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Hi, I'm scheduled to see a doctor in 3 weeks but in the mean time I'd like to learn a bit more on what I might have.

In the last 3 weeks I've been having pain in my toes (about 6 different joints) and fingers ( about 4 joints) especially the bottom of my left big toe every time I eat meat especially lamb. Last night I had to completely avoid walking on that toe. All this is also accompanied by red swollen hands and feet (looking like edema).

1 Could this be gout?

2 Why do I always read of attacks being 1-2 times a year or maybe a little more often? Doesn't gout flare up every time red meat is consumed and not just once in a while?


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    Hi Tony Star

    You need to have a blood test but it could well be gout. If you are in pain now I'd apply to see the doctor ASAP. The doc should give you colchicine which will stop the pain in 12-24 hours (in my experience).

    You will then need allupurinol to flush the uric acid out of your tissues (once attack over).

    Both with the drugs and now drink at least 8glasses of water a day.

    If you are overweight lose it.

    Any more questions feel free.

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    I agree with Tony.

    Do you really need to wait 3 weeks to see a doctor?

    If possible you should see a specialist as GP's have limited knowledge.

    At a very minimum you could take anti-inflammatories NOW.

    On a positive note the drug allupurinol  (which takes a long time to become fully effective) is a life changer. But be patient ... it can take up to a year or more.

    I take it daily and have no symptoms of gout.

    The advice from my specialist was that lifestyle/diet was less effective than the drugs. But there will be many on this site who are anti-drug too.


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      When you say you have no gout flare ups, are you also not eating and meat, alcohol?
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    Thanks for the replies. I am 164lbs at 5'7. I think my ideal weight is 145. I think it all started at a party where I had about 5 beers and a very sweet whisky ( I rarely drink). The party food was also very rich with roast pig, bbq's etc. I only have HMO and my primary doctor scheduled my for 3 weeks. I didn't know gout could start suddenly in almost all fingers and toes at the same time.

    Anyway my other question was when people say they have attack 1-2 a year does that mean they were also avoiding meat during that period? How can you get an attack when you don't eat purine rich foods?

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      I go easy on drink (the worst though is beer). Apart from that I eat everything. Control weight. Take allopurinol and regular blood tests to see blood levels good. When first diagnosed checking your heart is a good idea as gout long term causes heart issues.

      Incidentally one of the side effects of allopurinol is to bring down your"bad"cholesterol.

      Do you have any signs of tophi?

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      I don't think so but the first joint on my middle toe seems a lot bumpier than the other foot. Other than that I see no other swelling, just redness under my big toe.

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      While you may think it happened suddenly, you've probably had hyperuricemia (high levels of uric acid) for a while. As uric acid levels rise, the environment is perfect for the formation of crystals in your joints. Once this saturation threshold has been reached, the body will trigger an inflammation response and cause the joint to swell and become [extremely] tender.

      To your other question about meat consumption, it's all about the saturation threshold and where the tipping point is. If you're doing fairly well with your diet, keeping hydrated, and keeping your stress levels low, then having some meat isn't going to put you down. It's that perfect storm that leads to a flare up that you need to watch out for.

      Best wishes...I know what you're going through. I'm coming off a 6 week episode.

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      I'm glad we can be of help.

      The take away message is that gout is to be taken seriously but for most people it's very fixable, if not curable. In the meantime drink loads of water and get to see a doc who knows what they're talking about ASAP.

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    As others have mentioned, have the test with you doc to definitively understand your condition. There is relief for the pain and swelling that is available without a prescription- Bromelain with 2500 GDU or higher. It's available at health food stores or online. Take it away from food, you will feel the relief within a hour. I find it works better than colchicine. Highly recommended.

    I hope this helps

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    Hi Tonyastro

    I think it is gout..did u check ur uric acid level?

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    does not sound like gout as gout usually hits one place and become nomadic around that one joint. in the 300-500 attacks i have had only a few times did I get them in multiple joints at once.

    if it turns out to be gout. try indomethacin. i was jerked around by doctors and laymen who had wives tales of cures...and indomethacin is the ONLY thing to work for me


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    Does not sou d like Gout you would have known well ahead of getting the symptoms you have it were gout as it starts small and get worse and worse

    To that end, for those who do have gout, PLEASE try Indomethacin it is the only miracle drug i know of. Had i not tried it years ago when i did i don't think i would be here anymore without it

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