling off period. He also noted the salesman had omitted to date it, he'd also not signed it. Therefore the contract was invalid. He found the salesman, tore it up in front of him and we left. Never heard another word. So I could have wasted a lot of money.

    I wasted more money on stupid things rather than just the cost of a bottle of wine. The alcohol resulted in my buying things like jewelry, expensive clothes I didn't wear or even need. Loads of things I'd never have even looked at when sober.

    Things like buying lunch with wine, with a couple of friends, spending the afternoon drinking and me paying, I don't consider a waste of money.

    I can't add much more other than repeat yes I wasted money sometimes when drinking. Agreeing to loan (rather give!) my son some money towards a car after I'd had a few drinks, I don't consider to be a waste.

    Ive answered your question, my turn now, why do you want to know?

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      Ebay is the enemy after a bottle or two for sure. Though as a result I do now have a very nice £500 watch that I would never have bought sober lol

      That said, I do see people squandering plenty of money while sober, especially around new cars so I suppose one could just call it a hobby.


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      Ebay is something I've never used and never will.

      now I think about it, I've ordered stuff I'd never had ordered when sober from amazon

      Ive just bought a new car for my husband, but I don't think it's squandering money.


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    Five grand+ a year for decades. The only thing that cheers me up, is I put a lot more in property, which did well. So I earnt it a lot faster than I could drink it.
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      Trust you to come up smelling of roses! You're up late!

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      All the money in the world is no good to you, if you are not around to enjoy it. Yeah, been watching '80s music vids on Sky and reminiscing.

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      Totally off topic I know, but I'm chilling out now and counting down for my hols on Saturday.

      With me being just a little bit older than you, I much prefer 70s mowtown, or reminiscing about northern soul weekends up at Wigan Pier, they were good times

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    £30k at least over the years and perhaps more.

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      OMG seeing £30k and RHGBs £5k for decades is a frightening thought, so I'm not going to attempt to work it out.

      I know at one time I had about ten credit and store cards, and ended up with them all maxed out. Robbing peter to pay paul, not opening statements or telling the kids to answer the phone and say I was out

      I was ok paying the minimum monthly payments when I was working, but after my accident I couldn't work for a year and that's when the trouble started. Like an idiot I didn't tell my husband, and he found a letter from a debt collecting agency. Thank god he did, and he paid them all off. The apr was really high, along with late payment fees, cheques bouncing all over the place. Thinking about it now it was probably about £15k 20+ years ago.

      Ive never had a credit or store card since and never will.

      Money can never buy happiness, but it certainly helps. To be honest, I had 3 kids under 5, I worked nights as a hospital ward clerk, money was tight. A week in a mobile home in wales was a luxury, but they were probably some of the happiest times in my life. I couldn't buy the kids a lot of what their friends had, but I did give them my time and they never really moaned. In fact our house was nearly always full of their friends whose mums worked full time. Do I regret not working and giving them material things? I sure as hell don't!! Oh I sound like a right saddo don't I?

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      I meant to add that I enjoyed drinking, the problem drinking and binges really started when they were a bit older
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      £30k is over 30+ years and normal. Notsofast replied £200 per month nad 20 years is £24k it out and I am not surprised

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      No not a saddo - just honest - respect my friend smile x
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      To be honest I spend more when I'm not drinking. New clothes, make up as I feel an urgent to treat myself plus presents for my OH.oh and the dog is so spoilt lol she has a bigger collection of Star wars toys than most children (the Yoda with 8 squeakers was not my best idea and I was sober at the time)

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    Hi Sunny.

    Seems a strange question. I hate to think how much drinking has cost me and am staring to view all drinking as a waste of money

    It never ends well for me anymore and it can cost more than the booze itself. I took unpaid leave from work and spent £1000's on residential rehab, lent £5000 to a so called friend I'd known for years who then moved. I wouldnt have done that unless drunk. Ended up paying for solicitors and barristers on the two occasions my ex took me to Court for child custody, got into a relationship.with a stoner and ended up paying his bills buying his food and his weed because I was too drunk to care. Drinking can cost money in ways you can't anticipate

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