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Gout and Pseudogout

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  • jeff5518 2

    New to Gout

    I need help. this is all new to me. Im 55 yr male. 12days ago came down with gout. The Dr. wont perscribe any meds because my kidneys arnt the best. Going to aruba in 24 days. is there something out there that will stop the gout so that i can drink alcohol there. I have changed my diet allready.

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  • david46345 2

    Testing uric acid levels, self test kits?

    What is best way to test urate levels without going to gp/lab which is too inconvenient and time consuming if you do it regularly. I have seen some test kits available on ebay, are they any good? Thanks

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  • BettyE 3

    First Attack

    Experienced my first ( and I hope last!) attack of gout right out of the blue last Wed. sleep at all that night. Foot was so painful. By morning a bit better but hobbled all day. Saw GP Thursday and she confirmed my suspicion. Cannot take anti inflmmatories but was offered Piroxicam gel

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  • rick03247 2

    Weak joints

    Hi to everyone on here. My question is i am 49 and have been suffering with gout now for 4 years. It started in my left big toe, then the ankle, then the knee and now has started on the right side upwards. Does anyone else out there who has had an attack left with weaker joints as i find i cannot

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  • jeff5518 2


    ne to Gout. 21 days in. its worse in the am just after i arise. what is everybody wearing for shoes. I need somthing i can wear in a office. Ive been wearing crocks. but bosses dont like it.

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  • philip 53291 2

    Gout and Alcohol

    I've had 5 attacks in 6 years although my previous to this was 2014 (now Jan 2017). I've coped pretty well with alcohol consuming no more than 2 x pints of beer on alternate days and similarly with wine (maybe a little more wine). Having been recently diagnosed with Coeliac disease I stopped beer

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  • BootleRed 1

    Prolonged Gout Pain

    Hi all let me give you a brief passed a kidney stone in my late twenties and have suffered approx. 10 gout attacks since then and im now 42. I drink rarely and eat a relatively balanced diet. In the past my gout has been managed with Diclofenac and lasted only a few days. However I have

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  • Zee88 2
  • paul07756 1

    Flaming Gout

    Aged 46 I am on my second gout attack of the year it was bad enough when it was centred on foot and toe but pain seems to be even worse on knee joint to the point where I can't walk on it at all up this time as started a week ago Naproxen until could see doctor Weds

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  • derek73872 1


    I've been taking febuxostat for 3 weeks now but just the other is started to feel dizzy about 4 hours after I've taken the tablet, Has anyone else had these symptoms and will the dizziness subside? thanks

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  • Zee88 2

    I know what triggers my Gout.... but what are the alternatives?

    1) Soda and sugar flavored juice. Whenever I go nuts and drink too GOUT. But I can't help it, I crave sugary drinks or I go crazy. So what are the alternatives? Diet soda? Flavored water?  2) Beef and shrimp. Few months ago I lost my mind and ate 10 pounds of Korean BBQ & shrimp in a

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  • steve1973 2

    Worst in over 10 year

    Well here I am, Steve 43 uk, feeling sorry for myself lol. I have had gout on and off for over ten years and even went 7 months without a hint once though don't know how as done nothing different and have never managed it since. I am currently suffering the worst ever with the whole of my left foot

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  • david46345 2

    Lump on big toe joint after gout

    I am 36 yo and had massive gout attack just before New Year, i had 4-5 attacks over the past 5 years but this one was the longest and most painful. I was taking painkillers and indomethacin and it managed to get rid of it after 2 weeks of pain and misery, however, there is lump left on my big toe

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  • Omega13 1

    Urate levels and controlling Gout

    I had my first Gout attack on 19th December.  It went and then returned mid way through Jan. I went to GP who tested Uric acid levels during the attack (I know not good).  My levels were 7.7mg/dL.  The GP refered me to a rheumatologist. I gave up meat and all alcohol for 1 month.  In that month I

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  • steven69209 2

    Drinking water throughout the night

    I am an occasional gout sufferer for the past 26 years. A year ago I had a heart attack, and have been on a number of medications since then. I began suffering more frequent gout attacks in Sept 2016. My cardio doctor said none of the heart meds I take are indicated as having gout causing side

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  • Zee88 2

    Do you do any exercises during your Gout attack?

