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Hi all,

Some of you have been very helpful with my previous thread about tapering mirt. Thanks!

Well, after 1.5 years of tapering, I'm finally off the two drugs I was on. Not sure what to expect now...

Should I be feeling a big difference soon? Does the substance stay in the body for a while? Will it take time for my body and brain to adjust back to normal?

The main thing that bothered me during tapering was fatigue, drowziness etc. That's already a bit better during the 3 days since the last dose. However, during the last month, including now, I've been extremely irritable, zero patience, a very irritable stomach, and still, if I don't sleep at least 8 hours, can't get through the day. Now, I'm really not sure if this is going back to my old self (let's face it, I started taking the drugs because of anxiety, OCD, etc') or withdrawal symptoms??? Can anyone share his or her experience and shed light on these questions? I'm mainly doing my best to be glad I've finished the process but a bit morr clarity on the future would be helpful and relieving.


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    I do not think anyone can tell you what to expect - as we are all different. 

    I cannot speak from experience either.

    You are among the huge number of people who are determined to get off mirt at any cost.  I cannot understand that.  You say you were all right up until a month ago - so is it so bad to return to the dose you took then?  I imagine that was a very low dose since you have been tapering for 1.5 years.

    Best wishes.          

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      I was not right at all :-(

      Like everyone else, I really needed to get off the meds for all the different reasons. However, like everyone else, the last part of tapering was the hardest, mainly because of extreme fatigue, restlesness, etc'. I can't go back to that dose because then I'll continue being a zombie...

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    Hi Violet,

    It's not very often we get the opportunity to talk to folk at your stage ... it would be really interesting to see how you go.  Firstly I wonder what kind of taper you did, from what mg & what dose & for how long each time, personally from all that I have read, I think this is key to your repair.

    Most people think during wd or at zero that their old symptoms are coming back, doctors love to chase the wd withh another drug ~ so I'd say to watch that one carefully.  

    Everyone is different so it is hard to know how it will be for you, if you came down quickly it could be the reason for your upset sensitive tum, I've been withdrawing too and fatigue seems to be the hard bit, at the present time.

    Let us know how you go, be sure to look after yorself, there is lots of advice for supplements, but again, everyone needs are different, I went to the herbalist and discussed it.  

    I hope it goes ok for you, and wish you well x

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      I started tapering under the supervision of an MD who practices orthomolecular medicine. You can read about it online. It is a very simple practice which uses a combination of vitamins, minerals and other natural things (L-Theanine, Insoitol etc') to treat mental disroders. They have vast independent clinical research. I wasn't 100% focused and determined so each time I reduced a bit and hit a wall, I stopped for a while, then continued reducing very small amounts each day or every few days. I started on to meds (Anafranil 225 mg and Mirt 15mg) so it took a very long time...

      Now I'm off the last one (mirt) for about 4 days. I'm feeling very, very anxious. I just don't know if this is going back to what I was many years ago without medication (I was very anxious then) or perhaps this is somewhat part of the withdrawal symptoms. I don't recall being soooo anxious, so I'm hoping it will get better. Inositol seems to help but it really makes me drowsy so I don't know how much I'll be able to use this, especially during the week, when I need to go to work.


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      Hi Violet

      So sorry for your suffering; to do a wd for 18 months would seem to be long enough, but its how you did it that is the concern  ??.  It is recommended that wd from AD's should be no more than 10% per month, even this is too harsh for some folk.  I personally have been withdrawing for 5 months at a pace of 5% every 2 or 3 weeks (from Mirt 15 mg).  And never to wd from two at the same time.  

      It does sound like you are experiencing some wd effects I would say, definately, not your old symptoms, I wouldn't let yourself worry about that your old symptoms for now, try and be positive and keep looking forwards, not back.  It is hard to say how long this may last for, and I would imagine that you need the orthomolecular  now more than before, if this is your chosen route to being "back to life" as they call it.  

      Maybe for the anxiety have a look at Avena Sativa, Kalms, Naturacalm & bach flower remedies ~ these gentle remedies can be a good source of natural help whilst your brain is struggling for normality.  Or indeed speak to your local herbalist; I take a supplements, a megga stress type that I am hoping will aid the road back home.

      I hope you find some peace from the storm Violet, it's so hard when dealing with the anx' that is so disturbing.  


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    Hi violet, I've been off the devils pill now for three and a bit years, thank god... It was an awful experience, the depression it gave me was the worst and it gave me major panic attacks and high anxieties, which I never had before taken that mirt..

    After 3 month of mental withdrawal I was put on sertraline which lifted me no end. I sometimes wonder if it was the fact that spring occurred at that time. I suffer from really bad SAD.

    It's hard to no what normality is but after 1.5 years I'm sure you have found it again with all it's little hang ups... Well done you should be proud of yourself :-)

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