first gout attack and so many questions

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Afternoon all

as title, just before Christmas I woke up in the night with a swollen and extremely painful right foot around the knuckle of big toe. The pain was so bad that a trip to AandE on Boxing Day ensued. Was passed to Meddoc and he said possibly gout and prescribed Nuproxan. Started on the medication and got into GP on the Wednesday. He confirmed possibly Gout and to carry on medication and have a blood test next week. After 3 days was suffering with really bad side effects so advised by GP to stop and continue with just over counter paracetamol or ibuprofen. Was the prescribed nuproxan again with another tablet to counteract the side effects. After 3 days side effects came back so returned to another GP at surgery and taken off nuproxan and given stronger painkillers. The swelling and redness has now gone down but still painful. It's been 2 weeks and still painful and uncomfortable, any ideas on how long this will last?

i know a diet change is in the offing but is there a book or list somewhere as to what's good/bad rather than the general lists I can find where Alcohol, Seafood and red meats are bad and dairy, fruit and veg are good. I don't drink alcohol or eat seafood and limit meat intake, but a more definitive list would be appreciated.

its a big scary new world out there and any help would be appreciated, GP says we will have to wait for second attack before discussing medication and diet but I would like to start altering my lifestyle now!

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    First maybe you'll never have another attack. Some don't.

    Second drink loads of water. It helps the gout and will protect your organs.

    The list is pretty much as you said plus offal being worse than steak.

    Get the blood test when you have no symptoms.

    Colchesine would probably work better than pain killers (or in combo)

    Get to your correct weight would help too.

    If you get several attacks think about allopurinol.

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    I have had gout on and off now for over 2 years, and at the present time having a bad bout, in my knee and hand so I can sympathise with you. I am on medication Allinporinal 600mg , max dose is 900mg and diclofanac but seem to be taking more and more of this I don't drink, eat red meat and very little dairy products, no milk, and certainly not obese,  so I also would appreciate help.

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    Over the last 10+ years I had three attacksof gout in both feet and on each occation I was prescibed Naproxen and after three or so weeks the gout eventually subsided and disappeared. I foolishly thought that if I had not been taking the Naproxen the sitution would have been a lot worse!

    Exactly one year agot I had and attack in both feet - an impossobe situation - and I desided that It could not continue.

    The result of this, after a somewht prolong and heated discussion withe my doctor I was proscribed Colchin whith the warniing that it could produce all sort of terrible side effects - in my case it did not - after a week I strated taking Alopruinol with the  understanding that this could induce further attacks. It did but only mild ones ( 2 ). A year later, If things continue the way they are I am free of gout.

    Naproxen and other simular drugs are useless  why they are prescibed I can only guess at!

    Do what I have suggested NOW! from my experience it will save you a lot of pain and discomfort.

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      Thanks have been back to doctors today as was very painful today, he said my blood test is indicative of gout but now wants an X-ray of foot because he feels there could be an underlying problem masked by gout?

      and so it continues

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      This is what he wants to check out whether there is more to this as the swelling and redness has gone but it's still like walking on glass and pain across top of foot?

      To be honest he was not sure why the other GP ordered a blood test during the attack and will get me to do another one once the pain etc has gone.

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    sorry to hear about your recent gout attack. I am very fit 60 year male. I cycle to and from work 6 days a week (20 mile round journey) and eat as healthily as poss. However I do have periods of excess where I drink too much etc. I have had several bouts of gout. In the foot, knee and hand. As you will know by now there is No pain like it. Been gout free for over three years but I recently had an attack in September bought on by a bad fall at work. Trauma can bring it on. With the trauma of the fall I also decided it was time to drink a little beer and whisky. Big mistake. Gout in fingers and hands is bad news. Got back on an even keel but in the lead up to christmas had a few too many red wines (this seems to be my particular catalyst) and got a twitch in my left foot which developed into full blown gout. it was a big mistake to think I could just change my diet and it would disappear.4 weeks later just as it was getting better I had an overnight acute attack. Nevre had such a quick attack before. One minute I was eating my dinner next second I was screaming on the floor with the pain. I couldnt believe I was getting a second attack. Finally got to doctors and been taking Colchacine for three days and the gout is receeding.A couple of things I would say to you. Gout attacks do get worse, I have had many pains over the years  being a very active sportsman all my life. Broken ribs and infected ankes do not come close to this demon problem. Coping wit hthis latest attack for the last six weeks has nearly broken me . I have cried with the pain on several occasions. If I could give you any advice it would be to never get smug and think that gout is beaten. It is always there waiting to bite the minute you overabuse. Try to live a good lifestyle, exercise as much as poss and always always take anti-inflammetories or a prescribed medicine as soon as you feel gout coming on. Taking Cherry juice every day is good and drinking loads or water helps but fidning your best remedy seems to different for each. Remember though once the first attack is over never think it wont come back.

    I thought I had it beaten and got careless and now regret it.

    I have decided to live the rest of my life tea total in the hope it will stop gout returning. Yes the pain is that bad that I would gladly swop drink for a life without gout. If only this would guarantee it, then its a done deal as far as Im concerned

    If you follow a mainly sensible diet and exercise program you can limit your gout attacks in the future. All the best

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