    The worst thing about my gout attacks is that I can't run 7-10 miles every day like I normally do. So when I return to running 2-4 weeks later, I am really out of shape and takes few months to return to normal. Currently I don't exercise at all other than limping around a little (still have chores

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  • roger47054 2
  • smitty2020 2

    gout not giving up so easy

    hi guys i am a male,29 and an active person and have been suffering with gout for the past 6 months i have been under a number of blood tests from the doctors which as been a pain. first of all they perscribed allopurinol​ which was great my level were well below,started getting back too myself

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  • anon26204 2

    Alcohol Free Beer and Gout

    What effect does Alcohol Free Beer have on Gout and Hyperuricemia? I know that both beer and alcohol are both bad for gout but is alcohol free beer ok?

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  • rod52910 1

    Swollen knee now affecting whole leg

    I started with a swollen knee two weeks ago which my doctor said was housemaids knee. It then progressed to a swollen inflamed leg and swollen ankle. A course of antibiotics had little effect and a blood test showed no infection in the blood, or raised markers for gout.  I’m now on

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  • BlueEyesCO 1

    Don't understand test results

    I injured my knee doing yardwork last weekend. On Sunday, it had ballooned up on the outside of the knee/quad area. I went to urgent care as I was unable to bend it and could barely stand. They drained 60cc's and send it off to the lab for testing.   They also took xrays, and he didn't see

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  • anon26204 2
  • Littlebootslara 1

    Acute CCPD Disease/ Pseudogout- age 25

    Hello everyone. I am a 25 year old snowboard instructor currently living in Japan and I was diagnosed a few days ago with Pseudogout in my left knee. I had been having what I now know was a flare up after watching a pocket of liquid travel from my hip to my knee over the space of a week,

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  • Mswginger 2

    1st time on colchicine/watery diarrhea

    Hello, So I have been dealing with gout for about 4 weeks here in the US. My podiatrist put me on Indomethacin after week 1 - I had toe , foot pain , some swelling but not very obvious gout & he did a steroid injection. Week 2 , still hurting, only add in more of the foot and ankle & does lab

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  • streesy 2

    Gout, but not as we know it.

    After a few false starts at diagnosis, a urine test showed at high level of Uric Acid. My GP has started me down the route of treating me for gout. But something doesn't feel right. I have painful feet and ankles, my toes are  particularly painful but I don't have obvious extreme attacks, nor do I

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  • roger47054 2

    Uric acid levels aka serum urate

    Hi am posting the following as i want to know about others experiences in reducing uric acid levels with allopurinol ( dosage ) and timescales. I would ask that people refrain from borderline personal attacks i have seen on other gout posts. You know who you are. 13th december level was

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  • Ollyoop129 2
  • craig22855 1

    Help and advice needed.

    Hi everyone I have been suffering with gout for the past 10 years or so. I am a 35 year old male weighing about 14 and a half stone. I take 300mg of allopurinol every day which does have an effect on whether attacks come on. However there are some things that come on even though I am taking them. ...

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  • uricdiculous 2

    Deleting my account

    Sorry to be a pain (excuse the pun)  I have followed the instructions on the help page to delete my account but have heard nothing. Can anyone tell me how to delete ?

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  • maurice 80626 1

    Lesions on legs/feet

    I have started getting lesios/rogh patches on my legs and feet. Occasionally itchy. Could these be caused by gout medication?  Can I use any creams etc. to get rid of them?

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  • Paininthetoe 3

    My story, what do you think ?

    I have done loads and loads of reading, and some of it is contridictory. I have seen 5 different doctors, and they agree on some things, but not others. Only one of the five doctors really appeared to know about the condition. Firstly, it should be remembered that I broke the joint of my big toe

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  • jay91592 2

    First bout of gout.

    I'm 45 and in pretty good health, heavier than I like but active. It struck on a Sunday morning and a week later it's still very painful. Dr. put me on some steroids to bring down the pain. I left work today because I couldn't stand the pain even though I was sitting at a desk all day. Reading

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  • studmuffin 1

    Another Gout Question :(

    New here and tried to read through as much as I could first so sorry if I missed this asked before.  First I must say, OWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  Yes, going through an attack right now so I had to let out a little scream. My question is:  This is only my 5th attack, but the previous 4 have

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  • Guest M

    Allopurinol and gout attackes

    Hi. Any help or advise would be really appreciated please. After having regular gout attacks my doctor has put me on allopurinol. I had to take colchicine for 2 weeks before I started taking one tablet (100mg) of allopurinol per day. I had to continue on the colchince along side the allopurinol

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  • bonnie73420 2
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